Minutes of Council, 14 December 2023

Minutes of Council, 14 December 2023

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Laleston Community Council held at Bryntirion & Laleston Community Centre on 14 December 2023, commencing at 7.00pm.

Present:. Cllr’s ABerrow, JP Blundell, Z Blundell, J Cook, C Davies, D Harrison, I Spiller, V James, S Philpin, S Richmond, C Smith and C Webster.

In attendance:  Gail Jewell

1.  19.1365   Council undertook a period of silent reflection.

2.  19.1366   Apologies for absence. Cllr P King.

3.  19.1367   Representation from members of the public.  None.

4.  19.1368   Items of business that the Chair deems urgent. 

The Chair took the opportunity to explain to Members that Cllr P King had requested a 3-month leave of absence.

Resolved:  Council agreed that the Clerk pass on best wishes to Cllr P King on their behalf.

5.  19.1369   Declarations of Interest. 

Cllr D Harrison – Item 15 – Prejudicial Interest as a Member of Bridgend County Borough Council Planning Committee.

Cllr A Berrow – Item 15 – Prejudicial Interest as a Member of Bridgend County Borough Council Planning Committee.

Cllr I Spiller – Item 15 – Prejudicial Interest as a family member of an applicant.

6.  19.1370   Approval of Minutes.

Resolved:  The minutes of the ordinary meeting of Council that took place on 16 November 2023 were approved as a true and accurate record.  Proposed by Cllr S Philpin and seconded by Cllr C Webster.  

Matters arising:

Item 11 – 19.1357    To discuss the purchase and installation of 4 benches in commemoration of the 80th Anniversary of the D-Day landings, to be placed in Laleston, Broadlands, Bryntirion and Cefn Glas.

As agreed at the previous meeting, consultation had taken place on Facebook via Laleston Village Hub regarding the placement of a D-Day bench.  The findings of which are detailed below:

The Dell                            5

Well Street                        7                 

Laleston Cemetery           30

Resolved:  Council agreed that contact be made with Bridgend County Borough Council to seek permission to install a D-Day Bench at Laleston Cemetery.

Item 14 – 19.1360  To consider revised Model Standing Orders May 2023 provided by One Voice Wales.

In relation to Page 14 – 6.d.  A Member requested that the following inserts be amended to outline 2 Members of Council rather than Committee.

Resolved:  Council agreed to the amendment.

7.  19.1371   To receive quotations, if any.

 Quotations ReceivedComment
1Bryntirion Playpark.   To supply and install: 2 x replacement springs for accessible seesaw   New bearings for honeycomb roundabout Repair seat on honeycomb roundabout   3 x replacement handholds for turnfly overhead spinner   4 x pair of rotating bearings for the Sutcliffe swing   Patch approx. 2 sqm rubber surfacing   TOTAL £2100.00 + VATResolved:  Council agreed to progress with the quotation received.
2Wordsworth Playpark.   To supply and install replacement seat for cantilever swing.   To install rubber mulch around high wear areas approx. 5 sqm   TOTAL £650.00 + vatResolved:  Council agreed to progress with the quotation received.

8.  19.1372   To review and agree Head of Terms for the Community Asset Transfer

     of Bryntirion Playing Fields and Playground.

Resolved:  Item deferred until a response is received from the landlord regarding permission to make additions to the playing field following a community asset transfer of the land.

9.  19.1373   To discuss an upcoming vacancy for a Community Governor for Maes Y Haul Primary School and Trelales Primary School.

Resolved:  Following discussions, Cllr C Davies confirmed that he would remain a Community Governor at Maes Y Haul and Cllr A Berrow confirmed that he would take on the role at Trelales Primary School.  In addition, Council requested that the Clerk write to the School of Governors to explain that most of the Community Governors work full time which conflicts with some meetings arranged, and ask that consideration is given to this when scheduling meetings.

10. 19.1374  To review the budget/precept proposals for 2024/2025

The Chair of the Finance Committee presented the budget proposals and proposed precept requirement for 2024/2025.

Resolved:  Council agreed to progress with the recommended precept figure of £282,698 for the financial year 2024/2025.  In addition, Council requested that the Clerk approach Bridgend Town Council to offer financial assistance towards the Christmas lights by the shops by West Ward Community Centre and to explore planting / maintaining a Christmas tree in place of the one purchased and dressed year on year.

11.  19.1375  To agree to purchase Christmas Lighting

The Chair provided an update confirming that several of the Christmas Lights were unable to be repaired by Centregreat and required replacements.  The Chair further explained that Blachere, the company that the Council purchases Christmas lights from, have an offer on ex hire lights during the month of January.

Resolved:  Council agreed that £7,200 be allocated from the Grants and Donations budget heading to purchase additional Christmas lights during January 2024. 

12.  19.1376  To receive any recommendations and or comments from Committees –

  1. Finance Committee – None

b) HR & Personnel Committee None

c) Biodiversity & Allotment CommitteeNone

13.  19.1377  To receive the draft minutes of any Committee meetings held since the last meeting of Council and note any delegated decisions made –

  1. Finance Committee – None
  • HR & Personnel Committee – None

c) Biodiversity & Allotment Committee.

Resolved:  Council noted the minutes provided.

14.  19.1378  To receive correspondence, if any.  None.

15.  19.1379  To consider Planning Applications

 Planning ApplicationComment
Planning Application No.: P/23/655/RLX Applicant: Mr G Naim Location: Unit 5 Gentle Way Broadlands Bridgend CF31 5EJ Proposal: Vary condition 1 (opening hours), remove condition 2 (extraction system) by providing details and vary condition 3 (use) of P/13/659/FUL Date:  17 November 2023  Resolved:  No comments made.
Planning Application No.: T/23/3/CON Applicant: Mr M Thomson Location: The Paddock High Street Laleston CF32 0HL Proposal: Cut back the overhanging branches of sycamore and conifers trees along driveway. Date:  20 November 2023Resolved:  No comments made.
Planning Application No.: P/23/685/FUL Applicant: PKL Group (UK) Ltd Location: Bryntirion Infant School Bryn Golau Bryntirion CF31 4DD Proposal: Siting of portable building to provide kitchen facility and a single storey link to existing school building. Date:  27 November 2023  Resolved:  No comments made.

There being no further business, the meeting ended at 7.45pm.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday 18 January 2024, and will commence at 7.00pm.

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