Minutes – 21st September, 2017

Minutes – 21st September, 2017

Minutes of the Ordinary monthly meeting of Laleston Community Council held at Blandy Hall – 21st September, 2017

Present: Councillors Tony Berrow, Roger Davies,

Cheryl Green, David Harrison, Tom Turner, Ian Griffiths,

Colin Davies, Charles Smith, Briony Davies, Pam Davies, Ian Spiller and Dan Woolridge

Cllr Tony Berrow in the Chair

17/118 Silent Reflection

Councillors held a period of silent reflection.

17/119 Apologies

Apologies were received from Cllr Jon-Paul Blundell.

17/120 To consider suspension of meeting to receive representations from local residents, if in attendance at meeting, (15 minutes maximum)

None present.

17/121 Declarations of Interest

The Clerk asked if any Councillors had any declarations of interest to declare to the Council.

Cllr Ian Spiller declared an interest on item no. 8 on the agenda.

17/122 Minutes of previous meeting

It was resolved that the following amendments be made to the minutes of the previous meeting:-

17/105 That Cefn Glas Junior School be amended to Cefn Glas Infants School.

17/123 Matters arising from Minutes

17/100 Correspondence – Summer Playschemes

The Clerk confirmed that she had received a response from Andrew Thomas of BCBC to state that the summer playscheme did not take place at Maes yr Haul school due to the school had the potential of a paid hirer to operate activities over the summer period was the initial issue but subsequently it would seem that the hire did not materialise and had left the organisation of the playscheme too late to deliver a staffed programme.

RESOLVED: That Council proposed that this Agenda item be put forward for next meeting.

17/100 Defibrillator at Broadlands

Cllr Ian Spiller confirmed that following confirmation that a defibrillator be installed outside of Tesco’s, that further clarification is needed to establish the electricity supply. Council agreed that the purchase of two lockable cabinets be granted. Cllr Briony Davies requested that consideration be given to the installation of the 2nd defibrillator at the Church Hall in Laleston and confirmed that she will contact the Revd Anthony Beer to request permission.

RESOLVED: That Cllr Ian Spiller progresses with the purchase of two cabinets and Cllr Briony Davies contact Revd Anthony Beer to request permission for the installation of a defibrillator at the Church Hall in Laleston.

17/85 Community Council Website Update

Cllr Ian Spiller reminded Councillors that any e-mail addresses set us to Laleston Community Council will automatically go through to their personal e-mail address.

The Clerk requested that a meeting be arranged between herself and Cllr Ian Spiller regarding further training to be carried out on the website.

RESOLVED: That this be noted by Council.

17/124 By-Election Cefn Glas Ward 1

The Clerk confirmed that following the by-election that took place on 7th September, 2017, Cllr Dan Woolridge was elected as Councillor for Cefn Glas Ward 1.

RESOLVED: That this be noted by Council.

17/125 Website Update under matters arising

The Clerk confirmed that following the absence of Cllr Ian Spiller at the meeting that took place on 20th July, Council agreed for this item to be brought forward to this meeting. The Clerk confirmed that this item was reported under item 17/123 of this meeting.

17/126 Broadlands Fun Day – Feedback from the Event

Cllr Ian Spiller gave feedback from the event that took place on Saturday 2nd September, 2017. He reported that the event was extremely successful and confirmed that 2654 people attended the event. He also confirmed that several charities attended the event and raised a total of £2000 collectively and that donations had been granted to the Scouts and Maes yr Haul School for their contribution. He stated that further electrical equipment would be required for next year at a further cost of £1500 and following feedback from residents for additional rides to be considered in which a cost of £18,000 would therefore be projected for next year. Cllr Ian Spiller confirmed that the Secretary of the Broadlands Association has written to the Clerk asking that consideration be given by council to increase the donation to £7,500 for next year’s event and thanked all the Councillor involved on the day. Cllr Pam Davies proposed that this amount be accepted by Council and Cllr Briony Davies seconded the proposal

RESOLVED: That a grant for £7500 be granted towards the Broadlands Fun Day in 2018.

17/127 Street Cleansing

The Clerk confirmed that following the absence of Cllr Ian Spiller at the meeting that took place on 20th July, Council agreed for this item to be brought forward to this meeting.

