Minutes of meeting of council – 17 November 2022

Minutes of meeting of council – 17 November 2022

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Laleston Community Council held at Bryntirion & Laleston Community Centre on 17 November 2022 commencing at 7.00pm.

Present:. Cllr’s A Berrow, JP Blundell, Z Blundell, J Cook, P King, S Philpin, S Richmond, C Smith, I Spiller and C Webster.

In attendance:  Gail Jewell

  1. 19.1130  Council undertook a period of silent reflection.
  • 19.1131  Apologies for absence. Cllr’sC Davies, D Harrison and V James.

3.   19.1132   Representation from members of the public.

Representation was received by residents from Merlin Crescent in relation to item 15 on the agenda – To discuss any updates relating to the Safe Route being installed on Merlin Crescent.  Mr K Davies presented a statement, outlining his and other residents of Merlin Crescent and Bryn Golau safety concerns regarding the possibility of a shared use pathway outside of their properties.  The reasons included the gradient of the route in question and the speeds that cyclists could hit travelling from Bryntirion Comprehensive School to the bottom of Bryn Golau and how segregation of cyclists and walkers would be achieved.  To conclude, residents explained that no consultation had been undertaken on undertaking investigation holes and requested that outcomes of the investigations be communicated to all residents.

4.  19.1133 To discuss any updates relating to the Safe Route being installed on Merlin Crescent.

Due to the fact that representation was received in relation to Item 15, the Chair moved this item up the agenda to allow the member of public to observe deliberation and resolution.

Chair outlined the content of correspondence sent to the Director of Communities, the Cabinet Member of Communities and also Chief Executive of BCBC. 

Resolved:  Members requested that the Council write to Bridgend County Borough Council to object to any kind of active travel route on Merlin Crescent due to the gradient of the stretch of road and the associated safety issues, particularly due to the fact that the route included 2 primary schools and 1 comprehensive school.  In addition, Members wanted to object to any exploratory work being carried out in all areas without any form of consultation with local Members and residents.  To conclude, Council recommended that the Borough Council explore implementing road calming measures to 20 mph on the stretch of road to ensure the road is safe for cyclists without encroaching on resident’s driveways.

  • 19.1134   Items of business that the Chair deems urgent.  None.
  • 19.1135   Declarations of Interest. 

Cllr C Smith – Item 4 – Personal interest as a family member of a resident on Bryn Golau

Cllr A Berrow – Item 18 – Prejudicial Interest as a Member of Bridgend County Borough Council Planning Committee.

  • 19.1136  Approval of Minutes.

ResolvedThat the minutes of the meeting of Council that took place on 20 October 2022 be approved as a true and accurate record.  Proposed by Cllr JP Blundell and seconded by Cllr A Berrow.

Matters arising from minutes

a)       Item 4. 19.1106 – Banc Yr Allt Traffic Calming Measures

As requested by Council, the Clerk had sent a letter to the Traffic and Transport Department to relay information collated at the previous Council meeting and a response had been received outlining that they would be happy to undertake consultation with residents of Banc Yr Allt and ward Members to seek views on the removal of the remaining two speed bumps. 

b)       Item 11. 19.1123 – Committees

          a)  Appointment of Members to the Biodiversity Committee

          Resolved:  The Chair confirmed that the Committee was still Member short and therefore requested that this item was added to the next meeting of Council.

c)       Item 15 – Warm Café

Resolved:  Council requested that this item be added to future agendas for updates.  In addition, Members requested that the Community Pantry be added to the Council agenda for February and that John and Alison from Eclipse be invited to attend.

  • 19.1137  Finance update:


  • Members noted the Bank Reconciliation as at the end of October 2022.
  • Council approved payments which were presented with the agenda which included vouchers numbers 198 – 243.  Proposed by Cllr S Philpin and seconded by Cllr C Webster.
  • Council approved receipts which were presented with the agenda which included voucher numbers 95 – 103.  Proposed by Cllr S Richmond and seconded by Cllr JP Blundell.
  • Council approved a list of salary payments for October 2022 which were presented with the agenda and can be viewed here.  Proposed by Cllr Z Blundell and seconded by Cllr A Berrow.
  • 19. 1138   To receive any recommendations and resolutions from Committees.

Information on resolutions and resolutions from the HR & Personnel Committee were presented with the agenda.

Resolved:  Council noted the information presented.

  1. 19.1139   To receive quotations, if any. 
 Quotations Received Comment
1Site clearance – Allotments   Supplier A Clear site        £1300 Dig out roots – £900   Supplier B Clear site        £1150 Dig out roots – £950 or Inject herbicide into stumps to eradicate regrowth but stumps will remain in situ – £450  Resolved:  Council agreed to progress with Supplier B.
2Llangewydd School – MUGA   Supplier A – To modify double gates £1,590  Resolved:  Due to the fact that the work couldn’t be carried under Health and Safety monetary restrictions within the Council Financial Regulations, Members formally approved to progress with the quotation received.
3Emptying of play park bins   Supplier A – £60 per week (£20 per bin)   Supplier B – £30 per week (£10 per bin)   Supplier C – Declined to quote.Resolved:  Due to the fact that when Council agreed to cancel our park maintenance agreement with BCBC, it has since come to light that bin emptying and litter picking was included in the agreement.   Therefore, Council agreed to progress with Supplier B for emptying of the bins and Bryntirion Playpark.

