Minutes of Meeting of Council – 16 September 2021

Minutes of Meeting of Council – 16 September 2021

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Laleston Community Council held remotely in accordance with the provisions of the Local Authorities (Coronavirus)(Meetings)(Wales) Regulations 2020 on 16 September 2021 commencing at 7.00pm.

Present: Cllr’s, A Berrow, B Davies, C Davies, P Davies, M Fouracre, C Green, T Green, G Richard-Hemmings, I Spiller and D Wooldridge.

In attendance: Clerk – Gail Jewell

1. 19.448 Council undertook a period of silent reflection.

2. 19.449 Apologies for absence. Cllrs N Adams, JP Blundell, C Smith

3. 19.450 Representation from members of the public. No representations made

4. 19.451 Declarations of Interest.

Cllr I Spiller – Item 6 – Prejudicial Interest as the Chair of Broadlands Hub that arranges the Broadlands Fun Day. Cllr I Spiller left the meeting during the discussion and decision on this item.

5. 19.452 Approval of Minutes.

Resolved: That the minutes of the ordinary meeting of Council on 15 July 2021 be approved as a true and accurate record. Proposed by Cllr D Wooldridge and seconded by Cllr C Davies.

Matters arising from the minutes:

  1. Since Council agreed that maintenance/service/replacement of our defibrillators required urgent review, the Clerk had noted the units make and model of all three and contacted several organisations for advice but had not received a response.

Resolved: Council agreed to investigate the replacement of the defibrillator in Broadlands, either by purchase or funding. Council further agreed to request training by the Welsh Ambulance Service.

  1. Council agreed that the benches on the green next to the church require urgent repair.

Resolved: The Project Group agreed to progress repairs to benches as outlined above.

6. 19.453 Finance update:


· Members noted the Bank Reconciliation as of 1 August and 1 September 2021.

· Council approved payments 97 – 150 which were presented with the agenda.

· Council approved receipts 23 – 40 which were presented with the agenda.

· With reference to the agreed reallocation of £15,000 from Broadlands Fun Day, Members agreed to retain £4,000 to cover any forthcoming deposits for the Fun Day in 2022.

· Council agreed that staff salaries should be collated and presented as a whole, rather than individually.

7. 19.454 To note a list of actions since the last meeting.

Risk assessment undertaken for Blandy Hall and Bryntirion and Laleston Community Council. Both assessments were an improvement on previous reports and all high risks have been remedied. Resolved: Duly noted by Members
Ordered and installed waste bin at Broadlands Basketball Park as requested by a member of the public. Received an email of thanks. Resolved: Duly noted by Members
The installation of Winter flower baskets has been investigated and it has been confirmed that most of the colour would be on top of the baskets and therefore not very visible. Perhaps Members may wish to install planters which could be utilised with winter flowers and would tie in with our biodiversity plan. Resolved: Members agreed to discuss installing planters when deciding the budget for 2020/23.
Objection submitted on behalf of Laleston Community Council regarding the consultation proposals for the Local Development Plan sites at PLA 3 Land West of Bridgend and COM1 at Craig Y Parcau. Resolved: Duly noted by Members
Objection submitted on behalf of Laleston Community Council regarding planning application for 20 Shakespeare Avenue Resolved: Duly noted by Members
A new Facebook page has been created for Bryntirion & Laleston Community Centre. Resolved: Duly noted by Members
Contact has been made with BCBC to confirm that LCC are happy with the draft lease and plan for the community centre and a request to receive the engrossment lease and schedule of condition report has been submitted. Not received to date. Resolved: Duly noted by Members.
Received confirmation that LCC’s request for a bus stop on Merlin Crescent has been agreed and will be formalised, with a bus stop post, flag and a raised platform for accessibility. Resolved: Duly noted by Members.

8. 19.455 To receive quotations, if any.

Quotations Received · Comment
1. DocusignAnnual fee for single user – £96.00

Annual fee for up to 5 users – £240.00

Resolved: Members agreed to progress with the annual fee for a single user only
2 AdvantEDGE5 Year Contract

Annual fee for Allotments – £230.00 plus VAT

Annual fee for Admin+ – £172.00 plus VAT

Quotation attached

Resolved: Following discussion Members agreed for a software demonstration be provided to Cllr T Green and the Clerk in the first instance.
3 South Wales Sports Grounds3G pitch

Quotation attached

Resolved: Members agreed to hold this quotation on file for future reference.
4 SutcliffeMUGA Bryntirion Playing Fields – £71,631.00

Outdoor exercise equipment Laleston – £13,147.00

Quotations attached

Resolved: Members agreed to hold these quotations on file for future reference.
5 SutcliffeBryntirion Nursery Area and Slide £3840.00

Bryntirion Nursery Area and separate Slide £5722.00

Circulated by email

This quotation is linked to the previously agreed soft flooring to replace the paving slabs.Resolved: Members agreed to progress with the installation of a slide to replace the play equipment in situ in the nursery garden, which will be utilised by any hall hirers.
6 To reconfirm changes in prices to quotations received previously.Sutcliffe

Original Revised

Bryntirion Playing Field £14,298.00 Same price

Bryntirion Nursery Area £4,168 £2,906.00

Broadlands Play Area £11,642.00 £14,398.00

Circulated by email.

Resolved: Members formally agreed to accept the changes in prices to quotations previously approved.
7 John StrandKitchen in a cupboard £2,376.00.

Circulated by email.

Resolved: Members formally agreed to progress with this quotation.
8 Cost cutters UKEarly years soft play mini block set – £133.33

Early years table and chairs – £434.96

Resolved: Members formally agreed to progress with this quotation.
9 Kinsale Stone· Revised quotation received for works on the Pound – £15674.40

· Circulated by email

Resolved: Members formally agreed to accept the changes in prices to quotations previously approved.

