Minutes – 19th July, 2018

Minutes – 19th July, 2018

Present: Councillors: Ian Griffiths (Chair), Briony Davies, Tony Berrow, Tom Turner, Roger Davies, Cheryl Green, Dave Harrison, Colin Davies, Dan Woolridge, Pam Davies and Jon-Paul Blundell

In Attendance: Cllr Briony Davies, acting Minute Secretary in the Clerk’s absence

The Council held a period of silent reflection.

18/90 Apologies: Cllrs Charles Smith (holidays) and Ian Spiller (work commitments) and The Clerk (sickness)

18/91 To consider suspension of meeting to receive representations from local residents, if in attendance at meeting, [15 minutes maximum].
None present.

18/92 Declarations of Interest: Cllr Briony Davies as an allotment holder, Cllr Pam Davies being acquainted with a tenant using the Community Centre.

18/93 Minutes of previous meeting
It was resolved that the Minutes of the previous meeting held on 17th May, 2018 be approved as an accurate record subject to amending the detail of Minute 18/85. The paragraph should read:

Cllr Roger Davies stated additional payments that would be required to be paid by LCC which include future water bills in which £500 was agreed to be reserved for this. He confirmed that a previous grant had been given by BCBC of £1300 and requested the Clerk to clarify if this funding will continue to be made available. Cllr Ian Spiller proposed operating budget be set at £14,000 for the forthcoming financial year, Cllr Roger Davies seconded the proposal. The Clerk further stated that the current user has charged the former Community Association £72.00 for cleaning for the month of May which they had paid, in which Councillors agreed that this was not acceptable being charged for due to the user being the sole user of the building and clearing up after themselves is part of their contract, as well as currently using all the rooms in the building in which only one room is currently being charged for. The Clerk confirmed that she will resend Cllr Roger Davies a copy of the existing contract to amend accordingly. Councillors also agreed that in the future an invoice be submitted to any users hiring the building.

In the absence of the Clerk, the Chair signed the tabled minutes.

18/94 Matters arising from the Minutes:

Paragraph 18/84 – Allotments Update, Council agreed to call a meeting of the allotments sub-committee – Cllrs – Cheryl Green, Dave Harrison, the Chair and Vice Chair to discuss various issues.

Minute Number Detail Action/Responsibility
18 – 95 Blandy Hall

Cllr Roger Davies had received a quotation for £3,975.36 Inc. VAT for installation of a new boiler. This would necessitate removing the old wall convector heaters and replacing with three radiators, thermostats, ventilation and an overs ink water heater. This system was designed to keep the building at an ambient temperature, to lessen the detrimental effects of damp and condensation. The overhead heater would be retained for occasions when additional heating would be required by users. The contractor would begin the work in October 2018

Resolved: Council accepted this quotation.

Bryntirion & Laleston Community Centre

Cllr Roger Davies gave Council a verbal presentation of the position to date:

LCC are awaiting BCBC signed document and will confirm period of Tenancy.

LCC are now exposed to the following risk management issues and inevitable liability: Fire, Health & Safety, Asbestos and Legionella.

Once signed BCBC has agreed to:

i) remove the water pipes from the shower rooms and empty the water tanks and isolate them removing the risk of Legionella bacteria from LCCs responsibility;
ii) isolate two of the three boilers, therefore greatly reducing the energy cost of running the building. The two boilers will be left in situ for the time being to allow them to be used for spare parts to keep the remaining boiler working.
iii) BCBC to provide LCC with an up to date Asbestos Management Plan.
iv) BCBC to confirm work with LCC.

Cllr Roger Davies to continue to work with the contractor and update Council as the work progresses.





18 – 95 Cont. LCC are responsible for obtaining a full building condition survey, which Cllr Roger Davies suggests lists any required works as ‘urgent’, ‘soon’ and ‘future’.

A Fire Safety Inspection to be undertaken at the earliest opportunity.

An Asbestos Survey has been undertaken in the past, however it has not been made available to all users and contractors this to be rectified.

Roller Shutter Doors – all need urgent maintenance and servicing; LCC to replace radio controller fobs. These doors may need to be replace entirely – quotations for work to be obtained as quickly as possible.

In addition the sub-committee set up by LCC to carry out a systematic inquiry into the on-going viability of the Community Center are concerned that the finances for this project have been included in the LCC Accounts. They believe that they should be shown separately.