11. 19.1140 To discuss and decide on commemorative benches and figurines to be installed throughout ward areas

Resolved:  Following discussions, Members agreed to purchase a Tommy Figurine and a Lest we forget bench for installation at Laleston, with a further 3 Queen Elizabeth Platinum Jubilee benches for Llangewydd Road, Wordsworth Avenue and Broadlands.

  1.  19.1141 To discuss the possibility of installing benches and bins on Persimmon Land

Resolved:  Following deliberation, Council agreed to install 2 benches and a floor mounted bin on the green just off the first roundabout on Heol Blandy with an additional bin at the bottom by the cycle path between Heol Y Fronfraith Fawr and Clos Henblas and another bin on the green between Gallt Y Ddrudwen and Rhodfa Cnocell Y Coed.

  1.  19.1142 To receive an update on Plot 32.

Cllr P King provided an update to explain that the veterans had now become an authorised committee organisation and had received official handover from Change Step.  A Member queried the progression of involving Community Payback for the installation of a timber fence along the boundary of the allotment.  The Clerk explained that a site meeting had taken place and we were awaiting a further update from them.

ResolvedFollowing the positive update on Plot 32 and the discussion on allotment site security, Council asked that the Clerk obtain advice regarding the feasibility of erecting a fence close to the Ash trees already in situ on site and bring back the findings to Council.

Resolved:  Council agreed to defer this item to next meeting of Council.

  1. 19.1144 To receive correspondence, if any.
Correspondence ReceivedComment
Email received from Stuart Baldwin regarding closure of pathways at Craig Y Parcau due to health and safety issues.        Resolved:   Council agreed that the Clerk reply to state that all Members of Laleston Community Council would be very interested in obtaining any information on working together on this matter, and to possibly explore the opportunity of including areas upstream, along Wordsworth Avenue to Nant Cefn Glas.
Letter from Bridgend County Borough Council outlined that the Town and Community Council Fund for 2023/24 will be made available in January 2023.Resolved:  Noted by Council
Decision received from planning department regarding the recent appeal for 16 Shelley Drive, Cefn Glas.  Planning permission granted for a garden room to the rear garden.  Email circulated to all Members prior to meeting.Resolved:  Council voiced their concern regarding the permission being granted at appeal, although noted the update.
 Nominations now open for the Mayor’s Citizenship Awards 2023.  Email circulated to all Members prior to meeting.Resolved:  A Member confirmed that they had nominated a teacher at Cefn Glas Infants for the award due to her fundraising efforts for the school over the last year.  Council agreed to reinforce the nomination made. 
  1.  19.1145 To discuss budget setting proposals and make recommendations to the Finance Committee to aid the budget setting process.

Resolved:  Following deliberation, Council agreed to recommend that the Finance Committee include costings for a contribution to Craig Y Parcau Nature Reserve, the supply of grit bins and general maintenance, such as grass cutting, hedge trimming, tree maintenance and litter picking when undertaking the budget setting process.

  1.  19.1146 To discuss Broadlands roundabouts for future Christmas Lighting.

The Chair highlighted that Council had previously agreed to add Christmas lights to the roundabouts in Broadlands, but since then, our contractor has confirmed that the trees currently in situ are so wildly out of control and too dangerous for any additions.

Resolved:  Council agreed to write to Bridgend County Borough Council to ascertain whether there are any plans to cut the unruly and dangerous trees on Broadlands roundabouts for health and safety reasons.

18. 19.1147 To consider Planning Applications.

Cllr A Berrow left the meeting for discussion on this item.

Planning Application  Comment
Planning Application No.: P/22/713/FUL Applicant: Me Group International PLC Location: Unit 1 Ty Talbot Elm Crescent Bryntirion Bridgend CF31 4EA Proposal: Retention of modular self-service launderette facility & associated works Date: 7 November 2022Resolved:  Laleston Community Council would like to object to this planning application, due to the entrance of the self-service launderette being positioned on the corner of Elm Rise where double yellow parking restrictions are in place.  Therefore, this development causes issues for:    Safety of pedestrians – where cars have been seen to mount the kerb to park at the entrance of the launderette for ease of offloading/collecting washing.   Highway safety – similarly to the above comment, cars have seen parking on the double yellow lines which not only blocks the flow of traffic, but it also forces other vehicles to utilise the opposite side of the road with oncoming traffic.  

There being no further business, the meeting ended at 8.48 pm.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday 15 December 2022 and will commence at 7.00pm.

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