Minutes of meeting held on 18th May 2017

Minutes of meeting held on 18th May 2017

Minutes of the Ordinary monthly meeting of Laleston Community Council held at Blandy Hall – 18th May, 2017

Present: Councillors Tony Berrow, Briony Davies, Roger Davies,

Cheryl Green, David Harrison, Tom Turner, Ian Griffiths, Colin Davies, Charles Smith, Pam Davies

Cllr Tony Berrow in the Chair

17/62 Silent Reflection

Councillors held a one minute silence in memory of Rhodri Morgan former First Minister of the Welsh Assembly Government.

17/63 Apologies

Apologies were received from Cllr’s Ian Spiller and Jon-Paul Blundell .

17/64 To consider suspension of meeting to receive representations from local residents, if in attendance at meeting, (15 minutes maximum)

None present.

17/65 Declarations of Interest

The Clerk asked if any Councillors had any declarations of interest to declare to the Council.

Cllr Briony Davies ?Agenda item 17

Cllr Tony Berrow?Agenda item 17

17/66 Declaration of Acceptance of Office

The Clerk issued the Declaration of Acceptance of Office for all Councillors to complete and sign.

17/67 Councillors Code of Conduct

The Clerk confirmed that she will e-mail a copy of the Councillor’s Code of Conduct to all members for their reference.

17/68 Minutes of previous meeting

It was resolved that the Minutes of the previous meeting held on 20th April, 2017 be amended as follows:-

17/56 Public Assess Defibrillators

To include Cllr Pam Davies confirmed that power would be needed for the installation of all Public Assess Defibrillators.

17/69 Matters arising from Minutes

17/57 Parking at Trelales School, Laleston

The Clerk stated that she had received a response from Tony Godsall thanking the Council for agreeing to pay for the legal fees to have the yellow lines removed outside of the school.

17/59 Correspondence March/April 2017

The Clerk reported that she had received a response from Leanne Powis stating that the basketball association would be printing the Councils name on the players t-shirts for sponsoring her daughter.

17/70 Allotments

The Clerk confirmed that the installation of the footpaths commenced on Monday 8th May. The Clerk stated that she had attended a meeting with the Allotment Association on Wednesday 10th May in which tenants had been experiencing problems with frequent bee stings from the bees that are kept on Plot no 17.

Two tenants reported that they felt they would have to vacant their plots as they were getting worse.

Cllr Briony Davies proposed that the Chair and Clerk have a meeting to discuss a solution to the problem.

RESOLVED: That the Chair and Clerk meet to discuss the matter in detail.

17/71 Sign for Blandy Hall

The Clerk reported that a resident had requested that a sign be erected by the post office giving directions to Blandy Hall. Council requested that this item to be placed as an agenda item for this meeting.

Cllr Briony Davies stated that no sign could be erected on the green outside the church as it is a conservation area and suggested that theexisting sign at Blandy Hall be changed from Laleston Community Council to read Blandy Hall.

RESOLVED: That the Clerk seek a company to replace the sign.

17/72 Inclusive Play Area – Bryntirion Community Centre Project (Phase 2)

The Clerk confirmed that the inclusive play area (phase 1) had been completed and an official opening took place on Saturday 22nd April, 2017. The Clerk confirmed that (phase 2) of the project to refurbish the existing play equipment in the playground at the bottom of the field and relocate adjacent to the inclusive play area would cost £23,071.

Cllr Tony Berrow stated that at the time Council could not commit to installing a further apparatus of an inclusive slide at a cost of £10,000 he also commented that the Teenage play area flooring needed attention as well as the bench in the shelter.

Council agreed that the Chair and Clerk to seek further clarification of prices to repair the teenage play area and circulate the quotationsto all Councillors prior to the next meeting. Cllr Ian Griffiths expressed an interest to be included at future site meetings.

Cllr Tony Berrow requested that all Councillors check the play areas in their wards to clarify if any works and repairs need to be carried out.

Cllr Charles Smith confirmed that the flooring at the playpark on Wordsworth Avenue requiresattention.

RESOLVED: That the above actions be noted by Council and the Chair and Clerk to seek quotations for the repairs to be carried out.

17/73 Summer Floral Displays

The Clerk confirmed that an order has been placed for 21 hanging baskets and the locations have been confirmed at Laleston, Broadlands and Bryntirion and confirmed she will be meeting with John Lewis from BCBC next week to agree the suitability of the locations.

RESOLVED: That this be noted by Council.

17/74 Community Council Website Update

The Clerk confirmed that Cllr Ian Spiller had been working on the website and had set up new e-mail addresses for all Councillors. He stated that photographs will need to be taken of the new Councillors to put on the website. Cllr Pam Davies stated that she would not require an additional website address. Cllr Briony Davies confirmed that the e-mail addresses could be auto-forwarded to personal and current e-mail addresses.

