Minutes – 20 May 2021

Minutes – 20 May 2021

Laleston Community Council

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Laleston Community Council held remotely on 20 May 2021 commencing at 7.00pm.

Present: Cllr’s N Adams, A Berrow, JP Blundell, B Davies, C Davies, M Fouracre, C Green, T Green, I Spiller and D Wooldridge.

In attendance: Clerk – Gail Jewell

1 19.382 Council undertook a period of silent reflection.

2. 19.383 Apologies for Absence: Cllr’s P Davies, G Richard-Hemmings and C Smith

3. 19.384 Representation from members of the public: No representations made

4. 19.385 Declarations of Interest

Cllr J P Blundell – Item 14 – Prejudicial Interest as Member of the Planning Committee at Bridgend County Borough Council (BCBC). Cllr J P Blundell left the meeting during the discussion and decision on this item.

Clerk – Item 15 – Prejudicial Interest as an employee of Laleston Community Council. The Clerk left the meeting during the discussion and decision on this item.

5. 19.386 Approval of Minutes

Resolved: That the minutes of the meeting of Council on 15 April 2021 be approved as a true and accurate record. Proposed by Cllr B Davies and seconded by Cllr C Green.

6. 19.387 Finance Update


· Members noted the Bank Reconciliation as of 30 April 2021.

· Council approved payments 1 – 18 which were presented with the agenda, proposed by Cllr C Green and seconded by Cllr B Davies.  To view the list of payments click here..

· Council approved receipts 1-5 which were presented with the agenda, proposed by Cllr T Green and seconded by Cllr M Fouracre.  To view the list of receipts click here..

· Council noted the summary of receipts and payments as of 30 April 2021.

· Members reviewed the Internal Audit Report and were pleased to note that no recommendations or concerns had been raised.

· Following presentation of the Annual Return 2020/2021, Members Approved the completed Accounting Statement and duly answered all questions outlined in the Annual Governance Statement.

· Council noted the explanation of variances 2020/2021.

7. 19.388 To note a list of actions since the last meeting

With reference to Mr Unwin repainting the milestone situated in Laleston. I have contacted Conservation Officer who has confirmed that the milestone is listed under Cadw but is happy for the repainting be undertaken and has requested a photograph of the before and after. Resolved: Duly noted by Members.
Community Pantry commenced on 22 April 2021 and over the month we have received 8 new memberships and sold a total of 10 bags to date. Flyers are being re-printed and will be distributed and BCBC Communication Department are doing a short piece to advertise on our behalf.

Eclipse is keen to start wellbeing cafes at pantry venues to welcome in stakeholders such as Employability to support local people.

Resolved: Members agreed to investigate the possibility of linking up with Foodbank and utilising a sponsored Facebook Gate. Council agreed to add the Community Pantry to the newsletter that is being drafted.
Unfortunately, the application submitted to Keep Wales Tidy had not been accepted on this occasion but will keep the application on the reserve list should any future packages materialise. Resolved: Council agreed that due to the fact that building materials were increasing in price, works to the allotments should be initiated.
Contact has been made with Persimmon offering covering the cost of the installation of an additional bin at Broadlands Baseball Park on the proviso that Persimmon will arrange to empty the bin. Persimmon have responded agreeing to add the bin we purchase to their weekly emptying schedule. Resolved: Duly noted by Members. Cllr T Berrow and P Jones to gauge any installation issues on site prior to purchase.
As requested, our Facilities Officer has removed ‘anti’ stickers reported on bus stop and notice boards. If any additional stickers are sighted by Members, please report to clerk, who will make arrangements for their removal. Resolved: Duly noted by Members.

8. 19.389To receive quotations, if any

Quotations Received · Comment
1. 1 Advisory 20 MPH sigs as well as SLOW road markings on Gypsy Lane – £1,963.19 + VAT Resolved: Members agreed to progress with this quotation.
2 Quotations for a magnetic door lock for the room into the nursery.Contractor 1 – £450 + VAT

Contractor 2 – £350 – zero VAT

These quotations have been presented to council previously, but Members agreed to await the results of the Fire Risk Assessment, which has been undertaken and has confirmed the access is still a fire exit.

