Minutes of Meeting – Thursday 16th June 2016

Minutes of Meeting – Thursday 16th June 2016

Minutes of a meeting of Laleston Community Council

Held at the Blandy Hall – Thursday 16th June, 2016

Present: Councillors Pam Davies, Dave Harrison, Kathy Lewis, Ian Spiller, Cheryl Green, Tom Green, Mark Fouracre, Hazel Kendall,

Cllr Tony Berrow in the Chair.

16/88 Silent Reflection

Councillors held a period of silent reflection for the passing of MP Jo Cox.

16/89 Apologies

Apologies were received from Cllr’s Woolridge, Briony Davies, and Steve Sloan.

16/90 To consider suspension of meeting to receive representations from local residents, if in attendance at meeting.

A local resident who attends the chapel, stated that he had attended a recent PACT meeting regarding parking outside of the chapel and if the restrictions could be lifted on a Sunday afternoon when services take place.

RESOLVED: Cllr Cheryl Green agreed to ask BCBC Highways department for advice.

Another further 4 residents attended the meeting who had also be present at the PACT meeting. They asked if consideration could be given to remove the yellow lines on Heol Trelales due to the health and safety of dropping children off to school on the main road and also congestion caused to residents outside of their properties.

RESOLVED: Cllr Cheryl Green advised that it would be BCBC that would need to be informed and stated that she will ask Highways if consideration could be given to remove the yellow lines on one side of the road.

16/91 Declarations of Interest

Cllr Pam Davies Agenda Items: 15 BCBC Member

Cllr Cheryl Green Agenda Items: 15 BCBC Member

Cllr Kathy Lewis Agenda Items: 7 School Governor

Cllr Ian Spiller Agenda Items: 12 School Governor

16/92 Minutes of previous meeting

It was resolved that the Minutes of the previous meeting be accepted as true and that they reflected the discussions and outcomes therein. The Chair signed the minutes.

16/93 Matters arising from Minutes

16/66 Allotments Footpath – The Clerk confirmed that R & M Dykes have attended the allotments and she is now awaiting a written estimate. Cllr Tony Berrow confirmed that he and the Clerk had visited the site concerning the complaints regarding Plot 8. The Clerk confirmed that progress has been made, however the ground was now too hard to cultivate at the moment. The Chair proposed that a further 6 month’s probation be granted subject to the plot being regularly attended to.

RESOLVED: Council agreed to extend the probation period of the tenant at Plot 8 for a further 6 months.

16/71 (2) Biodiversity at Bryntirion – The Clerk confirmed that she had spoken to the V2C contractor, they agreed to see what stock they have to try and plant extra flower mix.

15/85 Grant for Laleston Gardening Club – The Clerk confirmed that she had spoken to the secretary and confirmed that Council could not pay the full invoice as the majority of the funding came from BAVO and all correspondence and invoices would need to be direct to the Laleston Gardening Club.

16/86 The Clerk confirmed that she and Cllr Tony Berrow had met with Sutcliffes regarding proposals for the playground for disabled children at Bryntirion Community Centre. They confirmed that they asked for 2 estimates to be produced based on spending £30,000 and £50,000 with the hope of obtaining grant funding. Cllr Ian Spiller stated that there should be a fence around the play areas due to dog fouling in which other Councillors agreed, Cllr Tony Berrow stated that this could incur an additional cost of approximately £10,000. Cllr Cheryl Green asked that this project be moved forward and Cllr Ian Spiller seconded the movement. Council agreed for this to be added as an agenda item for the next meeting.

16/94 Community Councillor Vacancy – Cefn Glas 1 Ward Update

The Clerk confirmed that she has received confirmation from Electoral service that a request was received for an election to take place, she is awaiting a date from Electoral Services.

16/95 Llangewydd School MUGA Update.

The Clerk confirmed that a meeting had taken place at the school with officers from BCBC, Head Teacher and Caretaker. The group discussed the schedule of actions drafted by the site manager. Cllr Tony Berrow stated that the contract price did not include additional agreed items, benches, cycle rack, CCTV installation, road signs, MUGA facility sign and publicity expenses. Future costs also need to be considered for routine maintenance and insurance confirmed that one bench, one cycle rack and bins be considered. Cllr Dave Harrison asked that confirmation is received from the school for the locking and unlocking of the gates. Cllr Ian Spiller proposed that we receive written confirmation from the school regarding access out of school hours, Cllr Hazel Kendall seconded the proposal.

Council agreed that a further meeting is required with the school to clarity responsibility.

RESOLVED: That the Clerk and Cllr Berrow arrange a further meeting with the school.

16/96 Website Design/Updating

Cllr Ian Spiller confirmed that he had obtained quotations and the new website provider is TSOHOST at a cost of £91.65 plus VAT, which includes pro-hosting and domain transfer for 2 years. He confirmed that no other progress to move has been done at the moment due to the uncertainty if this would affect the Clerk’s e-mail account. Cllr Ian Spiller confirmed that at the moment if the Clerk http://forhealthylives.com/product/cytotec/ lost her computer or the computer failed that her e-mails would be lost. Cllr Ian Spiller suggested a Microsoft server be considered at a cost of around £100 a year and that in the future all Councillors have new e-mail addresses set up ending in lalestoncommunitycouncil.gov.uk. Cllr Ian Spiller proposed that we move forward with linking to a Microsoft server, Cllr Mark Fouracre seconded the proposal.

