Minutes of Meeting of Council – 21 October 2021

Minutes of Meeting of Council – 21 October 2021

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Laleston Community Council held remotely in accordance with the provisions of the Local Authorities (Coronavirus) (Meetings)(Wales) Regulations 2020 on 21st October 2021 at 7pm

Present: Cllr’s N Adams, A Berrow, JP Blundell, B Davies, C Davies, P Davies, M Fouracre, C Green, T Green, G Richards-Hemming, C Smith, I Spiller, and D Wooldridge

1. 19.468 Council to undertake a period of silent reflection.

2. 19.469 Apologies for absence – All members present.

3. 19.470 Representation from members of the public. No representations made

4. 19.471 Council received a presentation from Eclipse regarding the Community Pantry

5. 19.472 Declarations of Interest

Cllr JP Blundell – Item 16 – Prejudicial interest as a member of the planning committee at Bridgend Borough Council (BCBC), Cllr JP Blundell left the meeting during the discussion

6. 19.473 Approval of Minutes.

  1. The Minutes of previous meeting held in September 2021 are not available and will be provided at a later meeting.
  2. Council approved the Minutes of the Extra-ordinary meeting held on Friday 1 October 2021.

Cllr I Spiller proposed that this meeting be recorded, along with all future remote meetings to assist with the keeping/accuracy of minutes. This is was seconded by Cllr M Fouracre. A recorded vote was held, all councillors voted in favour of the motion.

Chair B Davies announced that the meeting was now being recorded for the purpose of recording minutes, financial decisions would be recorded by the chair in the absence of the clerk.

7. 19.474 Finance update: The records are unavailable and will be provided at a later meeting.

8. 19.475 To note a list of actions since the last meeting.

  1. The Chair reported the Pound has been strimmed, a discussion was held over the work to be undertaken by the stone masons. Cllr C Smith proposed that we progress the work, this was seconded by Cllr A Berrow.
  1. The Clerk emailed Chair to confirm allocation of £10,000 grant for allotments, veteran’s group are holding a site meeting to discuss merging the 2 projects.
  1. The Well – CDO has been trying to contact BCBC unsuccessfully, CADW have announced a new grant which the Chair has forwarded to CDO. Conservation officer has confirmed the well is a health and safety risk and has forwarded to get the correct advice regarding preservation. The previous preservation work Cllr Smith reported as being undertaken by council in the late 1980s.
  1. Sutcliffe have commenced exercise equipment installation in Broadlands with the rest to follow.
  1. Rob Chumley has ordered the replacement benches for Laleston. Cllr A Berrow confirmed delivery in 8 weeks. Cllr A Berrow proposed the placing of a poppy bench by the bus stop in Laleston this was seconded by Cllr I Spiller. Cllr C Davies objected. Motion approved by council.
  1. Cllr M Fouracre queried the motion of the previous meeting where a tommy figure was approved for the same site, Cllr I Spiller confirmed that this was passed after he seconded in previous meeting. Cllr JP Blundell highlighted his support for the motion on the basis that the benches/tommy figurines were spread across the community in Laleston/Cefn Glas/Broadlands.
  1. A discussion was held around the financial regulations on purchasing for future projects and ensure we have written records of our attempts to gain alternative quotes when they are not forthcoming in providing. Cllr C Green reminded council that had previously agreed to try and support businesses within our boundaries for projects.

9. 19.476 To receive quotations, if any.