Cllr Ian Spiller stated as an observation that the state of the cleansing around Broadlands is not acceptable, he confirmed that residents have commented on the lack of bins being emptied and grass cutting not being carried out and asked if Council would consider hiring a litter picker to carry out the extra tasks required.

Cllr Briony Davies confirmed that Council had previously asked Mr Mark Shepherd for costs that would incur with carrying out this and confirmed that no response was received. Cllr Charles Smith stated that the bins would be needed to be emptied on a more regular basis. Cllr Dave Harrison reported that in Bryntirion both BCBC and V2C clear the areas and suggested that Council contact V2C to ask if they would be required to extend their remit to clearing. Cllr Roger Davies stated that this is not just a problem for this Council but other Community Councils and requested if Council should consider consulting with others Community Council for their feedback.

RESOLVED: Clerk to look at other Councils as to how they deal with these current problems.

17/128 Double Yellow Lines at Gentle Way, Broadlands

The Clerk confirmed that following the absence of Cllr Ian Spiller at the meeting that took place on 20th July, Council agreed for this item to be brought forward to this meeting.

Cllr Ian Spiller asked if Council would consider double yellow lines due to the problem with parking by the traffic calming measures around the school. Cllr Pam Davies confirmed that a previous cost of £7000 was given to Council for the location of lines to be carried out from the shops up until the nursery.

Cllr David Harrison further stated that unless the area is policed on a regular basis that the problem would not stop.

RESOLVED: Council agree not to pursue this at present.

17/129 Bryntirion Playing Fields Playpark

The Clerk confirmed that the installation of the new apparatus and the moving of the existing and refurbishment of the existing apparatus has now been completed and was pleased to report that the play area is in constant use.

Cllr Tony Berrow reported that the fencing from the old play had also been utilised around the car park for safety and the remainder of fencing will be provided to Llangewydd Junior School. Cllr Dave Harrison reported that the gate had been removed from the old play area leading onto the road, Cllr Tony Berrow confirmed that he and the Clerk would carry out of visit to see if a gate could be reinstated.

Cllr Roger Davies asked if BCBC would be willing to take over the SLA for the whole of the play area, the Clerk agreed that she would contact Phil Thomas at BCBC to clarify.

RESOLVED: That the Clerk contact BCBC to request that a SLA will be available for the whole play area at Bryntirion Playing Fields.

That the Chair and Clerk meeting to look at reinstating a gate at the bottom of the playing field.

17/130 Vacancy of School Governor post at Bryntirion Infants School

The Clerk confirmed that Council agreed at the meeting that took place on 20th July, 2017 for this item to be brought forward to this meeting.

The Chair asked if Councillors would know of anyone that would be interested and in the post as School Governor and inform the Clerk as soon as possible. Council agreed that Cllr Tom Turner ask Hazel Kendall and Cllr Pam Davies to ask Cllr Westward if either would be interested in the vacancy.

RESOLVED: That Cllr Tom Turner contact Hazel Kendall and Cllr Pam Davies contact Cllr Westward and inform the Clerk of the outcome.

17/131 Allotment Update

The Clerk confirmed that a meeting took place between tenants at the allotments site recently. She was informed that the meeting went well apart from two tenants who requested that they wish to have a further half plot. Whilst it had been said that due to a waiting list of now 11 people that this would not be feasible unless there was no people on the current waiting list.

Cllr Dave Harrison and Cllr Pam Davies stated that Council need to reaffirm their policies and include that only one plot, whether a full or half plot be allocated per household due to there being a waiting list. Councillors agreed that the Allotment Sub-Committee meet to discuss and amend the mandate in which Cllr Cheryl Green proposed this decision and Cllr Ian Spiller seconded the proposal.

RESOLVED: That a meeting of the Allotment Sub-Committee be arranged to propose the said changes to the mandate.

17/132 Proposed 40mph speed restriction on the A473 from Bryntirion traffic lights to Laleston.

The Clerk confirmed that she had received a response from highways in relation to increasing the speed restriction from 30mph to 40mph in which the response stated that the officers are of the opinion that to design up the works would cost approximately £1,500. The works themselves would come to approximately £10,000 but this is obviously dependant on utilities. The Officer stated that this is only an estimated figure and a more accurate figure could be sought if they approached their designers to undertake the feasibility works.

