Minutes – 21st February 2019

Minutes – 21st February 2019


Minutes of Council Meeting held at Blandy Hall, Laleston

on Thursday 21st February 2019 at 7pm.

Present: Vice Chairman: Roger Davies (Chair)

Councillors: Tony Berrow, Briony Davies, Colin Davies, Pam Davies, Cheryl Green, Tom Turner and Dan Woolridge.

In Attendance: Jackie Griffin (Clerk).

? One Member of the Public.

The Council held a period of silent reflection.

Item 1:?Apologies for Absence.

19/23? ?Councillors John Paul Blundell, Ian Griffiths, Charles Smith and Ian Spiller.

Item 2:?Declarations of Interest.

19/24 ?Councillor C Green – Item 10 – Co-option Update – Personal Interest (Married to one of the candidates).

?Councillor B Davies – Any items regarding the Allotments – Personal Interest (Allotment holder).

?Councillor P Davies – Any items regarding defibrillators.

Item 3:?To consider suspension of meeting to receive representations from residents, if in

19/25 ?attendance at the meeting.

?The resident in attendance raised the following items:

• Allotment Site – asked council to check that he is on the waiting list.
• Bat Boxes – concern that V2C will not allow boxes to be fixed to houses.
• Garage site – concerns that the garages (property of V2C) are dangerous.
• Planting of Snowdrops.

Item 4:?To receive the minutes of the meeting held 17th January2019.

19/26?Resolved to approve the minutes of the meeting of 17th January 2019. The minutes

?were signed by the Chair.

Item 5:?Matters arising from the minutes, which are not included on this agenda.


5.1?Resolved that any notice boards which require two people to affix notices should be replaced.

5.2?The Clerk confirmed that she now has a mobile phone for Community Council calls and has obtained a sim card from ‘giffgaff’. The cost will be £5 per month and will provided unlimited calls and unlimited texts. The number is 07895 811141.

Item 6:?Banking Procedures – Completion of Bank Mandate.

19/28?The Clerk confirmed that she now has documentation required and will take the mandate to the bank the next working day for completion of the banking procedures.

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Item 7:?Finance Report.

19/29?The Bank Reconciliation for 31st January 2019 was circulated to Members:

?Unpresented Cheques as at 31st January 2019:

?102507?£ 10.00

?102715?£ 345.00



?Current A/C as at 31st January 2019?£ 26,142.24

?Less unpresented cheques? £ 1,355.00

?£ 24,787.24

?Savings A/C as at 31st January 2019?£ 164,504.51

?Total at Bank as at 31st January 2019?£ 189,291.75


Opening Balance 31st Dec 2018?£ 194,584.00

?Plus Receipts during January 2019?£ 967.08

?£ 195,551.08

?Less Payments during January 2019?£ 6,259.33

?£ 189,291.75

The Clerk advised that a complete reworking of the Cash Book from April 2018 up to the end of January 2019 hadbeen completed. This would be required to claim back paid VAT. VAT paid for the current financial year’s expenditure is due to be claimed.

Council was asked to approve the Payment of the Accounts from 18th January to 21st February 2019 circulated at the meeting. Two invoices payable to BCBC were queried: one was for the Service Level Agreement for the maintenance of play areas but did not have any details or breakdown of the costs. It was resolved that the invoice should be queried with BCBC. The second invoice relates to an unmarked lane at Merthyr Mawr which is outside the Community Council’s area and will, therefore, be returned to BCBC.

EPayment to Payments due to be authorised by Council. Net VAT Total Chq No
St John Cymru – Fireworks Display 4.11.18 55.20 11.04 66.24 102731
St John Cymru – Broadlands Funday 1.9.18 50.00 10.00 60.00 102732
Clerk’s Salary 912.12 0.00 912.12 102733
HMRC – Tax & N.I. 32.64 0.00 32.64 102734

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Item 7:?Finance Report. (continued)

Wales Audit Office – Audit of Accounts 2017/2018 323.85 0.00 323.85 102735
Sarah Fancett – Cleaner BCC/Blandy Hall – Jan 2019 180.00 0.00 180.00 102736
BCBC – SLA Agreement Play Areas 17/18 – enquiry 5556.09 0.00 5556.09 102737
Cheque cancelled 0.00 0.00 0.00 102738
SSE – BCC Gas Quarter 4 2018/2019 386.15 19.30 405.45 102739
SSE – BCC Electric Quarter 4 2018/2019 100.24 5.01 105.25 102740
Complete Business Solutions – Stationery 28.65 5.73 34.38 102741
Clerk – Reimbursement for Petty Cash Items 55.28 7.33 62.61 102742
SSE – Blandy Hall – Electricity 11.10.18/17.1.19 648.93 129.78 778.71 D/D
TOTALS 8329.15 188.10 8517.34

Resolved that the payment of the accounts totalling £8,517.34 be ratified.