9. 19.456 To receive updates regarding Bryntirion Community Centre.

The Clerk provided an update which confirmed that the contractor had now completed the cladding of the Centre and that the Facilities Officer had started to paint the exterior render.

The Clerk continued by verifying that hall usage had increased which included two large groups and asked Council to consider purchasing more chairs.

Resolved: Council noted the update and agreed to purchase a further 10 chairs for the Centre.

10. 19.457 To receive updates regarding Blandy Hall.

The Clerk explained that works had commenced on Blandy Hall and that there had been an increase in room hire.

Resolved: Council noted the updated provided.

11. 19.458 To receive updates regarding Laleston Allotments.

The Clerk confirmed that handover of Plot 32 had been carried out and a veteran from Broadlands had been allocated as the site contact.

Resolved:  Council noted the update provided.

12. 19.459 To receive update on work undertaken by Community Development Officer.

An update was provided on the work undertaken by the Community Development Officer which included progression of the Laleston History Website and the Biodiversity Project. The report also referred to the Laleston Well and asked Members to consider renovating the historic piece.

The report stated that advice had been received from a Health and Safety adviser who recommended that events should not be undertaken this year due to the rise of COVID infection rates which would place impractical responsibility on event organisers.


  1. Council noted the update provided by the Community Development Officer
  2. Council agreed to investigate costs of renovating the Village Well in Laleston – include assistance from Conservation Officer
  3. With reference to the advice as outlined above, Council agreed that the annual Firework Event and the OAP Luncheon would not take place this year.

13. 19.460 Community Asset Transfer of Bryntirion Playing Field.

The Clerk provided an update relating to the Pitch Assessment Report and meetings held with both Bryntirion Athletic Junior Football Club (BAJFC) and the CAT Officer of Bridgend County Borough Council. BAJFC stated that their aspirations included the installation of a 3G pitch but unfortunately following advice from the CAT Officer, the project would be an unviable proposition for the following reasons:

1 Costings could be over £1M

2 A 3G pitch is already in situ in close proximity to the field

3 Sports clubs would not be able to afford the hire charges of the pitch without subsidies

4 The installation of the pitch would reduce valuable open space that all members of the public can utilise.

Resolved: Members noted the Pitch Assessment Report for Bryntirion Playing Fields and agreed that a plan be constructed to include the recommendations within the report, along with the creation of a pathway surrounding the field.

14. 19.461 To receive updates regarding Community Pantry.

An update was provided regarding the progression of the Community Pantry.

Resolved: Members agreed to invite John Westwood from Eclipse to a Council meeting to provide a presentation on workings of the Pantry and details of an existing pantry that is currently providing fresh food.

15. 19.462 To consider providing assistance to the community.

Resolved:  Following consideration of this item, Council agreed that

  1. a donation of £500 be presented to Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital Charity in memory of Reid Steele and
  2. agreed in principle that assistance would be provided, when required, to support Afghanistan refugees that are rehomed in the Borough.

16. 19.463 To receive Personnel Issues, if any.

Following deliberation, Council agreed that:

  1. A training plan be collated to ensure all staff have undertaken the required Health and Safety courses, and
  2. to assess the Facilities Officers working hours.

17. 19.464 To receive a report on the assessment undertaken on the Clerk/RFO working hours.

A report was presented to Council that they commissioned by One Voice Wales to undertake an assessment of the working hours of the Clerk/RFO to provide a suitable benchmark to assess the permanent hours required for the effective performance of duties and responsibilities of the postholder.

Resolved:  Due to the fact that the calculated hours to undertake the role were higher than the current contracted hours, Council agreed to appoint a part time assistant working to the Clerk/RFO for approximately 12 hours a week and to review the working hours annually. Clerk and Vice Chair to work together to calculate an appropriate wage and advertise for the post.

18. 19.465 To discuss outstanding works with Bridgend County Borough Council.

With reference to the outstanding works with Bridgend County Borough Council, the Clerk explained that both the Communities Corporate Director and Chief Executive of Bridgend County Borough Council had declined to attend the meeting as requested by Members to resolve these issues.

Resolved: Council agreed that a deadline of November 2021 be provided to BCBC for confirmation of progression of works or the outlined ear marked reserves will be reallocated during the budget setting process.

19. 19.466 To receive Correspondence.

Correspondence Received Comment
Email outlining initial proposals for changes to Parliamentary constituencies in Wales. Representation to be made by 3 November 2021. Email circulated prior to meeting. Resolved: Clerk agreed to circulate and collate responses on behalf of Members
Email received from Royal British Legion regarding getting involved in this year’s National Remembrance by purchasing and displaying a Tommy – a symbolic military figure. Email circulated prior to meeting. Resolved: Council agreed to purchase and display a Tommy and requested that the Clerk circulate options and costings.

20. 19.467 To consider Planning Applications.

Planning Application Comment
Planning Application No.: P/21/744/FULApplicant: D Thomas & A Walker

Location: 21 Nant yr Adar Cefn Glas CF31 4TY

Proposal: Two storey side and part 1st floor rear extension and other internal alterations

Date: 27/08/2021

No objection
Planning Application No.: P/21/759/FULApplicant: J Davies

Location: 8 Westward Close Bryntirion CF31 4XD

Proposal: Double storey side and single storey rear extensions

Date: 31/08/2021

No objection

There being no further business, the meeting ended at 9.13 pm.

The next meeting will be held remotely on Thursday 21 October 2021 and will commence at 7.00pm

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