  1. Quotation received for Bus Stop at Merlin Crescent, Cefn Glas – Cllr C Smith confirmed the cost has risen to £10,000 from BCBC. A bus shelter, which was originally proposed has been confirmed as not possible for this site due to underground services. A platform formalising the bus stop was the only viable option. The cost would include the yellow “bus stop” markings. Cllr C Smith highlighted the need for public transport and proposed to move forward with the project. The motion was seconded by Cllr JP Blundell who spoke in support of the proposal. Cllr I Spiller queried whether the proposal solved the issue, and whether the uplift of cost represented good value for money from the previous quote of £6,000-£7,000. Cllr N Adams queried the 50% increase in cost, Cllr C Smith confirmed the previous price was a guide rather than a formal estimate, querying whether support towards the costs from First Cymru or BCBC has been sought. The motion was passed by a majority of 10 for and 2 against.
  1. Cllr G Richards Hemming queried how long the clerk would be away from work. The Chair explained that the community development officer was taking on some of the clerk’s work is her absence and, Cllr T Green was updating the finances. Cllr C Davies spoke to give council an update confirming that there was no specific date. It was agreed that Cllr G Richards Hemming purchase flowers to the clerk and claim back.
  1. Banc-Yr-Allt traffic calming measures. Cllr P Davies gave an update on resident’s complaints to BCBC regarding the existing measures which have broken down. This has been ongoing since 2013. We were originally quoted £15-20,000. The quotation provided for £37,700 with plans for an extra 2 measures, LCC requested just a price for the one measure which is causing a measure. Cllr P Davies has requested an amended quote. Cllr N Adams queried why we were footing BCBC’s bill as the liability for damage to cars lies with BCBC as it is an adopted highway and felt BCBC should be undertaking this work. Cllr C Green confirmed the residents who brought this request to Laleston Community Council were complaining about the one measure. Council agreed to defer to November’s meeting.
  1. Cllr B Davies confirmed that a number of months ago it was agreed to purchase 10 stacking chairs for the community center, a suitable price has been obtained by Bridgend Office Furniture at £50 each, Cllr B Davies informed council this needed to be purchased by credit card. Council agreed for Cllr B Davies to purchase and claim back.
  1. Facilities manager has requested an additional 6 folding tables, Cllr B Davies confirmed she cannot find them for less than £105 each. This was due to the success of the center. Council agreed for Cllr B Davies to purchase the additional tables and claim back.

10. 19.477 To receive updates regarding Bryntirion Community Centre.

No updates

11. 19.478 To receive updates regarding Blandy Hall.

Cllr B Davies confirmed new flooring is due to be laid in the middle of November.

12. 19.479 To receive updates regarding Laleston Allotments.

CDO meeting with the veteran’s group and Tidy Towns as discussed earlier.

13. 19.480 To receive update on work undertaken by Community Development


As discussed already.

14. 19.481 To receive Personnel Issues, if any.

  1. Cllr B Davies raised issues with how we are paying salaries via our accountant. Cllr C Smith & Cllr C Green suggested that we look into moving our staff to monthly salaries. Cllr B Davies suggested the HR committee meets to discuss recommendations to council and bring to next meeting.
  1. Last meeting Cllr C Davies sought approval for occupational health assessment which was agreed by council. Cllr C Davies confirmed that he has been given a cost of £175-260 per appointment. Council agreed to move forward with the cost.
  1. Cllr P Davies raised concerns around the number of hours being worked by facilities manager and assistant compared with what was originally agreed. The need for agreement on hours/salaries for the clerk’s administration assistant was needed. It was agreed for HR committee to discuss and make recommendations.

15. 19.482 To receive Correspondence.

  1. Cllr JP Blundell raised that he needed to be reproposed for his role as community council governor, Cllr B Davies raised that Cllr T Green also needed renominating. Cllr I Spiller nominated both to continue in their roles, this was seconded by Cllr M Fouracre.
  1. Cllr I Spiller requested a copy of the Christmas lights map to review and report back to council.
  1. Cllr C Smith raised a query regarding supporting the Hut 9 preservation group for the purchase of the meeting room. The group aren’t formalized as a community organization therefore it was believed that council cannot support private individuals. Cllr I Spiller suggested that a sum of money be allocated if the criteria was met that the group be formalised and constituted. Cllr N Adams supported the role in preserving local history. It was resolved Cllr I Spiller speak to the group and report back to council.

16. 19.483 To consider Planning Applications.

Cllr JP Blundell withdrew from discussions

P21912 – no objections

P21880 – no objections

P21918 – no objections

P21673 – no objections

P21845 – no objections

P21801 – no objections

Meeting closed at 9.10pm

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