Cllr Ian Spiller objected to this proposal due to it being is a safe route to schools. Cllr Charles Smith proposed that Council reschedule this item for discussion and Cllr Briony Davies proposed that the Highways Officers attend the next Council meeting in which all Councillors agreed.

RESOLVED: That the Clerk contact the Highways Officers to invite them to attend the next meeting of Council on 19th October, 2017.

17/133 Quotation for works at Blandy Hall

The Clerk confirmed that she had meet with JMC Property Maintenance to obtain quotations for convert the two WC into storage space, which included the removal of all current fittings, paint the walls and skirting boards and supply and fit shelving in each room at a cost of £1980. A further quotation was also received to prepare and paint the walls in the main hall and kitchen at an estimate of £3100 for a standard vinyl matt finish or £3590 for a specialist anti mould paint to be used.

The Clerk confirmed that she had also asked for a quotation for the replacement of the windows, in which she is currently waiting for this quotation.

Cllr Ian Spiller proposed that clarification be given if the installation of new windows could be made of PVC.

Council agreed that the Clerk to obtain three quotations for all the works.

RESOLVED: That the Clerk obtain a further two quotation for all the works within Blandy Hall.

17/133 Clerks Contract of Employment

The Clerk left the meeting.

Cllr Roger Davies provided Council with a draft copy of the Clerk’s Contact of Employment for their comments and approval. Cllr Roger Davies confirmed to the Clerk that Council had approved the draft documents and a Nest pension would need to be set up as soon as possible.

RESOLVED: Cllr Roger Davies stated that he will research into the Nest pension scheme with a view to setting up a pension for the Clerk.

17/134 Accounts for Payment July/August 2017

Details July
Rowan Garden Designs – Installation of floral displays 350.00
McColls – 12 x 1st class stamps 7.80
TSO Host – Microsoft E-mail Exchange 99.00
Y Bont – Donation 500.00
Jeff Steinz – Electricial report replace light Blandy Hall 156.00
Extreme Adventure – Grant for fun day 1344.00
Colossal Events – Grant for fun day 1620.00
Odin Events – Grant for fun day 912.00
Funtime Bounce 1133.00
BCBC – Local Election Costs 7970.51
Amanda Parsons – Salary for July 1128.89
TOTAL: 15221.20
Details August
Resurfacing the car park at Blandy Hall 654.00
Gunn Deliveries – Distribution of Stones Trail leaflets 245.00
Electricity for Blandy Hall April – July 217.20
Asda – Stationery – folders, ink cartridges, diary 29.50
Rubber Box Co Ltd – Donation towards Fun Day 378.00
Cee Jay Landscapes – installation of new benches & bins 3948.00
Bridgend County Borough Council – Mobile CCTV Milton Drive 250.00
The National Allotment Society – Annual Membership 66.00
Amanda Parsons – Salary for August 2017 1128.89
TOTAL: 6916.59

Annual Audit Report for the Year ending 31st March, 2017

The Clerk reported that she had received the report from BDO concerning the end of year accounts for 2016-17. She confirmed that the only non-compliance found was failure to provide an audited statement of accounts on the website for 2015-16.

St David’s Church Tower Clock

The Clerk informed Council that she had received a letter from Smith of Derby Ltd who are responsible for the maintenance of the tower clock at St David’s Church, Laleston. They confirmed that they were called out regarding a fault with the clock and the engineer confirmed that the auto-wind unit which is 15 years old was not working. He sought permission to remove the unit which is currently in their workshop. They have presented Council with two quotations one is to repair and renew parts on the existing unit at a cost of £1389 with a 12 month warranty or to replace with a new auto-wind unit at a cost of £1998 with a 5 year warranty.

Cllr Dave Harrison stated that consideration be given to the second proposal to replace with a new auto-wide unit at a cost of £1998 in which Cllr Ian Spiller seconded the proposal.

RESOLVED: That the Clerk contact Smith of Derby to confirm to go ahead with the repairs stated on the second quotation.

FSG Meeting to be arranged

The Clerk informed Council that an FSG meeting will need to take place before the Council meeting on 19th October, 2017.

RESOLVED: Councillors agreed that the next FSG meeting be held on Thursday 12th October, 2017 at 7pm

17/135 Correspondence July/August/September, 2017

– Letter received from Elizabeth Martin on behalf of Bryntirion and Laleston OAP Association asking if the Council wishes to contribute a donation towards raising money for social outings for the association.

