Minutes – 21st March 2019

Minutes – 21st March 2019


Minutes of Council Meeting held at Blandy Hall, Laleston on Thursday 21st March 2019 at 7pm.

Present:​Vice Chairman: Roger Davies.

Councillors: Tony Berrow, John Paul Blundell, Briony Davies, Colin Davies,

Pam Davies, Charles Smith, Tom Turner and Dan Woolridge.

In Attendance: Jackie Griffin (Clerk).

The Council held a period of silent reflection.

Item 1:​Apologies for Absence.

19/39​​Councillors Cheryl Green, Ian Griffiths and Ian Spiller.

Item 2:​Declarations of Interest.

19/40​Councillor J P Blundell – Item 16 (Prejudicial Interest in Planning Matters (Planning Committee Member at BCBC).

​Councillor B Davies – Any items relating to the Allotment Site – Personal Interest – Allotment Holder.

Item 3:​To consider suspension of meeting to receive representations from residents, if in

19/41​attendance at the meeting.

​​There were no representations from the Public.

Item 4:​To receive the minutes of the meeting held 21stFebruary 2019.

19/42​​Resolved to approve the minutes of the meeting of 21st February 2019. The minutes

​​were signed by the Vice Chair.

Item 5:​Matters arising from the minutes, which are not included on this agenda.


5.1​Item 3 – Councillor P Davies advised that she and Councillor C Green had inspected the garage site and the matter is being referred to V2C.

5.2​Item 5.1 – Councillor R Davies had prepared a report on the state of the notice boards.

​It was resolved that a rolling programme of replacement of the notice boards, which require two people to safely put up notices, should be carried out. Councillors T Berrow and R Davies will visit ‘Wood B’ to discuss requirements and obtain quotations.

5.3​Item 7 – Following the receipt of an invoice for £5,556.09 charged for the Service Level Agreement for Play Areas for year 2017/2018, it was confirmed that a letter had been sent to BCBC querying the Service Level Agreement for the inspection and maintenance of the play areas. The letter requested that a mutually convenient meeting is arranged to discuss the Service Level Agreement and whycurrently, no reports on the play areas confirming their safety and any work that has been carried out are being received by the Community Council.

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Item 5:​Matters arising from the minutes, which are not included on this agenda


5.4​Item 8 – The Clerk reported that research had been carried out into finding an Internal Auditor. It was explained that the Council will require a robust internal audit at this stage and recommended to Members that Auditing Solutions Ltd is engaged for the work. The company already carry out internal audits for Chepstow Town Council and Llantrisant Community Council.

​Resolved that Auditing Solutions Ltd is engaged to undertaken the Internal Audit for financial year ended 31st March 2019.

5.5​Item 14.1 – Councillor T Berrow had prepared an action plan for projects which was circulated to Members. The possible engagement of a Community Development Officer was discussed; Councillor C Davies reported that he would begin investigating this item.

5.6​Item 14.1 – Reference was made to the action plan and specifically the item, ‘speed bump cushions’ outside Llangewydd School. The Community Council had already agreed to fund the scheme so Councillor C Smith agreed to take the item forward to BCBC.

Item 6:​Finance Report to include payment of accounts.

19/44​The Receipts and Payments Account and Bank Reconciliation for 28th February 2019 was circulated to Members:

Unpresented Cheques as at 28th February 2019:

​​102507​£ 10.00

​​102732​£ 60.00

​​102735​£ 323.85

​​102736​£ 180.00


​​102741​£ 34.38


​​102744​£ 66.84


Current Account as at 28th February 2019​£ 22,881.76

​Less unpresented cheques​​​£ 7,241.68

​​​​​​​​£ 15,640.08

​Savings A/C as at 28th February 2019​​£ 164,504.51

​Total at Bank as at 28th February 2019​£ 180,144.59

Opening Balance 31st Jan 2019​​£ 189,291.75

​Plus Receipts during February 2019​​£ 1,404.38

​​​​​​​​£ 190,696.13

​Less Payments during February 2019​​£ 10,551.54

​​​​​​​​£ 180,144.59

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Item 6:​Finance Report to include payment of accounts(Continued)

Councillor P Davies queried the ‘Payments not accounted for’ in the Receipts and Payments account. The Clerkreported that there are currently no invoices or explanations for this expenditure.

Council was asked to approve the Payment of the Accounts from 21st February to 21st March 2019 circulated at the meeting.