(a)Resolved: That LCC commission a full building survey of the Bryntirion Community Center to be undertaken as soon as possible and that survey be reported to the full LCC Council as soon as possible.
(b)Resolved: That a Fire Inspection is arranged as soon as possible and that any actions need to be taken from the results of that inspection are undertaken immediately.
(c)Resolved: That the sub-committee arranges for the roller shutter doors to be examined at the earliest opportunity, that remedial work be undertaken immediately, however if replacement is needed full Council be consulted before such costs are agreed.
(d)Resolved: That the Chair instructs the Clerk to develop a method of showing the Community Centre Finance separately to the main Accounts.

Council requested a full report back from the sub-committee at their September meeting.

Cllr Roger Davies was tasked to do this, reporting to the sub-committee.

Cllr Roger Davies was tasked to do this, reporting to the sub-committee.

Cllr Roger Davies was tasked to do this, reporting to the sub-committee.

The Chair to liaise with the Clerk to action this.

Clerk to Agenda for the next meeting.
18 – 96 Item 7 on the Agenda – The Independent Remuneration Panel’s Report – Member’s Allowances item was deferred until the next meeting due to the Clerk being absent. Clerk to Agenda for the next meeting.
18 – 97 Item 8 on the Agenda – Update from meeting with V2C concerning area’s in Bryntirion

Cllr Colin Davies reported that following site visits with Cllr Tony Berrow, a local resident and V2C representatives, a positive meeting has been held at their offices. V2C are offering a further meeting with full council to progress the original complaints from residents about the neglect of various areas of the V2C estate in Bryntirion.

Resolved: The opportunity for this meeting be accepted and all Councillors be invited to attend.

Cllr Colin Davies was tasked with taking this forward. Clerk to Agenda for the next meeting.
18 – 98 Item 9 on the Agenda – Proposed Shared Services with Community Councils

Cllr Blundell proposed to Council that LCC write to all Town and Community Councils to investigate setting up a cross council committee to investigate the costs and legality of employing an external contractor initially to empty litter bins to enhance the limited service provision being provided by BCBC.

Resolved: Council agreed to further investigate.

Cllr JPB to investigate if Town and Community Councils would be able to do this, and if this is possible, to liaise with the Clerk to write to all Town and Community Councils to organise a meeting.

18 – 99 Item 10 on the Agenda – Community Council Newsletter was deferred until the September meeting. Clerk to Agenda for the next meeting.
18 – 100 Item 11 on the Agenda – Proposal for consideration of a Skate Board Park. Following a brief discussion it was agreed to defer this item to the next meeting. Clerk to Agenda for the next meeting.
18 – 101 Item 12 on the Agenda – Overgrowth of trees obstructing ‘Right of Way’ signage. The Chair agreed to contact BCBC as this was urgent. All Borough Councillors agreed to investigate signage in their ward and report them directly.
18 – 102 Item 13 on the Agenda – Finance Update. The papers received were noted by Council. Council deferred any discussion in the absence of the Clerk. Clerk to Agenda for the next meeting.
18 – 103 Item 14 on the Agenda – End of Year Accounts 2017 – 18. These had been approved by council at the previous meeting. Council noted the report.
18 – 104 Item 15 Clerks Report – Deferred in the Clerks absence.
18 – 105 Item 16 Correspondence –
A letter had been received from BCBC concerning the proposed traffic order – OCLP club, Bryntirion.
Resolved: LCC would request that one parking be dedicated as ‘disable parking’.
Acting Clerk to respond to letter. Subsequently to the meeting Cllr Briony Davies actioned this.
18 – 106 Item 17 on the Agenda – Reports and Observation
Resolved: while the Clerk is sick, all reports and observation should be reported to the Borough Councils for the respective Ward for action. All members
18 – 107 Item 18 on the Agenda – to consider Planning Applications
P/18/484/FUL Demolish conservatory and build two storey extension at rear 2 Maes y Piod Broadlands Bridgend CF31 5FJ
P/18/485/FUL Single storey rear extension 2 Rhodfa Cnocell Y Coed Bridgend CF31 5FS
Convert garage into habitable room 30 Ffordd y Groes Broadlands Bridgend CF31 5EQ
P/18/524/FUL Conservatory addition to gable elevation
18 Gallt y Ddrudwen Broadlands Bridgend CF31 5FL
18/108 Any other business:

Cllr Berrow requested that a full safety inspection was carried on the trees in the grounds of the Blandy Hall while they are in full leaf.
Resolved: to organise this as soon as possible.

Rights of Way – Cllr Green reminded Council that BCBC give us a sum of money each year for the maintenance of footpaths and right of way and questioned if this work was being undertaken.
Resolved: the Chair would further investigate with the Clerk and progress if necessary.

Cllr Roger Davies will undertake to do this.

The Chair to investigate and progress.

Meeting Closed at 8.50pm

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