Resolved: Members agreed to progress with the quotation provided by Contractor 2
3 2 low surface temperature radiators for nursery hallContractor 1 – £1670

Contractor 2 – £2000

Contractor 3 – £2007.46

As recommended in received sustainability report due to radiator covers inhibiting the distribution of heat.

Resolved: Members agreed to progress with the quotation provided by Contractor 1
4 Nursery groundworksOption A – wet pour (£4,300)

Option B – rubber mulch (£4168.00)

Resolved: Quotations 4, 5 and 6 have previously been submitted to Council although due do the difficulty in obtaining additional quotations, Members agreed to accept the quotations received as Council have both knowledge and experience of the workmanship of the contractor in question.
5 Installation of 3 x outdoor exercise equipment at Bryntirion Playing Fields (£14,298) ·
6 Installation of 3 x outdoor exercise equipment at Broadlands (£11,642.00). ·


7 Christmas Lighting quotation.Existing contractor – £9792.50 + VAT

Contractor 1 – Installation and removal of 80no Ropelight features onto existing columns and dressing of Tree at St David’s Church in Laleston £6641 + VAT

Resolved: Council agreed to progress with the quotation supplied by Contractor 1 and suggested that a meeting take place with Contractor and Cllr I Spiller to discuss future plans for Christmas lighting.

9. 19.390To receive updates regarding Bryntirion Community Centre

The Clerk confirmed that works to install cladding to the building had commenced and presented a letter received from Cylch Meithrin Gwdihw. The letter outlined the negative impact on the children attending sessions while the works were being carried out and questioned the decision not to undertake the process during the six-week holidays.

Resolved: In response to the letter received from Cylch Meithrin Gwdihw, Council agreed for the works to be progressed as soon as possible to ensure that the hall would be ready for use when lockdown eased. Members further explained that although they were aware of the need to be mindful whilst the children were on site when undertaking any interior works and checks, as the current works were being carried out on the exterior of the building, they felt that it was unlikely to affect the use of the hall itself.

10. 19.391 To receive updates regarding Blandy Hall

The Clerk explained that the Gardening Club had reported a leak in the garage attached to Blandy Hall, to which the Clerk responded by detailing the impending works that are due to be carried out and that hopefully the repairs would rectify their issues.

Following the update, a Member highlighted a potential health and safety risk with one of the perimeter walls, whereby the grounds to Blandy Hall are level with the wall, with quite a drop on the other side to the road.

Another Member explained that a neighboring property had contacted Council to outline that they were experiencing water flooding into their garden from the Blandy Hall driveway, which had been exacerbated by the recent inclement weather.


  • Following debate, Members agreed to acquire raised planters to act as a barrier from the wall to the nearby road.
  • Members agreed that the contractor undertaking repairs to Blandy Hall be contacted to ask for assistance on the drainage matter.

11. 19.392 To receive updates regarding Laleston Allotments.

The Clerk explained that a support grant had presented itself via Welsh Government for allotments in the Borough. Applications are made by completing and submitting a Work Plan which could be utilised for a number of outputs, including improvements to site security.

Resolved: Council agreed that the Community Development Officer work with the Allotment Committee to make an application for funding for security on site.

12. 19.393 To receive Personnel Issues, if any.


13. 19.394 To receive Correspondence.

Correspondence Received Comment
Report received from David & Snape highlighting key points to be mindful of before signing the lease for Bryntirion & Laleston Community Centre. Report and appendices circulated prior to meeting. Resolved: Members agreed to the signing of the 35-year lease for Bryntirion & Laleston Community Centre.
RamblersFootpath Improvement Project Fund. Match funding for replacing damaged stile, or replacing a difficult to negotiate stile with a kissing gate.  Previously suggested footpath 11. Resolved: Council agreed to submit an application for match funding for the installation of a kissing gate to replace the first stile on footpath 11.
Email received from Andrew Mason, rights of way Manager outlining the Agency Agreement for Public Rights of Way. For Laleston the allocation is £1023.06.LCC are able to make two claims for payment, up to the value of £1023.06: the first by 31 October and the second by the 31 March. Email has been circulated. Resolved: Council agreed to make a claim for payment for the clearing of rights of way in the area. Exact sites to be discussed with a contractor.
Email received from Paul Thomas, Senior Manager for Communities highlighting a support grant via Welsh Government for Allotments. Applications are made by completing and submitting a Work Plan which could be used for a number of outputs including improving site security/accessibility. Total funding allocated to BCBC is £34,113. Discussed under Item 11

14. 19.395 To consider Planning Applications.

