Minutes – 18th July 2019

Minutes – 18th July 2019

Laleston Community Council

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on 18 July 2019 commencing

at 7.00pm in the Blandy Hall, Laleston.

Present: Cllr’s A Berrow, B Davies, C Davies, T Green, C Green, D Woodridge, J P Blundell, and T Turner and P Davies.

1. The Council undertook a short period of silent reflection.

3. 19.109 The Council moved immediately to Item 3 and suspended the meeting to hear representation from three members of the public:

(I)(I) A request for a public defibrillator in the village of Laleston, Council agreed to consider the request. Also brought to Councils attention the state of the old well in Well Street. The Well is shown on the CADW site, Cllr Green explained that she had asked BCBC to look at it and they couldn’t as it is not their property. Local residents are happy to do it. The Chair agreed to speak to the Councils Handyman to get an opinion of what work was necessary.
(I)(II) Two representative of Welsh Language Play GroupCylch Meithrin Gwdihw operating in the Bryntirion Community Centre attended following an email sent to Councillors. Council reassured them that no plans had been drawn up as yet for the centre and they would be consulted if and when anything were to effect them and their business.
(I)(III) Attended to remind Council of a previous conversation about negotiating with V2C about allowing Bat Boxes on houses in Bryntirion. Also thanked Council for previous support.

1. 19.110 Apologies: Cllr Dr C Smith, Cllr I Spiller, Cllr I Griffiths

4. 19.111 Declarations of Interest: All those previously declared plus Cllr P Davies declared a personal interest as she knew one of the members of the public in Item 3.
5. 19.112 Council received the Minutes from the previous meeting held on 20 June 2019 and Approved them as a true and accurate record, proposed by Cllr JPB, seconded Cllr CG).

(I) Matters Arising – Cllr T Green reported, following an excellent presentation of the Scribe Financial software the order had been placed. There would be an annual cost of approximately £600 per year. He would organise training when he received it and Councils accounts were up to date.
(II) Cllr JP Blundell up-dated Council that the technical department were hoping to be able to look at our request for drawings and costing for speed restrictions outside Llangewydd School in October.

6. 19.113 The Chair listed the following actions he had undertaken since the last Ordinary Meeting:

(I) The work at the Playgrounds in Bryntirion and Laleston are scheduled to begin on 5 August and the flooring in the Barnes Avenue Play-park will be repaired under the original warranty.
(II) He and Cllr T Green had undertaken an inspection of all the Play-parks in our area and had tabled a report (attached). There were no issues apart from litter.
(III) Plans for the Christmas Decoration continue, the Chair is meeting with a supplier in the next few days.
(IV) All the shutter at BCC have been serviced; in future, by law, this must be undertaken annually. Six new fobs have been purchased and all the fobs (10) have been re-calibrated and are all in working order.
(V) The survey of the Blandy Hall has been completed. The written report has not yet been received. Council agreed approximately 5 years ago to remove the plumbing from two of the toilets and convert them into storage rooms. This will be completed during the summer.

7. 19.114 To consider quotations:
(I) Replacement sign for Allotments Gate – £196.00. Renew lines in Laleston MUGA during the school holiday – £600. Council Approved both quotations and instructed Chair to go ahead with both projects.
(II) Chair thanked all members who responded to his email about the quotation for urgent repairs to the teenage play equipment in Wordsworth Avenue he received as a request form BCBC because of H&S issues. He has instructed the necessary work to be completed, this will be £1,805.
8. 19.115 Bryntirion Community Centre – following a lengthy discussion Council Resolved to consult an architect. The Chair was asked to progress this during the summer recess.

9. 19.116 Allotments
(I) Complaints had been received about the main shed, the Chair will inspect it.
(II) Council had previously agreed to provide numbered signs for each allotment to correspond with the plan. This work remains outstanding, Council instructed the Chair to order these signs and complete the work.
(III) Reports for allotment holders had been verbally received expressing their thanks for the toilet that Council had provided this year.
10. 19.117 Events Update
(I) In Cllr I Spillers absence there was no report about Broadlands Fun Day. Council requested that this project be placed on the September Agenda for a full discussion.
(II) Fireworks – The Chair had been in discussion with the Fireworks Display providers, they provisionally booked 2 November, Chair will let members know as soon as the date is confirmed. They did not recommend a display of longer that 30 minutes.
(III) OAP Christmas Lunch would go ahead, deferred discuss until the September meeting.
11. 19.118 Cllr C Green gave the Finance Report
(I) Council Approved the following payments be made:

