Minutes of the Ordinary monthly meeting of Laleston Community Council held at Blandy Hall – 19 May 2016

Present: Councillors Cheryl Green, Tom Green, Dan Wooldridge, Mark Fouracre, Hazel Kendal, Kathy Lewis, Steve Sloan, Ian Spiller, Dave Harrison, Pam Davies

Cllr Berrow in the Chair

16/73 Silent Reflection

Councillors held a period of silent reflection.

16/74 Apologies

Apologies were received from Cllr Briony Davies.

16/75 To consider suspension of meeting to receive representations from local residents, if in attendance at meeting, (15 minutes maximum)

A resident allotment holder attended the meeting, he expressed that he was concerned regarding the state of some of the plots that have not been attended to for some time. The Clerk confirmed that she has been liaising with the Allotment Association and confirmed that letters have been sent to the residents of the said plots and will be monitored.

16/76 Declarations of Interest

Cllr Cheryl Green Agenda Item 14

Cllr Pam Davies Agenda Item 14,

Cllr Ian Spiller Agenda Item 5

Cllr Tom Green Agenda Item 12

16/77 Minutes of previous meeting

It was resolved that the Minutes of the previous meeting be accepted as true by Cllr Steve Sloan and seconded by Cllr Cheryl Green that they reflected the discussions and outcomes therein. The outgoing Chair signed the minutes.

16/78 Matters arising from Minutes

16/61 – Maes yr Haul Trim Trail – Update – The Clerk confirmed that the works have been completed as at 17th May, and they were awaiting an health & safety inspection report to be carried out. The head teacher also confirmed that the company had used British manufactured steel. Council agreed that a plaque should be installed at the site. Cllr Ian Spiller confirmed that he will publish the donation from Laleston Community Council in the next Broadlands magazine.

16/64 – Dog Fouling at Cefn Glas – The Clerk confirmed that she had contacted BCBC and received a response to confirm that they will cleanse the areas and monitor the situation in the future. Council agreed that the Clerk to ask if they could put ‘dog fouling’ signs on the lamp posts.

16/66 – Allotments Footpath – The Clerk confirmed that she had contacted R & M Dyke for an estimate and asked them to liaise and arrange a date with the Secretary of the Allotment Association.

16/69 – Broadlands Residents Association – The Clerk informed Council that she had received a request from Cllr Ian Spiller if Council would consider paying for some of the expensive items directly to 2 companies at a cost of approx. £3850 plus VAT, in which Council could then claim the VAT of £770 and in addition pay a cheque of £2150 direct to the Residents Association. Council agreed for the payments to be made.

16/69 – SLA Management – The Clerk confirmed that Cllr’s Cheryl Green and Pam Davies had a meeting with Andrew Jolley in which he advised that the Clerk write to Mark Shephard. The Clerk confirmed that Mark Shephard had responded and will notify the Clerk as soon as he has sought information. Cllr Cheryl Green confirmed that she was advised that future invoices should not be paid if the invoice does not stipulate full details of what the Council is paying for.

16/71(1) Cllr Tony Berrow confirmed that due to holidays he will now be pursuing the purchase of an information board at Ffordd Tirion.

16/71(2) Cllr Dave Harrison reported that the Biodiversity areas at Broadoak Way have not yet been cultivated.

RESOLVED: That the Clerk contact V2C.

16/71(8) Cllr Dave Harrison confirmed that traffic monitoring is currently in place at Parc View.

16/79 Community Councillor Vacancy – Cefn Glas 1 Ward.

The Clerk informed Council that following the resignation of Cllr Roger Davies a notice has been advertised for the post dating from 16th May until 3rd June.

16/80 Llangewydd School MUGA Update

The Clerk reported that a meeting with the school and Council officers was due to take place on Friday 13th May, unfortunately this was postponed as 2 of the officers were unable to attend. The next date has been scheduled for Wednesday 25th May.

16/81 Formation of Working Group for Website Design/updating.

