Minutes of Meeting of Council – 20 April 2022

Minutes of Meeting of Council – 20 April 2022

Laleston Community Council

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Laleston Community Council held at Bryntirion & Laleston Community Centre on 20 April 2023 commencing at 7.00pm.

Present:. Cllr’s ABerrow, JP Blundell, Z Blundell, J Cook, C Davies, D Harrison, V James, P King, S Philpin, S Richmond, C Smith, I Spiller and C Webster.

In attendance: Gail Jewell

1. 19.1214 Council undertook a period of silent reflection.

2. 19.1215 Apologies for absence. None

3. 19.1216 Representation from members of the public.

Representation was made by residents of Austin Avenue to relay their concerns with the work undertaken on the hedgerow on the boundary of the allotment site, the positioning of the new timber fence and the lack of communication relating to both works undertaken and scheduled to be carried out.

Cllr C Smith queried the necessity of poisoning the hedgerow and questioned why the information was not brought to Council.

The Clerk explained photographic evidence of where the proposed fence would be sited had been brought to Council in September 2022, along with quotations for site clearance and installation of a new fence in November 2022, and no objections were raised. Therefore, the quotations were agreed, and the successful contractors were instructed to carry out the work.

Resolved: Council thanked the members of the public for their input at the meeting and apologised for any inconvenience caused. Members further agreed that any future work that is required to be carried out on the allotments, full communication will take place with all residents of Austin Avenue.

4. 19.1217 Items of business that the Chair deems urgent. None.

5. 19.1218 Declarations of Interest.

Cllr A Berrow – Item 13 – Prejudicial Interest as a registered Trustee of Blandy Trust.

Cllr P King – Item 13 – Prejudicial Interest as a Trustee of Blandy Trust.

Cllr C Webster – Item 16 – Personal interest as a Governor of Llangewydd Junior School.

Cllr D Harrison – Item 22 – Prejudicial Interest as a Member of Bridgend County Borough Council Planning Committee.

Cllr A Berrow – Item 22 – Prejudicial Interest as a Member of Bridgend County Borough Council Planning Committee.

6. 19.1219 To agree to purchase and installation of a gate for the Allotment site and consider utilising Cardiff Conservation Volunteers to cut back hedges along the access road to the allotment hut.

Due to the fact that representation was received in relation to works at the allotments, the Chair moved this item up the agenda to allow the members of public to observe deliberation and resolution.

Cllr P King relayed outcomes and conclusions from an Allotment Committee meeting that had taken place, where members had documented concerns with security, damage to cars due to potholes in the access road, along with other maintenance issues.

Resolved: Council agreed that arrangements be made for a site meeting at the allotments, to enable Members to collate a programme of works for maintenance at the allotment site. The programme of works will look to include installing a lockable gate alongside the new fence; maintenance of the existing gate; pruning of hedges along the access road; improve potholes on access road; and fixing the allotment water tap. In addition, Members requested that the Clerk obtain advice from a reputable company regarding discouraging rats from allotment sites.

7. 19.1220 Approval of Minutes.

Resolved: The minutes of the meeting of Council that took place on 16 March 2023 were approved as a true and accurate record. Proposed by Cllr S Philpin and seconded by Cllr D Harrison.

Matters Arising: In relation to Item 7 – To discuss use of Mobile Phones during meetings for illegitimate reasons – the Chair requested that the amendment to Standing Orders include permission of the use of mobile phones for any accessibility issues.

8. 19.1221 To receive quotations, if any.

Quotations Received Comment
1a To address the health and safety hazard of the pathway leading to the Teenage Play Park. Supplier A: £1350 plus VAT for epoxy paint with non-slip coating. Resolved: Due to the fact the works were required on a health and safety basis, and as the contractor offered to provide rubber stone surfacing in place of the epoxy paint with non-slip coating, Members agreed to progress with this quotation.

In addition, a Member requested that the most recent playpark inspection documents are shared and viewed to ensure that this issue had been documented.

9. 19.1222 To receive any updates relating to the Warm Café.

The Clerk provided details of what the Warm Café grant was awarded for and what items were purchased from the grant money. Discussions were held regarding increasing the footfall of the Warm Café by introducing activities.

