Minutes of Council, 18 April 2024

Minutes of Council, 18 April 2024

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Laleston Community Council held at Bryntirion & Laleston Community Centre on 18 April 2024, commencing at 7.00pm.

Present:. Cllr’s ABerrow, JP Blundell, Z Blundell, D Harrison, P King, I Spiller, V James, S Philpin, S Richmond, C Smith and C Webster.

In attendance:  Gail Jewell

1.  19.1425   Council undertook a period of silent reflection.     

2.  19.1426   Apologies for absence. Cllr J Cook and C Davies.

3.  19.1427   Representation from members of the public. 

Two members of the public were in attendance to make representation relating to traffic management in and around Pen y Bont Football Club whereby there were several days per week where cars were double parked on junctions, opposite junctions and dropped kerbs and even parking in bus stops.

Resolved:  Local Ward Members confirmed that due to receiving several complaints relating to the reported issues, a meeting was due to take place with all relevant stakeholders to outline the dangers and to discuss possible resolutions and that feedback from the meeting would be forwarded on the members of public in attendance for information.

4.  19.1428   Items of business that the Chair deems urgent.  None.

The Chair provided an update explaining that a report had been presented to Bridgend County Borough Council named – Review of Communities – Town and Community Council Size Policy, where the report was looking to approve the minimum and maximum number of electors for a Community Council.  Due to the fact that the upper limit was in the region of 10,000 electors for a Community Council, support was received across the chamber who agreed that there should be no upper limit for electorate numbers for Community Council as well as Town Councils.  The resolution of which was passed.

5.  19.1429   Declarations of Interest. 

Cllr D Harrison – Item 15 – Prejudicial Interest as a Member of Bridgend County Borough Council Planning Committee.

Cllr A Berrow – Item 15 – Prejudicial Interest as a Member of Bridgend County Borough Council Planning Committee.

6.  19.1430   Approval of Minutes.

Resolved:  The minutes of the ordinary meeting of Council that took place on 21 March 2024 were approved as a true and accurate record.  Proposed by Cllr P King and seconded by Cllr S Philpin.  

Matters arising:

Item 8 – 19.1387     To consider proposal received by Merthyr Mawr Estate. 

The Clerk reported that there had been a further cost increase relating to the fees for purchasing the land where Broadlands Wildflower meadow was sited, due to the need to an overage clause and that the costings would approximately reach £7,000.

Resolved:  Council agreed to proceed with the figures as outlined above.

Item 11 – 19.1357 To discuss the purchase and installation of 4 benches in commemoration of the 80th Anniversary of the D-Day landings, to be placed in Laleston, Broadlands, Bryntirion and Cefn Glas.

The Clerk confirmed that formal approval had been received for the installation of the bench in Laleston Cemetery and that a site visit had taken place where the agreement of the siting of the bench was made.

Resolved:  Members noted the update.

Item 10 – 19.1417 To receive an update on the Legal Requirements for Commercial Waste Collections and discuss options to ensure Council is compliant.

The Clerk confirmed that indoor recycling receptacles had been ordered and that regular hall hirers have been informed of the legislative changes and adhoc hall hirers will be informed of the changes as and when bookings are made.

Item 13 – 19.1420 To discuss and agree costings for the production of a working drawing to aid consultation with BCBC conservation team, for traffic management at the Dell and Wind Street, Laleston.

The Clerk confirmed that the invoice for the working drawing had been received and paid.

7.  19.1431   To receive quotations, if any.  None

8.  19.1432   To receive an update on damaged entrance to Rhodfa Mes, Broadlands.

The Clerk explained, as agreed in the previous meeting of Council, contact was made with the Chief Executive of Bridgend County Borough Council (BCBC) to highlight the health and safety implications of the wall in its current state and queried how to proceed.  The response from BCBC was only to confirm that the land did not belong to them.   Following this, contact was made with Persimmon, who confirmed that the land did belong to them and agreed for Laleston Community Council could progress with the quotation received and that Council will be reimbursed.

Resolved: Council noted the update and agreed to progress as outlined above.

9.  19.1433   To agree to proceed with investigating the opportunity to take over the parks in Broadlands with Persimmon Homes

The Chair outlined that Persimmon Homes have agreed in principle to transfer the 4 playparks in Broadlands to Laleston Community Council, although it was dependant on authorisation from Bridgend County Borough Council as the S106 states that Persimmon could only transfer the land them.

Resolved:  Following discussions, Council agreed for the Chair and Clerk to progress with investigatory work in and present its findings for formal approval of Council

10.  19.1434  To discuss and agree on installing a “Lest We Forget” commemorative bench on Heol Blandy, Broadlands.

The motion was amended to state – To discuss and agree on installing a ‘D-Day Landings’ commemorative bench on Heol Blandy, Broadlands.

Resolved:  Council agreed in principle to purchase a D Day Landing bench pending approval for installation on Heol Blandy from Persimmon, to mark the 80th anniversary of D-Day Landings.

11. 19.1435  To appoint Members to Bryntirion Playing Fields Steering Group / Working Group.

Resolved:  Council agreed to add this item to the Annual Meeting agenda, scheduled for 16 May 2024 for deliberation.

12. 19.1436  To receive any recommendations and or comments from Committees –

  1. None.

b) HR & Personnel Committee None.

c) Biodiversity & Allotment CommitteeNone.

13.  19.1437  To receive the draft minutes of any Committee meetings held since the last meeting of Council and note any delegated decisions made –

Resolved:  Noted by Council.

  • None.

Resolved:  Noted by Council.

14.  19.1438  To receive correspondence, if any.  None.

15.  19.1439  To consider Planning Applications. None.

There being no further business, the meeting ended at 7.49pm.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday 16 May 2024, and will commence at 7.00pm.

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