EPayment to Payments due to be authorised by Council. Net VAT Total Chq No Power
Clerk’s Salary 1010.52 0.00 1010.52 102743 LGA ’72 s.112
HMRC – Tax & N.I. 66.84 0.00 66.84 102744 LGA ’72 s.112
Rowan Garden Designs – Water Hang Baskets 16.7./6.9.18 660.00 0.00 660.00 102745 LGA ’72 s.144
Sarah Fancett – Cleaner BCC/Blandy Hall – Feb 2019 180.00 0.00 180.00 102746 LGA ’72 s.133
ACL Garden Services – Grass cutting at BCC 20.00 0.00 20.00 102747 LGA 2000 ss.1-5
J Griffin – Reimbursement for New Printer 169.99 33.99 203.98 102751 LGA ’72 s.111
J Griffin – Reimbursement for 5 x DL Receipt Books 59.00 11.80 70.80 102752 LGA ’72 s.111
J Griffin – Petty Cash items/Stamps and Stationery 85.88 3.58 89.46 102753 LGA ’72 s.111
One Voice Wales – Membership Renewal for 2019 1696.00 0.00 1696.00 102754 LGA ’72 s.111
TOTALS 3948.23 49.37 3997.60

Resolved that the payment of the accounts totalling £3,997.60 be ratified.

Item 7:​To adopt Standing Orders.

19/45​​Resolved to adopt Standing Orders in their entirety with immediate effect.

Item 8:​To consider the formation of Committees with specific terms of reference.

19/46​​This item was debated at length.

Resolved that a Finance Committee, with a minimum of four members, is appointed with specified terms of reference and that it should meet every three months; and that ‘Task and Finish’ groups are formed to oversee specific projects.

It was also suggested that a Staffing Committee is formed to meet as and when required.

Item 9:​To consider Financial Regulations for adoption by Council in April 2019.

19/47​Members were requested to forward any comments about the Financial Regulations to the Clerk as soon as possible. The Financial Regulations will require adoption at the April meeting and have already been emailed to Members.

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Item 10:​To receive an Update on the meeting with One Voice Wales.

19/48​Councillor R Davies confirmed that a meeting had taken place with Paul Egan of One Voice Wales. There have been unforeseen issues which the Clerk has and is continuing to deal with. Research is required into workload, grading and capacity in order to draw up a Contract of Employment and relevant job description. Councillor R Davies advised that a plan of action has been drawn up and requested Council’s approval for the continuation of One Voice Wales’ assistance. In view of the additional work required from One Voice Wales, the cost will increase to £1,100.

​Resolved that One Voice Wales assistance with the Council continues and the additional work and costs agreed.

Item 11:​To consider amended schedule of Council Meetings for year ended 31st March ​​2020.

19/49​Resolved to accept the amended schedule of meetings with all future Council meetings being held at Blandy Hall.

Item 12:​Chair of the Council’s Report.

19/50​​No report.

Item 13:​Clerk’s Report.

19/51​​The Clerk gave the following report:

• Holiday

The Clerk reported that she will be away from Monday 25th March to Friday

29th March for a short break.

• Printer

A new printer, an Epson ET-2750, has been purchased from Costco costing £169.99 net of VAT.

• Thanks

Thanks were expressed to Councillor Berrow for taking the Clerk on a ‘tour’ of the play parks and areas in the Community Council’s area which the Council is responsible for.

• Working Hours

The Clerk has continued to work in excess of 20 hours per week in an ongoing effort to bring the backlog of work up to date and this is likely to continue for some time.

• Receipt Books.

The Clerk produced the official Receipt Books which have been printed in order to issue them to hirers and allotment holders on receipt of their payments.

• Bank Mandate.

The Clerk recommended that a minimum of six councillors are listed on the bank mandate to share the burden of signing cheques and assisting with banking matters as well as providing better financial risk management.

• Allotment Issue.

The Clerk reported that two letters have been issued to an allotment holder who

has a pond on his plot. The pond is adjacent to a path and there is concern that it poses a health and safety risk. The Members agreed that the pond should be filled in as soon as possible.

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Item 13:​Clerk’s Report (Continued)​

• Co-option of Mr Tom Green.

Mr Green had requested that the Clerk expresses his thanks to Members for co-opting him onto the Council.

Item 14:​Correspondence and Publications.


14.1 ​Highways Order from BCBC relating to Temporary Road Closure of Unnamed Lane from High Street, Laleston to Llangewydd Road Order 2019, to enable the installation of a new water connection. The Order to come into force on 12th March 2019 from 8.00 to 18.00 on 14th March 2019 and will continue in force for a period of 18 months or until the works are completed whichever is the sooner.


14.2​E-mail from Rights of Way Manager at BCBC relating to Payments of Rights of Way Agency Agreement 2018/19. The Agreement provides for the County Borough Council to reimburse Community Councils for the work they carry out to the public rights of way in their respective areas.