Resolved: Several suggestions were made to increase the footfall for the Warm Hub and Community Pantry and Council agreed to approach Baobab Bach to investigate holding a cooking demonstration utilising the food obtained from Fareshare.

In response to the Clerk’s request to donate crockery and glasses that have been stored and unused for several years, it was agreed that we hold onto the items for the interim and review the situation in 6 months.

10. 19.1223 To agree purchase of a Kings Coronation Bench for Broadlands, Llangewydd Road and Wordsworth Avenue.

Resolved:Council agreed to defer this item until the benches were available and asked that the Clerk amend the title of the item to – agree purchase of a Kings Coronation Bench for Broadlands, Bryntirion, Cefn Glas and Laleston.

11. 19.1224 To agree purchase of a 3-tier planter for Wordsworth Avenue.

Resolved: Council agreed to purchase a 3-tier planter for Wordsworth Avenue.

12. 19.1225 To agree purchase of larger replacement bin for Bryntirion & Laleston Community Centre car park.

Resolved: Council agreed to purchase a larger replacement bin for Bryntirion & Laleston Community Centre car park.

13. 19.1226 Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales Annual Report 2023/24.

The Clerk provided an update relating to the Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales Annual Report 2023/24, specifically Determination 4 which relates to Town and Community Councils. The Clerk outlined that it is a matter for each Council to make record a policy decision in respect when and how the payments are made and how to recover any payment made to a Member who leaves or changes their role during the financial year.

Resolved:Council agreed that the Policy will record that:

  • Councils must pay their Members £156 a year towards extra household expenses from working from home;
  • Payment of £52 will be made annually to cover the cost of office consumables;
  • Any individual may decline to receive part of all of the payments if they so wish, and this must be carried out in writing to the Proper Officer;
  • If a Member leaves or changes their role throughout the year, the Clerk is to write to the Member to recover any allowances paid based on the proportion of the calendar year.

14. 19.1227 To agree on a way forward relating to the lease for Blandy Hall with Blandy Trust.

This item was discussed at our last meeting under correspondence and added to this agenda for a formal decision to be recorded.

Resolved: Council agreed that status quo is maintained, and the relationship between trustees and the Community Council continues as it is, with the mutual understanding that the lease constitutes a legally binding contract. In addition, it was requested that a Working Group be set up at the Annual Meeting of Council to investigate future usage of Blandy Hall.

15. 19.1228 To agree to becoming part of an active beekeeping community by providing initial financial support.

Cllr P King explained that one of the Veterans was a Beekeeper and had offered to lead on Laleston becoming a beekeeping community and confirmed that all guidelines and regulations will be followed. It was noted that a farmer had consented to provide a section of his land which had no nearby houses. The positives of having one beehive were outlined which included producing 450 jars of honey a year, which could be donated to our Community Pantry and sold on to help maintain the beehive in future years.

Resolved: Council agreed that becoming part of an active beekeeping community was a great initiative and further agreed to fund £500 for the beehive startup costs.

16. 19.1229 To discuss and decide on plans to celebrate the Kings Coronation.

Resolved: Following discussions, Council agreed to provide a £250 donation to Young at Heart and Bryntirion and Laleston OAP Association to assist with the group’s celebrations of the Kings Coronation.

17. 19.1230 To discuss the MUGA facility sited at Llangewydd Junior School.

The Chair clarified that Llangewydd Junior School had closed the MUGA facility sited at the school during the Easter holidays due to vandalism and graffiti and highlighted his concerns with these restrictions had been imposed on members of the public. The Clerk explained that contact had been made with Llangewydd Junior School to relay the concerns of the Chair and explore introducing mitigating factors to allow the area to remain open as a community facility.

Resolved: Following debate, Council agreed that a solution that mitigates both the concerns of the Headteacher and Council be explored, with arrangements to be made with Llangewydd Junior School, Education and Family Support Servicesand any relevant authorities, with an update on outcomes to be provided at a future meeting of Council.

