Broadlands Wildlife Meadow

A wildlife meadow was created in 2014 adjacent to the Busy Bees Nursery on the corner of Careg Llwyd and Ffordd Tirion

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In 2014 the meadow was mown and lifted, and several species of wildflower seed were sown. The meadow was cut again in 2015 and was augmented by a further cut in late September.

Work is carried out by the South & West Wales Wildlife Trust based at Parc Slip and has been undertaken by them free of charge – They also give full advice on its management.

In 2015 the grass was becoming too dominant and in late Autumn 2015 we sowed ‘yellow rattle’ . This is a parasite of grass and will help to curb its excess and allow other species to flourish.

A testimony to the work can be seen presently with several species of butterfly and moths frequenting the patch. It is also giving much sustenance to our much beleaguered bee population.

For further information please contact:

Roy Williams