Minutes – 19th January 2017

Minutes – 19th January 2017

Minutes of a meeting of Laleston Community Council

Held at the Blandy Hall – Thursday 19th January, 2017

Present: Councillors Briony Davies,

Ian Spiller, Cheryl Green, Tom Green,

Mark Fouracre, Dave Harrison, Pam Davies, Kathy Lewis,

Thomas Turner, Hazel Kendall, Steve Sloan

Cllr Tony Berrow in the Chair.

17/1 Silent Reflection

Councillors held a minutes silence in memory of Bernie McLeer.

17/2 Apologies

Apologies were received from Cllr Dan Woolridge.

17/3 To consider suspension of meeting to receive representations from local residents, if in attendance at meeting.

The meeting was suspended due to an allotment holder being in attendance at the meeting to submit a letter to the Chair regarding her recent notice to quit her allotment.

RESOLVED: That the notice to quit be deferred pending an allotment site visit to be undertaken by the Council at 10.00am on Sunday 29th January, 2017 in order to examine the overall condition of the entire site.

17/4 Declarations of Interest

Cllr Cheryl Green Agenda Item: ?14 BCBC Member

Cllr Pam Davies Agenda Item: 14 BCBC Member

Cllr Kathy Lewis Agenda Item: 6 School Governor

17/5 Minutes of previous meeting held on 15th December, 2016

Following a motion by Cllr Steve Sloan, seconded by Cllr Briony Davies it was:-

RESOLVED: That the minutes of the previous meeting held on 15th December, 2016 be accepted as a true record. The Chair then signed the minutes.

17/6 Matters arising from Minutes

In accordance with minute 16/182 a sub-committee consisting of Cllr’s Briony Davies and Cheryl Green together with the Clerk had met to discuss issues raised by the Allotment Association. The sub-committee recommended that a letter be issued to the association outlining recommendations from the Council to resolve these issues.

RESOLVED: That the recommendation be approved.

17/7 Llangewydd School MUGA Update.

The Clerk confirmed that an official opening date had been agreed for Saturday 11th March, 2017 at 11.00am.

The following was discussed with regard to the official opening:-

(a) Refreshments
(b) Publicity and photography

The Chair also submitted a draft proposal for signage to be provided for the MUGA site and also requested the Council to consider providing a storage box for tennis nets etc.


(a) That the Council do not incur any costs with regard to refreshments.

(b) That Cllr Cheryl Green provide a press release regarding the official opening for the Gazette and Cllr Steve Sloan provide a photographer for the event.

(c) That the draft signage submitted by the Chair be approved.

(d) That the provision of a storage box be approved subject to costings being received.

17/9 Inclusive Playground – Bryntirion Community Centre

The Clerk stated that she had received a further quotation for the refurbishment and reinstallation of the playground currently situated at the far end of the field which would form Phase 2 of the scheme at a cost of £23,071.00 excluding VAT.

The Clerk also confirmed that she and the Chairhad visited neighbouring properties to consult with them regarding the installation of the playground and that only one resident had objected due to the possibility of unsociable behaviour taking place in the car park and playing field at night.

RESOLVED: That the Phase 2 scheme be agreed in principle subject to funding from next year’s budget.

17/10 Future Website Security Costs

Cllr Ian Spiller stated that he had investigated the Council’s website and confirmed he is happy that all security measures were now in placeand there had been no further issues arising he proposed that this item be revisited should a problem occur which was seconded by CllrCheryl Green.

RESOLVED: That the proposal be accepted.

17/11 External Defibrillator

Cllr Ian Spiller confirmed that the Broadlands Hub Association have purchased 2 defibrillators for the areas of Broadlands and Laleston with the intent to purchase a further 2 for Cefn Glas and Bryntirion next year. He confirmed that he had obtained quotations for storage cabinet’s inwhich to store the defibrillators.

Cllr Pam Davies proposed that she contact Mr Tony Rossetti of the Wales Ambulance Service to seek further advice, costs and locations of defibrillators, this was seconded by Cllr Mark Fouracre.

RESOLVED: That the proposal be accepted.

17/12 Summer Floral Displays

The Clerk confirmed that she had received 2 quotations for the installation and maintenance of flower baskets. She confirmed that the quotations were for 20 lampposts and includes purchase of containers, brackets, planting and watering on a regular basis, the Council could then consider adding more in each financial year.