Item 8:?Procedure for Appointment of an Internal Auditor.

19/30?The Clerk advised that enquiries will be made to obtain details of Internal Auditors.

A programme of work for the Internal Auditor will be drawn up and a number of quotations obtained; theprogramme will include all the accounting information and documents. The Council will then be able to select an Internal Auditor and the ‘Letter of Engagement’ can then be issued by the Clerk with arrangements made for the audit to be carried out as soon as possible after the end of the financial year.

Item 9:?Implementation Plan for Approval of Standing Orders and Financial Regulations.

19/31?The Clerk reported that the process of working through model Standing Orders and Financial Regulations in order to provide ‘bespoke’ documents for the Community Council is currently being worked on. Many of the sections cannot be amended as they are statutory requirements and other sections require decisions to be made by the Council. Where this is the case, the Clerk will highlight these sections in red prior to sending out the documents to Members, by e-mail, and Councillors will be requested to forward any suggestions or queries by a specified date which will be in the e-mail. It is imperative that the Standing Orders and Financial Regulations are both adopted by the Council at the March meeting prior to the end of the financial year. This will ensure that the council will be compliant with audit requirements for the current financial year, 2019/2020 and thereafter.

?Members are also reminded that these documents will form part of a regular annual review to be prepared by the Clerk.

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Item 10:?Co-option Update.

19/32?There were two applications, received by letter, for co-option onto the Community Council. The letters were read out to Members by the Chair and a secret ballot was carried out. Mr Tom Green was chosen to be co-opted to Laleston Community Council and represent Cefn Glas 2 Ward. Both candidates to be advised of the result.

Item 11:?Chair’s Report.

19/33??Councillor R Davies gave an update on Bryntirion Community Centre:

• BCBC had concerns regarding previous asbestos surveys so commissioned a report from a different company. The report concludes that the presence of asbestos in three areas of the building will only prove to be a problem if it is damaged or disturbed through work being carried out in the building. This includes the ceiling.
• An inspection for the presence of Legionella has been carried out. The company has produced a report which has been forwarded to the laboratory with results expected early March.
• Members were reminded that when the ‘Tenancy at Will’ agreement ends with BCBC, according to the terms and conditions of the tenancy, testing for legionella, the fire https://janesaddiction.org/buy-alprazolam/ alarm and emergency lighting testing will become the responsibility of the Community Council under the CAT transfer arrangement.
• It was noted that the Local Development Plan (LDP) currently being prepared lists Bryntirion Playing Field as a candidate site for Educational purposes.

Councillor R Davies then reported that the postponed meeting with One Voice Wales will be rescheduled for early March.

Item 12:?Clerk’s Report.?

19/34??The Clerk gave the following report:

• Printer

Quotations for printers have been received and research is being carried out into

the most suitable printer/scanner for the Council’s requirements.

• Working Hours

Apart from one week, the Clerk has continued to work in excess of 20 hours per week in an ongoingeffort to bring the backlog of work up to date and this is likely to continue for some time.

Town and Community Council Clerk’s Meeting –

Friday 15th February 2019.

The Clerk advised that she had attended the meeting, at which the following items were discussed:

• Review of the Electoral Area of the Bridgend County Borough is currently out for consultation and ends on 15th April 2019. It is anticipated that the number of Councillors will reduce from 54 to 52 and there will be a reduction in wards from 39 to 32. The changes will be implemented in time for the elections in 2022. There will also be a review of Community Councils by 2022.

There was some discussion on Clerks having difficulty contacting BCBC Officers.

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Item 12:?Clerk’s Report (Continued)

• Complete Office Solutions.

The Clerk has opened an account in the name of Laleston Community Council for the purchase of stationery and office equipment. The company give a good discount to Councils, is easy to deal with and will deliver to the Clerk’s address.

• Receipt Books.

Currently the Council is not issuing receipts when it receives payments of cash or cheques for services such as hall hire and payment for allotments. This is an audit requirement so the Clerk reported that enquiries are being made into ‘bespoke’ receipt books with a printing company.

• Request regarding Laleston Stones Trail.