Recommended: That Council agreed to agenda this item for the next meeting.

17/75 Wayside Benches and Bus Shelters

Cllr Tony Berrow stated that money has been allocated in the budget for new bus shelters to be installed at Longfellow Drive and Ton Glasas well as a replacement bus shelter on Llangewydd Road.

Cllr Charles Smith stated that a litter bin would need to be considered at the bus shelter located on Barnes Ave near Nant Ffornwg.

RESOLVED: That the Chair and Clerk seek quotations.

17/76 Finance Update- Clerk

Accounts for Payment – May 2017

Description Amount inc VAT
Bryntirion Comprehensive School – Grant for football sessions £200.00
Broadlands Community Hub – Grant for

Broadlands Fun Day

Sutcliffe Play Ltd – Inclusive Playground at Bryntirion £57,942.00
Martin Lewis – Footpath Clearance Sept 16 – March 17 £370.00
The Range – Ribbon and Stationery £14.10
BCBC – Annual SLA Agreement for playgrounds £5,556.00
Asda – 2 x black ink cartridges £28.00
SSE Swalec – Electricity for Cliff Cottage Jan – April 2017 £107.77


Budget update as at 30th April 2017

The Clerk produced a spreadsheet of the budget and expenditure as at 30th April, 2017.

RESOLVED: That the report be accepted by Council.

Council proposed that future projects be placed as an agenda item for the next meeting.

RESOLVED: That this item be placed on the agenda for the next meeting.

Council proposed that the Finance sub group for the Council be formalised and placed on the agenda for the next meeting.

RESOLVED: That this item be placed on the agenda for the next meeting.


The Clerk confirmed that the Audit is nearly complete and she just required to obtain copies of evidence that has been requested.

Appointment of Internal Auditor

The Clerk confirmed that the Internal Audit appointed for last year’s accounts was Mr Norman Davies and asked if Council were happy for Mr Davies to carry out the internal audit for 2016/17. Council agreed to appoint Mr Davies as internal auditor.

RESOLVED: That the Clerk appoint Mr Norman Davies as the Council’s internal auditor.

Renewal of Community Council’s Insurance

The Clerk confirmed that she had received the renewal documents from Zurich which expires on the 31st May, 2016 at a cost of £1705.18 which includes the Llangewydd School MUGA and Inclusive Play Area at Bryntirion.

RESOLVED: That Council agreed to renew the policy at a cost of £1705.18.

17/77 To Receive Correspondence – April/May 2017

The following items of correspondence have been received during the past month:-

– ?Letter received from Jeanette Tossell stating that they will no longer require the use of Blandy Hall depleting numbers within the group.

-?E-mail received from Emlyn Phillips asking if the Council would like a large blue spruce Christmas tree he currently has in his garden. Cllr Charles Smith expressed an interest for the green area outside the Westward Community Centre and requested the Clerk to forward him the contact details.

Reports and Observations Received April/May 2017

– Cllr Tony Berrow reported that rubbish and tyres had been dumped by ‘The Pound’ off Rogers Lane leading into Llangewydd Road.

RESOLVED: The Clerk confirmed that she had reported to Clean up the County in BCBC

– Tom Green reported that they have been experiencing some vandalism at the MUGA rear of Trelales School as well as litter and broken bottles being left. The caretaker also reported that some of the bolts have gone rusty and had fallen off causing the panels to become loose.

RESOLVED: The Clerk confirmed that she had reported this to BCBC for repairs and also informed the PCSO Liz Tancock who agreed to investigate and patrol the area in the evenings.

– Cllr Briony Davies reported that lines have been removed on the A48 leading up to the roundabout for Broadlands and has caused the tarmac to break up.

RESOLVED: That the Clerk report to BCBC.

17/78 Planning Applications received April/May



T/17/31/TPO Reduce crown, remove deadwood & branches of ash tree overhanging public highway 8, Bryn Melys, Broadlands, CF31 5DN
P/17/315/FUL First floor extension above existing garage and a single storey rear extension 8, Llwyn Castan, Broadlands, CF31 5FG
P/17/382/FUL Single storey extension to provide kitchen/family room 9, Magpie Place, Broadlands, CF31 5FJ
P/17/365/FUL Interior alterations, create second floor by increasing ridge height of the dwelling and providing dormers to front and rear. 1 The Square,


CF32 0HT

Cllr’s Briony Davies and Tony Berrow declared an interest on planning application P/17/315/FUL.

The meeting closed at 8.55pm

……………………………………………………… Chairperson


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