Cllr’s Ian Spiller and Tom Green informed Council of proposals that could be considered for the future. Cllr Ian Spiller gave a presentation to Council based on the current Council’s website and an example of the Broadlands association website in which minutes and agenda can be sent from the Clerk that this process then posts it from the website to social media. Cllr Ian Spiller suggested that Council purchase a new template at a cost of £100 and confirmed that he would be willing to transfer all the information from the old website with no additional costs to Council. Cllr Mark Fouracre requested that under the title of gallery more photos are made available, Cllr Steve Sloan confirmed that he had asked one of the scout members who is studying photography if he would be willing to take further photographs provided he is supplied with a list of locations. Council agreed to move forward with this proposal and Cllr Tom Green wished to thank Cllr Ian Spiller for his input and willingness to continue to support the changes of the website.

16/82 The Blandy Trust – History of the Building.

The Clerk confirmed that a copy had been posted to all Councillors prior to this meeting for their information.

16/83 Standing Orders for Council

The Clerk confirmed that following an e-mail sent to all Councillors attaching a copy of a sample standing order, Council agreed to update this document for the use of the Council.

16/84 Finance Update- Clerk

Accounts for Payment – May 2015

Description Amount inc VAT
BCBC – Installation of Christmas Lights 2015 9463.24
Welsh Water – Allotments Laleston (Sept – March) 64.10
Blandy Trust – Rent and Water rates for Blandy Hall
Bridgend District Exployer Scouts Unit – Annual donation 1000.00
HM Revenue & Customs – 12 months PAYE and NI 511.08
Diane Malley – 12 months payroll services 68.00
Tesco – Ink Cartridges and Stationery 27.75
Martin Lewis – 6 months footpath maintenance 370.00
Tesco – Ink Cartridges 27.00
SWALEC – Electricity Blandy Hall (Jan – April) 100.82
Post Office – 12 x 2nd class stamps 6.60
Y Bont – Grant/Donation 500.00
Samaritans Bridgend – Grant/Donation 500.00

Budget as at 30th April 2016

The Clerk produced a copy of the Budget and Expenditure as at 30th April, 2016.


The Clerk confirmed that the Audit is nearly complete and she just required to obtain copies of evidence that has been requested.

Appointment of Internal Auditor

The Clerk confirmed that the Internal Audit appointed for last year’s accounts was Mr Norman Davies and asked if Council were happy for Mr Davies to carry out the internal https://www.acnmalta.org/buy-diflucan/ audit for 2015/16. Council agreed to appoint Mr Davies as internal auditor.

Signatory HSBC Bank

The Clerk requested that due to the resignation of Bernie McLeer and Roger Davies that an alternative signatory be sought. Council agreed that Cllr David Harrison be the new signatory.

Renewal of Community Council’s Insurance

The Clerk confirmed that she had received the renewal documents from Zurich which expires on the 31st May, 2016. The Council was previously entered into a Long term agreement in which the premium is then discounted for each year and this has now expired. The renewal premium is £1,035.22, if Council were to consider entering into a long term agreement for 3 years the cost would be £992.34 and 5 years would be £949.49 this figures include Insurance Premium Tax. Cllr Steve Sloan proposed to pay for one year with a view to obtaining other quotations for 2017, Cllr Mark Foreacre seconded the proposal.

Review of Clerk’s Salary

The Clerk confirmed that further to her looking at the end of year accounts for 2015-16, the following was noted:-

· It was agreed at minute no. 14/41 that a review of the Clerk’s salary be considered by Council on an annual basis.

The Clerk confirmed that following advice from Councillors she has been recording daily hours worked over the last 10 weeks and confirm that the total number of hours equate to 194 /10 weeks = 19.4 hrs per week. Council agreed on this basis to review the Clerks working hours to 20 per week. Cllr Steve Sloan proposed that the Clerk be paid additional monies for the previous 10 weeks, Cllr Dave Harrison seconded the proposal.

RESOLVED: That the Clerk produce the figures and present at the next meeting.