​The Clerk to discuss this item with Councillor C Green upon her return from holiday.

14.3​Quotation received from Rowan Garden Designs and Landscapes Ltd giving details of costs for installing and removing the 42 hanging baskets throughout Laleston, Broadlands, Cefn Glas and Bryntirion, total cost of £590.00. A quote for watering of the baskets at £60 per visit (with plant food added every week) was also provided.

​Resolved that both quotations are accepted and that a amended quotation is provided for the extra ten hanging baskets to be sited throughout the Community Council’s wards.

14.4​​Grant funding applications from:

• Bridgend Carers Centre seeking funding to enhance and promote their service to Laleston and the wider community. The Charity has recently lost its funding for core services from BCBC.

Resolved that a payment of £150 is given to Bridgend Carers Centre and that the Charity is asked about what it is providing within the Laleston Community Council area.

The Council resolved that in pursuance of the Local Government Act 2000 s2 (Power of Well-being) and being of the opinion that the expenditure satisfies the requirements of that section, approves the payments of £150.

• Young at Heart over 50’s Group seeking financial assistance to cover the rent for use of the Westward Community Centre for its meetings and other social activities. The Group’s aims is to combat loneliness and isolation in the local area and it now has over 80 members.

Resolved that a payment of £1,000 is given to Young at Heart over 50’s Group

The Council resolved that in pursuance of the Local Government Act 2000 s2 (Power of Well-being) and being of the opinion that the expenditure satisfies the requirements of that section, approves the payments of £1,000.

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Item 14:​Correspondence and Publications (Continued)

14.4​​Grant funding applications from: (Continued)

• St David’s Committee seeking funding to assist with the costs of its Summer Fete to be held on 15th June 2019. The Committee is fundraising to assist with the second phase of the refurbishment of Laleston Church Hall to provide a new kitchen, new entrance hall and toilet facilities for disabled.

Resolved that a payment of £500 is given to St David’s Committee to assist with the costs of the Summer Fete.

The Council resolved that in pursuance of the Local Government Act 2000 s2 (Power of Well-being) and being of the opinion that the expenditure satisfies the requirements of that section, approves the payments of £500.

Item 15:​Reports and Observations.


15.1​It was reported that the planning application for a microbrewery at 8 Nant yr Adar, Llangewydd Court has been approved by the Local Planning Authority.

15.2​Members discussed the Local Development Plan and resolved that a request is made for an officer at the Planning Department to meet with the Community Council at the earliest opportunity to discuss the Candidate Sites which have been put forward for consideration.

​An Ordnance Survey Map to be purchased for the Council’s area to assist with the meeting.

15.3​It was reported that there was a recent accident with moving of the Table Tennis table in Blandy Hall. It was resolved that notices should be prepared for displaying in the Hall giving instructions on how to safely dismantle the table and move it.

Item 16:​Planning Matters including Planning applications to be considered.


1. Planning Application No. P/19/110/FUL
Location: 4 Bryn Henfaes, Broadlands

CF31 5EW

Proposal: Two storey rear extension and

internal alterations.

No objection.
2. Planning Application No. A/19/6/ADV
Location: Rear fence of 20 Heol y Blodau, Cefn Glas, Bridgend CF31 4UF

Proposal: Erection of 1 x non-illuminated hoarding sign on rear boundary fence of property.

No objection.

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Item 16:​Planning Matters including Planning applications to be considered (continued).

3. Planning Application No. T/19/10/TPO
Location: Heol Ty Maen Woodland (rear of 61 & 62 Heol Ty Maen) Cefn Glas, Bridgend CF31 4QF

Proposal: Program of works to several trees including coppicing, pollarding, removing dead wood/ivy and felling.

Request that work is not carried out during the nesting season.
4. Planning Application No. P/19/168/FUL
Location: 13 Wordsworth Avenue and 15

Wordsworth Avenue, Cefn Glas, Bridgend CF31 4SB

Proposal: Erect a conservatory to the front of both buildings.

No objection.

In accordance with Council’s Standing Order 3d, in view of the confidential nature of the business about to be transacted, it was advisable in the public interest that the public and press be temporarily excluded, and they be instructed to withdraw.

Item 17:​Part two item – Standing Order 14 – subject to the adoption of Standing Orders

19/55 ​(Item 7)

​​See Appendix 1.

Item 18:​Date, Time and Place of next Meeting.

19/56​​Thursday, 18th April 2019 at 7.00pm in Blandy Hall.

Meeting closed at 8.30pm.


Date : 18th April 2019.

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