Minutes of a meeting of Laleston Community Council

Held at the Blandy Hall – Thursday 21st April, 2016

Present: Councillors Tony Berrow, Briony Davies,

Roger Davies, Dave Harrison, Kathy Lewis, Steve Sloan, Ian Spiller, Cheryl Green, Tom Green, Mark Fouracre, Hazel Kendall, Dan Woolridge

Cllr Pam Davies in the Chair.

16/51 Silent Reflection

Councillors held a period of silent reflection.

16/52 Apologies

No apologies were received

16/53 To consider suspension of meeting to receive representations from local residents, if in attendance at meeting.

There was no representation from local residents at the meeting.

16/54 Declarations of Interest

Cllr Pam Davies Agenda Items: 20 BCBC Member

Cllr Cheryl Green Agenda Items: 17, 20 BCBC Member

Cllr Tom Green Agenda Items: 17

Cllr Ian Spiller Agenda Items 10, 17

16/55 Minutes of previous meeting

It was resolved that the Minutes of the previous meeting be accepted as true and that they reflected the discussions and outcomes therein. The Chair signed the minutes.

16/56 Matters arising from Minutes

16/49/1 Cllr Cheryl Green requested that the Chair for the year 1999 – 2000,Cllr Charles Smith also be added to the honours board.

16/57 Llangewydd School MUGA Update.

Cllr Roger stated that a meeting was held at the school on Wednesday 13th April with the Head Teacher, Caretaker, and officers from BCBC. It was confirmed that SW Sports Grounds have confirmed dates w/c 19th or 26th September with flexibility of a couples of weeks either way. The caretaker confirmed that he had obtained one quotation for replacement of the CCTV system at the school as no further cameras could be purchased for the current system to cover the MUGA and that further quotation should be sought. Cllr Roger Davies provided the caretaker and Head Teacher with a schedule of actions to be considered and asked that they provide any feedback to the Clerk as soon as possible. It was agreed that regular meetings would now take place at the school to report on progress, next meeting has been scheduled for 13th May, 2016.

Cllr Cheryl Green thanked Cllr’s Tony Berrow, Roger Davies and the Clerk for all their hard work and time in achieving this objective.

16/58 Website Management

The Clerk confirmed that both herself and Cllr Roger Davies had visited S W Web Solutions in Porthcawl. A quotation was received at a cost of £950, which included website design and build, CMS access for ongoing changes and a monthly cost of £20 for CMS hosting, maintenance and support. The Clerk confirmed that a further quotation was received from ‘The Seed Mill’ at a cost of £1250.00 with a monthly cost of £30.00. The Clerk produced a review of current Town & Community Council Websites to compare their homepage contents.

Cllr Briony Davies requested that consideration be given to an article to be included regarding the Laleston Stones Trail.

Cllr Ian Spiller requested that consideration be given to putting a widget on the website and enquired if the minutes and agendas could be sent direct to social media sites.

RESOLVED: That Cllrs Ian Spiller, Tom Green and the Clerk to have a meeting to look at the current website to see what changes can be made and added as well as additional costs required and feedback to the next meeting. Cllr Cheryl Green requested that all Councillors check their details on the website. Cllr Steve Sloan confirmed he would request that get one of the explorers take photos if a list is provided of what locations and pictures are required.

16/59 Town and Community Council Forum – Community Asset Transfer

Cllr Roger Davies gave a further update that due to the decision taken by Council at the meeting of 17th March 2016 that there will be no guarantee of how long the association will continue to receive grant support from BCBC.

16/60 Town and Community Council Charter Document

Cllr Roger Davies provided the meeting with a discussion paper regarding the Town & Community Council Charter Document Review.

16/61 Maes yr Haul School Trim Trail – Grant Update

The Clerk confirmed that this item was discussed at the recent FSG meeting. She informed Councillors that following the last meeting of Council on 17th March, 2016, she had received a further e-mail from the Head Teacher. The company has now reduced the cost to £28,000 which makes a small saving. However she has stated that she would prefer to install the whole structure as the installation requires a wet pour surface to be installed which can only be done once for optimum use. She is therefore asking Council as we are going into a new financial year if they would consider donating the shortfall of £6000 for this to be achieved.

RESOLVED: Cllr Roger Davies proposed a motion that Council stay with the original proposal minute No. 16/26. Cllr Hazel Kendall seconded this motion.

Cllr Cheryl Green proposed an amendment to the motion that Council grant the full sum to the school with the proviso that the school be informed that no further grants will be allocated for a period of 3 years. Cllr Steve Sloan seconded this motion. The amendment was put forward to Council and was carried, the motion was then carried.

16/62 Boules Tournament at Blandy Hall

The Clerk confirmed that a date has been confirmed for Friday 8th July, 2016 and that she had received confirmation from several Councillors confirming their attendance. She is now awaiting a response from Mark Steer of Pencoed Town Twinning Association in respect of numbers attending from Bridgend, Pencoed and Porthcawl Town Councils. The Council proposed that partners and spouses be included in the invitation and that the Boules pitch will require weeding and 2 tons of gravel added prior to the match taking place.