RESOLVED: BD stated that we do not do enough for the OAP’s and proposed that the Chair and Clerk meet Elizabeth Martin to further discuss and clarify what is required.

– E-mail from Llamau a homeless charity which supports young people and vulnerable women. In the Bridgend area they provide safe houses, family mediation and educational programmes for your people between 16-24 years who are at risk or are experiencing homelessness. The e-mail further asked if it would be possible to hold a bucket collection at any upcoming events.

RESOLVED: Council agreed that permission be granted for a bucket collection to take place at the Fireworks display being held on 4th November, 2017.

– E-mail received from a resident in Broadlands highlighting the growing dissatisfaction and concern with the overall appearance of the estate in relation to overgrowth as well as lack of litter bins in the area. The resident understands the problems that are faced with the unadopted roads in Broadlands, however is asking if the Council they would consider funding a ‘community gardener’ in the next financial year to maintain section of the estates in particular the roundabouts. Cllr Ian Spiller confirmed that the roundabouts are feasible and is still awaiting for Persimmon to meet him on site.

– Cllr Tony Berrow confirmed that the money that would have been spent on a Civic Sunday be donated to the Lifeboats in Porthcawl, Air Ambulance and Mayor’s Charity. All Council agreed with this decision.

RESOLVED: That the Clerk draft letters and issue cheque to the said organisations.

17/136 Reports and Observations July/August/September, 2017

– A resident reported that the fencing surrounding the fields at the rear of Trelales School is in a poor condition.

RESOLVED: The Clerk confirmed that Cllr Cheryl Green had issued a referral with BCBC regarding this matter.

17/137 Planning Applications July/August/September, 2017

The following planning applications/appeals have been made during the past 3 months:-



P/17/426/FUL En-suite bedroom to rear for a disabled person 26 Chestnut Way Bryntirion CF31 4ER
P/17/619/FUL Demolish garage & single storey kitchen, construct flat roof rear extension (including lantern light) and extend existing pavement crossover & drive 21 Austin Avenue Laleston CF32
P/17/621/TPN Prior notification for installation of a 15.0m monopole with 6no. Antennas, 1no. dish, ground based equipment cabinets and ancillary development thereto Land at Heol y Nant / Llangewydd Road Bridgend CF31 4JS
T/17/48/TPO Two large oak trees and two sycamore trees crowned & reduced in height by approximately 20% 24 Cae Gwyllt Broadlands Bridgend CF31 5FF
P/17/643/FUL Ramped access to front entrance 30 Elm Crescent Bryntirion CF31 4EP
P/17/645/FUL Two storey side extension, single storey rear extension & loft conversion 33 Well Street Laleston CF32 0LF
P/17/672/FUL Single storey side extension & two roof dormers to front of existing dwelling; replace roof tiles; replace front stonework with new brickwork 6 Well Street Laleston CF32 0LF
P/17/677/FUL Single storey rear extension 8 Heol Blandy Broadlands Bridgend CF31 5FN
T/17/52/TPO Fell decayed & dangerous oak tree to north west corner of garden 13 Westward Place Llangewydd Court Bridgend CF31 4XA
P/17/680/FUL New dormer to provide 3no. bedrooms & bathroom 57 Longfellow Drive Bridgend CF31 4PP
P/17/715/RLX Variation of Condition 18 of P/16/606/FUL relating to the traffic and delivery management plan Former Ogmore Constituency Labour Party Social Club Elm Crescent Bryntirion CF31 4EA
P/17/744/FUL Proposed resiting of an existing 89 seater stand Penybont FC Bryntirion Park Llangewydd Road Bridgend CF31 4JU
A/17/35/ADV Proposed new signage Unit 4 Ffordd Tirion Broadlands CF31 5EJ
P/17/698/OUT Outline application for construction of 14no. assisted living units and associated works Land off Cwrt Newydd Broadlands Bridgend CF32 0NS
P/17/773/FUL New chiller within service yard and relocated plant to the rear of the store Tesco Stores Ltd Location : Unit 4 Ffordd Tirion Broadlands Bridgend CF31 5EJ

Meeting Closed at 9.00pm

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