Cllr Cheryl Green proposed that the purchase of 20 containers as outlined be approved as a trail for the next financial year. Her proposal was seconded by Cllr Steve Sloan. Cllr Dave Harrison proposed an amendment that 21 containers be purchased (7 for each of Laleston, Bryntirion/Cefn Glas and Broadlands) which was seconded by Cllr Mark Fouracre.

RESOLVED: That the Chair and Clerk be authorised to investigate which of the two options provided better value for money and to proceed accordingly.

17/13 Finance Update

Accounts for Payment December 2016

Description Amount inc VAT
Zurich Municipal – Insurance Cover for MUGA 226.76
SWSG – Payment for MUGA 63,206.76
Booker Cash & Carry – Supplies for OAP’s Christmas dinner 320.23
Blandy Trust – Insurance for Blandy Hall 481.62
Cllr Anthony Berrow – Reimbursement of supplies OAP’s 8.96
Cllr Tom Green – Reimbursement of supplies OAP’s 129.30
SET – Purchase of 25 stacking chairs 690.00
Ian Lewis – Grass cutting and maintenance 435.00
Cllr Mark Fouracre – Reimbursement of supplies OAP’s 7.28
BCBC – Playscheme contribution for 2016 2318.54
Mc Colls – Envelopes and 48 2nd class stamps 29.19


17/14 Budget update as at 31st December, 2016

The Clerk produced a spreadsheet of the budget and expenditure as at 31st December 2016.

RESOLVED: That the report be accepted.

17/15 Correspondence December 2016/January 2017

1. Letter from Bridgend County Borough Council asking for a small contribution to the future costs of operating a beach and water safety service during the bathing season at Coney Beach, Rest Bay, Trecco Bay and Pink Bay. Cllr Mark Fouracre proposed that BCBC be advised that in view of donations already made by Laleston Community Council in respect of the RNLI, Coastwatch and Wales Air Ambulance that the request be declined. Cllr Dave Harrison seconded the proposal.

RESOLVED: That the proposal be accepted.

2. A card received from the children at Trelales School thanking the Council for the donation towards their new outdoor play equipment.

RESOLVED: That the card be gratefully noted.

17/16 Reports and Observations Received December 2016/January 2017

• Cllr David Harrison reported that several signs had been erected by builders on the A48 roundabout at Broadlands and requested to liaise with the Planning Department if permission has been granted.

Clerk confirmed that an e-mail had been sent to Planning and a response received to confirm that they would investigate the matter.

• Cllr Ian Spiller reported that some of the streetlights in Gallt Y Ddrudwen, Broadlands were not working.

Clerk confirmed that an e-mail had been sent to Persimmon Homes.

• Cllr Dave Harrison reported the street lights on the main road and leading into Elm Crescent were still not working.
• Cllr Dave Harrison reported that he had received numerous complaints from residents of dog fouling at the bottom end of the playpark off Broadoak Way.
• The Chair asked if the Clerk could seek a company to distribute the Laleston Stones Trail leaflets and seek costs for this service.
• The Chair also requested that the Clerk contacts Merthyr Mawr Estates for permission to install a further Laleston Stones Trail interpretation board at Merthyr Mawr which had agreed to be funded by BCBC.

17/17 Planning Applications – December 2016/January 2017

The following planning applications/appeals had been received during the past 2 months:-



P/16/982/FUL Change of use from A1 shops to A3 food and drink Unit 11 Broadlands District Centre, CF31 5EJ
P/16/1012/FUL Provision of gates and railings in forecourt 20, Maes y Grud, Broadlands CF31 5DD
P/16/1025/FUL Single Storey front and side extension 31, Westward Place, Bryntirion CF31 4XA

P/16/982/FUL Objecting to application due to over intensification of food outlets in the area. Cllr Tom Green proposed that the outlet should be retained as a shop, Cllr Kathy Lewis seconded the proposal. The Chair asked that the Council vote in favour of maintaining as a shop, 3 voted in favour, 2 abstained and 5 voted against.

P/16/1012/FUL Objecting to application on the terms it will be effecting Street Scene.

The meeting closed at 9.15pm

……………………………………………………………….. Chairperson



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