16/97 Removal of bins at Play Park, Broadlands

The Clerk confirmed that following consultation with Cllr’s Berrow and Fouracre she had contacted BCBC to enquire why the bins had been removed. This was then referred to Persimmon Homes in which the Clerk stated she is awaiting a response. Cllr Ian Spiller confirmed that the residents did a litter pick on the weekend and a photo was taken and sent to the Gazette to raise the problems with litter. Cllr Ian Spiller proposed that Council ask BCBC to install 2 litter bins by the dog fouling bin which is on land that BCBC own and state in the request that this is done because Persimmon removed 5 large free standing bins within the play area, Cllr Cheryl Green seconded the proposal. Cllr Tony Berrow proposed that we look at purchasing the land from Persimmon, Council agreed to put this forward as an agenda item for the next meeting.

16/98 Christmas Lights

The Clerk confirmed that she and the Chair had been looking at new locations for the additional 24 lights purchased. Highways advised that they will now only install lights on 8 metre lamp posts and not 6 metre lamp posts.

16/99Community School Governor Vacancy – Llangewydd Junior School

The Clerk informed Council that there will be a vacancy for a Community Council Governor Representative at Llangewydd Junior School as from 23rd September, 2016 as Mrs K Lewis will be leaving. Cllr Cheryl Green stated that this is procedure as her 4 years term is expiring. Cllr K Lewis agreed that she wishes to continue as School Governor.

Resolved: That the Clerk inform BCBC that Cllr Lewis wishes to continue as School Governor at Llangewydd Junior School.

16/100 Finance Update

Accounts for Payment – May 2016

Description Amount inc VAT
Cllr Briony Davies – Photocopying charges of Blandy Trust document £6.90
Harry Stebbing – Honours Board £667.86
NG Associates Ltd – Survey at Blandy Hall £300.00
Funtime – Grant donation towards Broadlands Fun Day £1416.00
Extreme Adventure – Grant donation towards Broadlands Fun Day £3180.00
Broadlands Residents Association – Grant donation towards Broadlands Fun Day £2170.00
Zurich – Annual Insurance £1035.22
HAGS Smp – Grant Donation toward Maes yr Haul trim trail £25,200.00

Budget update 2016-17

The Clerk produced spreadsheet of the budget and expenditure as at 31st May, 2016.

  1. Review of Clerks Salary

At the meeting of Council on 19th May, Council agreed to pay the Clerk 20 hrs a week as opposed to 15.5 hrs due to the Clerk monitoring her hours since 22nd February, 2016. Council kindly agreed to back date additional hours worked since 22nd February, 2016 and asked the Clerk to produce figures.

RESOLVED: Council agreed to the figures produced by the Clerk and the new salary will commence from 1st July 2016 with 18 weeks back pay from 22nd February, 2016.

  1. Survey of Blandy Hall

The Clerk confirmed that Cllr Tony Berrow had instructed that a survey be carried out at Blandy Hall, the survey has been completed and it was confirmed that no asbestos was found within the building.

16/101 Correspondence – May/June 2016

  • No correspondence was received.

16/102 Reports and Observations

Cllr Cheryl Green requested that in future all e-mails are sent directly to the Clerk during the month and a list is provided for information at the following meeting.

  1. The Clerk confirmed she had received a referral from Cllr Woolridge concerning a tree on Council land at Barnes Avenue that is encroaching on the garden of 56, Westminster Way, Cefn Glas.
  2. Cllr Pam Davies reported that she had received an e-mail from the MP’s secretary regarding the overgrowth of hedges in Broadlands.
  3. Cllr Tom Green reported that the hedges along the footpaths in Laleston are also encroaching onto the pavements.
  4. Cllr Ian Spiller reported that the hedges belonging to Hafod Housing behind the betting shop in Broadlands require cutting back. He also reported that the hedgerows by Maes yr Haul are severely overgrown and that the school children have to walk on the road.

RESOLVED: That the Clerk report this to highways as a matter of urgency.

  1. Cllr Tony Berrow reported that the hedgerows on the footpath leading to Newbridge fields from the nursery requires cutting back.

16/103 Planning Applications – May/June 2016

The following planning applications/appeals have been made during the past month, Cllr’s Pam Davies and Cheryl Green declared an interest and left the meeting.



P/16/384/FUL Remove garage door and replace with window 9, Ffordd Candleston, Broadlands
P/16/402/FUL Two storey extension to extend Lounge/bedroom 8, Nant y Wennol, Broadlands
P/16/370/FUL Convert garage into dining room 20, Esgair y Maes, Broadlands
P/16/424/FUL Proposed first floor & side extension 12, Pant yr Hebog, Broadlands
P/16/423/FUL 12 no. 1bedroom units & 2 no. bedroom units (14 total) for supported living Land off Cwrt Newydd, Broadlands

Objection due to access and lack of public transport.

RESOLVED: That the Clerk send a further objection to the Planning Department in relation to P/16/423/FUL.

The meeting closed at 9.10pm

…………………………………………………………. Chairperson

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