The Chair proposed to suspend Standing Order 3 (W) due to the likelihood of exceeding the 2-hour meeting limit timeframe. The proposal was carried by all Members and the meeting continued.

18. 19.1231 To discuss the creation of a Covid Memorial Garden.

Cllr JP Blundell proposed creating a Covid Memorial Garden, where members of the public can go to sit, tie a yellow ribbon and remember people that they have lost due to Covid.

Resolved:Council agreed to add the creation of Covid Memorial Garden to the Bryntirion Playing Fields Masterplan.

19. 19.1232 To discuss proposed 20 MPH exemptions in our ward area for submission to the current Bridgend County Borough Council consultation.

Resolved:Following identification of all sites that were proposed for 20 MPH exemption within the ward areas of Laleston Community Council, Members agreed to submit a response from Council to formally object to all 3 proposals for the following reasons:

1) Broadlands link road – OBJECTION – due to the fact that children walk from Broadlands to Bryntirion and vice versa across this road, where there are already speeding vehicles and low visibility.

2) A473 Bridgend – OBJECTION – due to the fact that Bridgend Council’s Local Development Plan has proposed 850 additional houses to be sited in the stipulated area, which would change the road from rural to urban.

3) Heol Y Nant – OBJECTION – due to the fact that the road is restricted on one side by parked vehicles and moving vehicles should be instructed to reduce speed in this area, not increase.

20. 19.1233 To receive an update from the HR & Personnel Committee – verbal update to be provided.

The Chair of the HR & Personnel Committee provided an update stating that the Facilities Officer had provided his notice of their retirement and that the Committee had agreed on a job advertisement and specification for a replacement which went 31 March 2023. The Chair further explained that unfortunately, no suitable applicants applied and questioned Members on how to attract applicants more local to Bryntirion & Laleston Community Centre.

Resolved:Members noted the update provided and agreed to readvertise on all local hubs in the nearby vicinity on Facebook and to circulate the job description and specification to Cllr V James, who will distribute internally at the Jobcentre.

21. 19.1234 To receive correspondence received, if any.

Correspondence Received Comment
Letter received from Mr E J Miller with reference to the public footpath by Broadlands Cottage to Green Lane. Letter attached to agenda. Resolved: Council noted the update.
The Chair explained that Persimmon Homes had agreed in principle to allocate certain parcels of land throughout Broadlands to Laleston Community Council. They continued to state that advice was being sought on whether the original S106 agreed sums would increase due to the timeframe between agreement dates and real time. Resolved: Council noted the update.

22. 19.1235 To consider Planning Applications.

Cllr’s A Berrow and D Harrison left the meeting for discussion on this item.

Planning Application

Telecoms Planning Pre-Application Enquiry for a proposed telecommunications installation at:


Along Greystone and in-between the Junctions with Coed Derw and Maes Y Fedwen, Bridgend, CF31 5HA.

Resolved: Council agreed to formally object to the pre-application, outlining that the proposed positioning would be very obtrusive to nearby residents and to look to re-locate / re-site onto a main road.
Planning Application No.: P/23/104/FUL

Applicant: Mr M Bacon

Location: 3 Llwyn Coch Broadlands Bridgend CF31 5BJ

Proposal: Demolition of main roof and replacement with new roof with increase ridge height to include roof lights and balcony, first floor side extension with 2nd floor within roof incorporating a dormer window, and first floor front extension.

Date: 21 March 2023

Resolved: No objections raised.
Planning Application No.: P/23/133/FUL

Applicant: Mr P Hopkins

Location: 50 Kensington Drive Cefn Glas CF31 4QS

Proposal: Remove existing side structure; construct single storey side & front extension

Date: 24 March 2023

Resolved: No objections raised.
Planning Application No.: P/23/171/LIS

Applicant: Dr S Trevi

Location: Oyster Catcher Cottage 47 High Street Laleston Bridgend CF32 0HL

Proposal: Listed Building Consent to install a logburner and flue in the rear extension of the property.

Date: 28 March 2023

Resolved: Council agreed to formally object this application due to probably environmental issues to nearby properties.

There being no further business, the meeting ended at 9.22pm.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday 18 May 2023 and will commence at 7.00pm.

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