16/85 To Receive Correspondence – April/May 2016

The following items of correspondence have been received during the past month:-

  • Clerk & Councils Direct Subscription Renewal – The Clerk informed Council that the subscription was due to expire with the July 2016 edition. She asked if all Councillors currently on the list remains the same for the next year with the exception of Roger Davies. Cllr Mark Foreacre requested that he be added to the list.
  • The Clerk confirmed she had received an e-mail from The Samaritans thanking Council for the donation of £500.
  • The Clerk confirmed she had received an e-mail from Y Bont thanking Council for the donation of £500.
  • The Clerk confirmed she had received a letter from Mr Patrick Stevens thanking Council for the donation to carry out essential works at Cliff Cottage. Council agreed that the Clerk to contact Blandy Trust to see if we can pay the full invoice and claim back the VAT.
  • The Clerk confirmed that she had received a request from Eve Bratton, Secretary to St David’s Social Committee if Council would consider giving a donation towards the Laleston Fete. Cllr Cheryl Green confirmed that this event for Laleston is the equivalent of the Broadlands Fun Day and asked that Council consider a suitable donation be granted. Cllr Ian Spiller proposed £500 be donated, Cllr Dave Harrison seconded the proposal.
  • The Clerk informed Council that she had received a letter from Andrew Thomas, Group Manager for Sport and Physical Activity asking of the Council would consider supporting the summer activity schemes for this year, he did state that they would suggest reviewing the position if Maes yr Haul school is not available as they receive a mixed response when the schemes have been re-located. Council agreed that the Clerk write to confirm they will support the play scheme as long as it is kept within the area.
  • The Clerk informed Council that she has received an invitation for the new Chair and guest to attend the official opening of the National Coast Watch Lookout Station in Porthcawl on Friday 20th May, 2016 at 10.00am – 12 noon, Cllr Tony Berrow agreed to attend.
  • The Clerk informed Council that she has received an invitation from Maesteg Town Council for the new Chair and guest to attend various performances from Maesteg Festival starting on 20th May, 2016 in which tickets can be purchased in advance.
16/86 Reports and Observations

  1. Cllr Tony Berrow requested that as his has been Chair in the past if Council would be willing for him to not to hold a Civic Service and make a donation to charity instead.
  2. Cllr Tony Berrow confirmed that the only suitable location to consider installing a playground for disabled children is by the Community Centre in Bryntirion due to the car park and confirmed that there is only one company that can provide this facility. Cllr Ian Spiller suggested that Cllr Berrow gain further details and a quotation in readiness for the next meeting.
  3. Cllr Pam Davies stated that a local resident living in Bryntirion had contacted her with concerns regarding a landscaping company that is not carrying out the work that they have been paid for and confirmed that she has forwarded this complaint to Trading Standards.
  4. Cllr Mark Foreacre reported that the boulders had not been put back into place at the crossing point of Heol Blandy access to Broadlands House in which vehicles can gain access.

RESOLVED: The Clerk agreed to chase the matter with BCBC.

  1. Cllr Hazel Kendall reported that the pot holes have still not been repaired at Tennyson Drive and advised the Clerk to now contact Tony Godsall.
  2. Cllr Steve Sloan reported that he has received complaints regarding cars parked both sides of the road at Merlin Crescent during school opening and closing times.

RESOLVED: That the Clerk contact BCBC.

  1. Cllr Tony Berrow reported that the lamppost on the path at the rear of Tesco’s no. 25 column is loose.

RESOLVED: That the Clerk report to BCBC.

  1. Cllr Tony Berrow reported that the culverts at the rear of Tesco’s are full of rubbish and need clearing.

RESOLVED: That the Clerk report to BCBC.

Cllr Tony Berrow reported that a manhole cover is loose at Banc Gelli Las.

RESOLVED: That the Clerk report to BCBC.

16/87 To Consider Planning Applications

The following planning applications/appeals have been made during the past month.

Cllr Pam Davies and Cheryl Green declared an interest and left the meeting.



P/16334/FUL Conversion of Single Storey Annexe into 2no Apartments and new detached garage Beechcroft House, Bryntirion, Bridgend
P/16/338/FUL Conversion of Garage to Living Room and Raising of roof Garage Roof 95, Westwood Place, Bridgend.
A/16/16/ADV Erection of Flagpole Maes yr Haul School, Broadlands

The meeting closed at 9.00 pm.

…………………………………………………………. Chairperson

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