RESOLVED: That Ian Lewis be contacted to carry out the works required.

16/63 PACT meeting attendance

The Clerk confirmed she had received an e-mail from PCSO Craig Spanswick stating that there was no representative from Laleston Community Council at the last PACT Meeting in which several items were raised within the Cefn Glas and Llangewydd areas. The next meeting has been scheduled for Monday 23rd May at 6.30pm in the Westward Community Centre. The Clerk asked if any Councillor within this ward could attend.

RESOLVED: Cllr Steve Sloan agreed to attend the next meeting and that consideration be given to including any dates of future PACT meetings on the Council’s website.

16/64 Dog Fouling at Cefn Glas

The Clerk stated that following the last PACT meeting PCSO Spanswick requested that this item be brought to the Council’s attention. He expressed concern from residents about the amount of dog fouling in the area especially around the parks and asked if the Council would consider erecting signage and providing free dog poo bags.

RESOLVED: That the Clerk write to BCBC to highlight this issue as a result of Public Health & Safety.

16/65 Contractors – Use of British Steel

Cllr Tony Berrow requested Council to consider asking future contractor’s used by the Council that we ask if the steel is manufactured in Britain. Cllr Steve Sloan stated that not all steel can be manufactured in Britain, Council agreed as long as the contractor can prove that is the case Council that would be satisfied.

RESOLVED: For information.

16/66 Allotments Update and request for funding for pathway

The Clerk informed Council that she has been attending regular meeting with the Allotment Society over the past year. She confirmed that the waiting list for allotments has been brought down from 27 to now 4 and stated that all tenants have now been issued with a copy of a Tenancy Agreement to sign and return.

At a recent meeting the allotment society expressed concern regarding the state of the 2 pathways in which photos were provided in respect of Health & Safety. The Clerk confirmed that 2 estimates were sought. This item was discussed at the recent FSG meeting and due to the large variation in estimates that a 3rd estimate be obtained prior to a decision to be made by Council. The Chair asked that Council propose a vote to this decision.

RESOLVED: Council voted unanimously for the Clerk to obtain a 3rd estimate for the works.

16/67 Up-adopted roads in Broadlands

The Clerk confirmed that she had received information from BCBC concerning the adopted and un-adopted roads in Broadlands and forwarded to all Councillors. The e-mail offered that a meeting could be arranged between the Clerk and the officer to discuss further if required.

RESOLVED: Council agreed for the Clerk to invite Tony Godsall to attend a future meeting of Council to answer any further questions.

16/68 Finance Update

Accounts for Payment – March 2016

Description Amount inc VAT
HCI Data – Website 2 years renewal £83.70
Gareth Clode – Service recovery of website Sept/Oct 15 £35.55
Gareth Clode – Firewall Subscription and 12 months support £260.00
St John Cymru – Attendance at Firework Display £73.26
Blachere Illuminations – Purchase of Sale lights £3775.20
Jonathan Hurley Designs – 2 A3 posters for Stones Trail £76.80

16/69 FSG Meeting – Thursday 14th April, 2016

The Clerk confirmed that following the FSG meeting the following grant requests were agreed:-

– Y Bont – £500.

– Laleston Gardening Club – The Clerk confirmed that she has received a letter from Laleston Gardening Club. The Secretary confirmed that they had applied for the grant from BAVO from the Solar funding for improvement to Cliff Cottage in which they were successful to be granted £5000. She confirmed that the estimate they received to improve pathway and drive, replace external door to improve wheelchair access and install lighting leading to the external door was itemised at £6525.00 a shortfall of £1525.00. The group agreed to support the shortfall of £1525.00 for the works to be completed.

– Samaritans Bridgend – £500

The Group agreed that following requests be put forward to Council:-

– Trelales School – Playground Development

The Clerk confirmed that following a request for funding was requested to Council in January and Council agreed to consider within the new financial year. The Head Teacher requested funding for playground equipment and trails for the infant, junior and nursery areas. He confirmed that that costs had been sought at £18,000, but confirmed that the Friends of Trelales Group had raised £10,000 towards the project, therefore leaving a shortfall of £8,000.

RESOLVED: Cllr Briony Davies proposed that the Council support the grant of £8,000 be provided, Cllr Ian Spiller seconded the proposal.

– Broadlands Residents Association

The Clerk confirmed that she had received a request for Cllr Ian Spiller asking if Council would be willing to increase their contribution this year from £2000. He confirmed that it is anticipated that the day will cost £12,000 in which they currently have just under half the funds needed.

RESOLVED: Cllr Tony Berrow proposed that half of the cost of the event be provided by Council at a cost of £6000. Cllr Steve Sloane seconded the proposal.

