Minutes of Council, 15 February 2024

Minutes of Council, 15 February 2024

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Laleston Community Council held at Bryntirion & Laleston Community Centre on 15 February 2024, commencing at 7.00pm.

Present:. Cllr’s ABerrow, JP Blundell, Z Blundell, C Davies, I Spiller, V James, S Philpin, S Richmond, C Smith and C Webster.

In attendance:  Gail Jewell

1.  19.1395   Council undertook a period of silent reflection.

2.  19.1396   Apologies for absence. Cllr J Cook, D Harrison and P King

3.  19.1397   Representation from members of the public.  None.

4.  19.1398   Items of business that the Chair deems urgent.  None.

5.  19.1399   Declarations of Interest. 

Cllr D Harrison – Item 13 – Prejudicial Interest as a Member of Bridgend County Borough Council Planning Committee.

Cllr A Berrow – Item 13 – Prejudicial Interest as a Member of Bridgend County Borough Council Planning Committee.

6.  19.1400   Approval of Minutes.

Resolved:  The minutes of the ordinary meeting of Council that took place on 18 January 2024 were approved as a true and accurate record.  Proposed by Cllr C Webster and seconded by Cllr A Berrow.  

Matters arising:

Item 8 – 19.1387     To consider proposal received by Merthyr Mawr Estate. 

Resolved:  The Clerk provided an update stating that contact had been made with Merthyr Mawr Estate solicitors regarding final costings for the purchase of Broadlands Wildflower garden and that a further update would be provided at the next meeting of Council.

Item 11 – 19.1357    To discuss the purchase and installation of 4 benches in commemoration of the 80th Anniversary of the D-Day landings, to be placed in Laleston, Broadlands, Bryntirion and Cefn Glas.

Resolved:  A Member queried whether permission had been pursued for installing the bench in Laleston Cemetery.  The Clerk confirmed that permission would be sought and that an update would be provided at the next meeting of Council.

7.  19.1401   To receive quotations, if any. 

 Quotations Received
 Restorative pruning for orchard in Broadlands including mesh guards to avoid further damage from strimming – £1310  Resolved:  Council agreed to progress with the quotation received.
 Bilingual signage for planter in Bryntirion £282 plus VAT  Resolved:  Council queried whether the cost was for one or two signs.  If the cost was for one, Members agreed for the Clerk to order and pay for two signs.

8.  19.1402 To receive an update on Bryntirion Playing Fields Masterplan

The Clerk provided an update outlining that Laleston Community Council had secured funding via Bridgend County Borough Council’s Community Feasibility Fund, whereby a tender process had been conducted to source a consultant to undertake full consultation of the proposals for the Bryntirion Playing Fields project.

Resolved:  Council noted the update and requested that details relating to the consultant programme of work be circulated to all Members for information.  Members requested that the item be added to the next Council agenda for further consideration.

9.  19.1403 To receive an update from the Clerk

The Clerk provided an update to Members which included feedback from a Town and Community Council Clerks meeting held; information on the concluded insurance claim for the arson attack on the playpark in Broadlands; and details of the Laleston Well exhibition on display at Bryntirion Community Centre.

Resolved:  Council noted the update provided.  In relation to the discussions that took place at the Town and Community Council Clerks meeting, Members requested that the Clerk contact the Cabinet Member for Communities to obtain details on the grass cutting schedule for the ward areas and ascertain if Laleston Community Council could either buy into the scheme or make arrangements for extra cuts if required.

10.  19.1404  To receive any recommendations and or comments from Committees –

  1. None.

b) HR & Personnel Committee None.

c) Biodiversity & Allotment CommitteeNone.

11.  19.1405  To receive the draft minutes of any Committee meetings held since the last meeting of Council and note any delegated decisions made –

  1. A Member asked that a donation request from the Community Pantry for supply easter eggs be added to the next Finance Committee agenda.  It was also explained that the meat provided at the Community Panty for the Christmas hamper had now been donated by Peter Wood & Sons Butchers

Resolved:  Council noted the update and the draft minutes provided and further requested that a thank you letter be sent to Peter Wood & Sons Butchers for the donation of Christmas meat and that the Community Pantry donation request be added to the next Finance Committee agenda.

  • None.

c) Biodiversity & Allotment Committee.  None.

12.  19.1406  To receive correspondence, if any.  None.

13.  19.1407  To consider Planning Applications

 Planning ApplicationComment
Planning Application No.: P/23/573/FUL Applicant: Mr N Stocker Location: 29 Penllwyn Broadlands Bridgend CF31 5AZ Proposal: Inclusion of land into curtilage and erecting a fence around the perimeter Date:  1 February 2024  Resolved:  No comments made.
Planning Application No.: P/24/17/FUL Applicant: Mr P Lang Location: 10 Coed Ty Maen Cefn Glas Bridgend CF31 4TG Proposal: Demolition of single storey garage and construction of two storey side extension and single storey front extension and extended vehicle crossover Date:  9 February 2024  Resolved:  No comments made.

There being no further business, the meeting ended at 7.26pm.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday 21 March 2024, and will commence at 7.00pm.

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