E-mail received from Mr Chris Jones-Jenkins who prepared the illustrations for the Laleston Stones Trail for Laleston Community Council. A Researcher is working on reviving the pilgrimage route from Llandaff to Penrhys and is trying to assemble a study pack on her pilgrimage route for schoolchildren, including some illustrations for children to colour. For this purpose, a request has been made for permission from this Council to include some of the line drawings of pilgrims that Mr Jones Jenkins produced as preliminaries to the final coloured artwork. Mr Jones Jenkins has welcomed such use but as the images belong to this Council, he is seeking consent for their use in the study pack.

Members resolved that consent should be granted for the illustrations to be used for the proposed study packs but would request that Laleston Community Council is credited with giving the consent.

Item 13:?Correspondence and Publications.


13.1?Letter from Llangewydd Junior School requesting financial assistance towards the cost of their Defibrillator Fundraising Project. Members agreed to the request, in principle, but require further information on the project.

13.2??Highways Orders from BCBC:

(i)?Prohibition and Restriction of Waiting and Loading and Parking Places (Civil Enforcement) Order 2013 (Amendment No. 7) Order 2018 relating to High Street, Laleston. Details on the website attached to the agenda of this meeting.


(ii)?Prohibition and Restriction of Waiting and Loading and Parking Places (Civic Enforcement) Order 2013 (Amendment No. 8) Order 2019 relating to Brynglas, Bryntirion, Bridgend; A473 Bryntirion, Bridgend and Elm Crescent, Bryntirion, Bridgend. Details on the website attached to the agenda of this meeting.


(iii)?Temporary Road Closure under Section 14 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 at Unnamed lane from High Street, Laleston to Llangewydd Road – from Rhosla to Ton Philip for an installation of a new water connection from 12.3.2019 to 14.3.2019 or until works are complete requested by Dwr Cymru Welsh Water. Details on the website attached to the agenda of this meeting.


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Item 13:?Correspondence and Publications (Continued)

13.3??Grant funding applications from Wales Air Ambulance;Marie Curie and Teenage Cancer


Proposed by Councillor B Davies, seconded by Councillor P Davies and resolved that each charity is given a grant of £250 each.

The Council resolved that in pursuance of the Power of Well-being s126 conferred on it through the Local Government (Wales) Measure 2011 and being of the opinion that the expenditure satisfies the requirements of that section, approves the payments of £250 to Wales Air Ambulance; £250 to Marie Curie and £250 to Teenage Cancer Trust.

Item 14:?Reports and Observations.


14.1?Councillor T Berrow expressed concern that work has not begun on any of the Council’s

planned ‘projects’ yet. Councillor Berrow was requested to provide a priority list of projects for delivery in the budget year 2019/2020, commencing April 2019.

14.2?Members discussed the state of the road surfaces and bent and broken signs in the Community Council’s area. BCBC Councillors have reported their concerns to the Highways Department at BCBC.

Item 15:?Planning Matters including Planning applications to be considered.


1. Planning Application No. P/19/23/FUL
Location: 18 Nant Ffornwg, Cefn Glas CF31 4TJ

Proposal: First floor side extension, single storey

rear extension and internal alteration.

No objection.
2. Planning Application No. P/19/25/FUL
Location: 8 Nant Yr Adar, Llangewydd Court, Bridgend CF31 4TY

Proposal: Change use of garage to brewery.

Concern at the inconvenience that the proposal will have on neighbouring properties.

Suggested that the application is called in for consideration by BCBC’s Planning Committee.

3. Planning Application No. P/19/41/FUL
Location: 8 Allt Dderw, Broadlands, Bridgend CF31 5BZ

Proposal: Rear sun room extension.

No objection.

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Item 15:?Planning Matters including Planning applications to be considered. (continued)

4. Planning Application No. P/19/47/FUL
Location: 16 Church View, Laleston CF32 0HF

Proposal: Porch to front elevation; remodelling of front and north elevations toinclude removal/insertion of windows and new roof to garage conversion.

No objection.
5. Planning Application No. P/19/52/FUL
Location: 15 Maes y Plod, Broadlands,


Proposal: Replace existing conservatory

with single storey extension to the rear of the


No objection.
6. Planning Application No. P/19/93/RES
Location: Broadland Fawr, Heol Blandy, Broadlands, Bridgend CF32 0NS

Proposal: Reserved matters for layout, scale, appearance, access and landscaping for new dwelling.

No objection.
7. Planning Application No. A/19/1/ADV
Applicant: One Stop Stores Ltd

Location: Ty Talbot building, Elm Crescent, Bryntirion. CF31 4EA

Proposal: Proposed new signage to new retail unit.

No objection.

Item 16:?Date, Time and Place of next Meeting.

19/38?Thursday, 21st March 2019 at 7.00pm in Blandy Hall.

Meeting closed at 8.45pm.


Date : 21st March 2019.

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