Planning Application No.: P/21/206/FULApplicant: Mr J Cuss

Location: 11 Maes y Piod Broadlands CF31 5FJ

Proposal: Remove conservatory and construct single storey rear extension

Date 12 April 2021

No objection
Planning Application No.: P/21/271/FULApplicant: Club Penybont Limited

Location: Bryntirion Athletic Football Club Llangewydd Road Bryntirion CF31 4JU

Proposal: Erection of marquee on outdoor seating area

Date 23 April 2021

No objection
Planning Application No.: P/21/242/FULApplicant: Dr B Tuckett-Jones

Location: 2 Broadway Cottage Wind Street Laleston CF32 0HY Proposal: Demolition of the existing porch; construct a new entrance porch together with a link to the existing outbuilding which is to be converted into a usable and habitable space

Date 27 April 2021

No objection
Planning Application No.: P/21/340/FULApplicant: Mrs L King

Location: 13 Esgair Y Maes Broadlands Bridgend CF31 5BL Proposal: Single storey front extension

Date 5 May 2021

No objection
Planning Application No.: P/21/267/FULApplicant: Mr P Richards

Location: 18 Chaucer Close Cefn Glas CF31 4PZ

Proposal: Replace the porch roof with a hip roof

Date 7 May 2021

No objection
Planning Application No.: P/21/341/FULApplicant: Mrs S Jarvis

Location: 14 Llwyn Coch Broadlands CF31 5BJ

Proposal: Conversion of garage to sitting area and provision of car parking space

Date 7 May 2021

No objection

i) A member highlighted to council that a Planning Application had been submitted – Application number P/21/379/FUL – Land at Ffordd Tirion Broadlands, Bridgend CF31 5EJ that proposed construction of a two-storey building comprising of five retail units at ground floor and 13 self-contained flats at first floor and associated car parking.

Resolved: Council agreed to draft a letter describing reasons for objecting the application and to formally request that the application is presented to the Planning Committee. The content of which to be presented to Council at an Extraordinary Meeting scheduled for 27 May 2021.

ii) In relation to the proposed sites for development outlined in the Local Development Plan – Council agreed to advertise the consultation when live, to ensure all members of the public are aware of the plans and to provide them with the opportunity to respond.

Resolved: Council agreed to advertise the consultation via Laleston Community Council Newsletter which will be delivered to every household within the ward areas.

15. 19.396 To receive a report from HR Committee

A report was provided to Council presenting the findings of a salary review that had been undertaken by the Chair and the HR Committee for all staff.

Resolved:Council duly approved all recommendations as defined in the report, which are outlined below:

  1. To align ourselves with BCBC pay structure and principles and implement a scale range, whereby a spinal column point is awarded annually on 1 April each year until the top of the scale has been reached (usually within 4 Spinal points).
  2. That the Clerk should be awarded SCP 29 – (LC2 above substantive range) which would be the bottom of the scale. This scale point will need to be reviewed following the Clerk completing CiLCA and being in post for 2 years (due Oct ’21).
  3. That the Facilities Officer should be awarded an increment to SCP 6 and therefore reach the top of the scale.
  4. That the Community Development Officer (CDO) should receive an increment to SCP 17 and therefore reach the top of the scale.
  5. That following the conclusion of the national pay discussions and agreements, the HR Committee meet annually in October to resolve any pay-related issues and increments and to award any subsequent pay awards.
  6. Due to the delay with this review being undertaken, to backpay all staff to 1 April 2020.
  7. If Members agree to implement the points made at 4.2, 4.3, 4.4 and 4.6 the total cost for Members to agree is:

a) Clerk – annual increase = £3.32

b) Clerk – total cost of backpay to date = £6,346.64

c) Facilities Officer – annual increase = £0.26

d) Facilities Officer – total cost of backpay to date = £406.36

e) CDO – annual increase = £0.26

f) CDO – total cost of backpay to date = £184.69

TOTAL COST FOR 1 April 2020 – to date = £6,937.69

There being no further business, the meeting ended at 08.30 pm.

The next meeting will be held remotely on Thursday 27 May April 2021.

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