Budget 2016-17

The Clerk produced a spreadsheets of the budget and expenditure as at 31st March 2016 and proposed budget allocation based on 2015/16 spends and commitments.

Signatory HSBC Bank

The Clerk requested that due to the resignation of Bernie McLeer that an alternative signatory be sought. Cllr Roger Davies proposed to act as signatory.

RESOLVED: Council agreed to Cllr Roger Davies being the additional signatory required.

SLA Management

Cllr Roger Davies produced a discussion paper to determine the Council’s decision on how they will continue with the future arrangements with BCBC.

RESOLVED: Council agreed that Cllr’s Pam Davies and Cheryl Green meet with Andrew Jolley to seek legal advice and clarification concerning the SLA agreement and that this item be forwarded to the following meeting.

16/70 Correspondence – March 2016

  • No correspondence was received.

16/71 Reports and Observations

  1. Cllr Tony Berrow stated he had received an e-mail from Mr Roy Williams who currently looks after the area of land at Ffordd Tirion. He requested if the Council would be willing to donation £300 towards new seed and consider purchasing a wooden information board at the site to include details of wildlife that are now attracted to the area.

RESOLVED: Cllr Roger Davies proposed that both requests be considered by Council in which all agreed. Cllr Tony Berrow agreed to contact the graphic designer.

  1. Cllr Tony Berrow confirmed that he and the Clerk and had met with an officer from BCBC to request the biodiversity to be considered at the green area adjoining Milton Drive, Cefn Glas. He stated that they are currently awaiting costings from the Officer.
  1. Cllr Dave Harrison reported that further street lights in Bryntirion were not working.

RESOLVED: That the Clerk report this to BCBC, Highways department.

  1. Cllr Dave Harrison confirmed that the grass has been cut around the Biodiversity areas at Bryntirion and asked when the areas were due to be cultivated ready for the summer. The Clerk confirmed that she was informed this would be done during the month of April.
  1. Cllr Steve Sloan reported that the hedges need cutting back and brambles are encroaching onto the footpaths at Llangewydd Road beside the football pitch. A Councillor confirmed that Council would not be able to cut the hedges due to the birds nesting.

RESOLVED: That the Clerk contact BCBC highways to request that the brambles be cut back nearest the pavement.

  1. Cllr Ian Spiller stated that a larger replacement bin was requested and agreed to be purchased some 12 months ago at Clos Castell Coity, Broadlands, he confirmed that this not been carried out.

RESOLVED: That Cllr Ian Spiller obtain the number of the lamp post in which the bin is to be placed and notify the Clerk to request for a bin to be installed.

  1. Cllr Tom Green further stated that it was also agreed to replace the bin for a large one at the Laleston MUGA in which the Community Council had agreed to fund.

RESOLVED: That the Clerk contact BCBC to request a new bin to be installed.

  1. Cllr Cheryl Green stated that she had been contacted by local residents at Parc View concerning a large volume of traffic using this route to avoid the traffic lights, she received confirmation that due to the road being narrow a traffic test would be required at a cost of £100.

RESOLVED: Council agreed to pay £100 for the traffic test to be carried out. Cllr Cheryl Green agreed to send the contact details to the Clerk.

  1. Cllr Hazel Kendall reported that 3 pot holes required attention on Tennyson Drive.

RESOLVED: That the Clerk contact BCBC highways.

10 Cllr Kathy Lewis reported complaints from residents concerning the recycling plastic left behind after the refuse has been collected.

RESOLVED: That the Clerk report this matter to BCBC Clean up the County.

11 Cllr Kathy Lewis stated that she had received a request from a resident for a reflector to be installed on the wall between 2 & 3 Rogers Lane in Laleston. Cllr Pam Davies confirmed that Keith Power from BCBC has been notified and confirmed that he will installing a reflector in the near future.

12 Cllr Kathy Lewis stated that she had received 2 tickets for the URDD concert taking place on Friday 22nd April and asked if any Councillors wished to attend.

16/72 Planning Applications – March/April 2016

The following planning applications/appeals have been made during the past month, Cllr’s Pam Davies and Cheryl Green declared an interest and left the meeting.



P/16/187/FUL Proposed porch 19, Rhodfa Cnocell y Coed, Broadlands
T/16/21/TPO Remove a large S shaped branch of Oak Tree back to main stem of trunk Rear of 24 Cae Gwyllt, Broadlands
P/16/245/LAP Certificate of lawfulness for a proposed single storey rear extension 39, Banc Gelli Las, Broadlands
P/16/252/FUL Increase height if existing boundary wall from 800mm to 1800mm – Timber panels on top of wall 2, Ashgrove, Bryntirion, Bridgend
P/16/258/FUL Remove existing tower, install 15m high monopole and 2no equipment cabinets and associated works. Telecom site 72097, Bryntirion Hill, Bridgend

The meeting closed at 9.05pm

…………………………………………………………. Chairperson

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