​ADM Nurseries (Filling Hanging Baskets)​1,014.00

​Scribe Software​ 692.40

​S Fancett ​ 160.00

​One Voice Wales​ 641.35

​TSO Host (Website)​ 118.80​



(I) Cllr Green will continue to be Acting as FRO during the summer recess, she will continue to pay invoices, however, she would be consulting members by email before doing so.
(II) Cllr Green expected to receive the report from the External Auditor on or about 29 July. She would forward the report to all Councillors.
12. 19.119 Personnel Issues
(I) Appointment of Clerk – vacancy to be advertised.
(II) Appointment of Community Development Officer – Cllr C Davies provided all Councillors present with a pack of information including a job description, draft advert, person specification and application form. Cllr Davies asked that all Councillors present read the pack and send him any feedback by Thursday, 25 July 2019. Any changes would be communicated to all Councillors by email and once all paperwork was agreed he would place the advert.
(III) Bryntirion Community Centre Facilities Officer – a contract of employment was needed for this employee, Cllr C Green agreed to contact One Voice Wales to see if they could provide a template. The Chair reported to Council that this employee was happy to undertake a variety of work when requested and was happy to be used as a handyman in other locations including the Blandy Hall and the Allotments. Following discussions, Council instructed the Chair and Cllr C Green to negotiate his hours along with terms and conditions of employment and Approved Plenary Powers to the Chair and Acting RFO to finalise this appointment. All actions to be notified to all Councillors during the summer recess by email.
13. 19.120 Vacancy on Council
Council had advertised the need to co-opt a Councillor to fill a Vacancy. Only one letter of application had been received from a previous Councillor, Mr Mark Fouracre. It was moved by Cllr J P Blundell, seconded by Cllr T Green and unanimously Approved, Council instructed the Acting Clerk (Cllr B Davies) to write to Mr Fouracre inviting him to join the Council.

14. 19.121 Correspondence received

(I) Cylch Meithrin Gwdihw Play group at Bryntirion Email circulated before meeting – discussed during start of meeting with 2 attendees from the group. Council agreed to note the contents.
(II) Notice of Town and Community Council forum Meeting BCBC 29th July Cllr JP Blundell and Cllr C Green to attend and report back to LCC in September.
(III) One Voice Wales AGM

notice of AGM

Council noted content.
(IV) One Voice Wales training notice Council noted content.
(V) Renewal subscription notice for Clerks and Council direct Agreed to renew. Cllr T Green to progress this.
(VI) Email from BCBC regarding road at Redhill Cllr C Green to respond.

15. 19.122 Reports and Observations

(I) The Chair and Cllr T Green reported the poor condition of two public benches in Wordsworth Avenue, Council Approved the Chair arrange replacements using a previous preferred contractor.
(II) The Chair had ordered the wooden seating to be installed in the Laleston Bus shelter that Laleston WI had requested over a year ago.
(III) Following on from Item 3 Council Approved the provision of a public defibrillator in Laleston if it could be fitted to the external wall of the Blandy Hall. The Chair was asked to progress this during the summer recess.

At 8.50 pm, Cllr C Green requested that Council suspend Standing Orders and move into Committee while she gave a Confidential verbal report.

16. 19.123 At 8.55 pm Council reconvened to consider Planning Application received:

Application Details Actions
Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended)

Planning Application No.: A/19/16/ADV

Applicant: Barratt David Wilson Homes South Wales Ltd

Location: Rear fence of 20 Heol Y Blodau Cefn Glas CF31 4UF

No objection
Planning Application No.: P/19/430/FUL

Applicant: Mr & Mrs Azzopardi

Location: 17 Clos Y Cudyll Coch Broadlands Bridgend CF31 5FW Proposal: Double storey rear extension

No objection
Planning Application No.: P/19/413/FUL Applicant: Mr David Furness

Location: Sunhill High Street Laleston to A48 Opposite Merthyr Mawr Village Access Laleston CF32 0NS

Proposal: New dormer bungalow to be built in the side garden

Cllr C Green already dealing this application with BCBC, LCC has no objection
Planning Application No.: P/19/437/FUL

Applicant: Mr C James

Location: 85 Merlin Crescent Cefn Glas Bridgend CF31 4QN

Proposal: Raise roof to provide first floor with flat roof dormers to side elevations, extend first floor to rear (on pillar), raise height of front porch.

No objection
Planning Application No.: P/19/461/FUL

Applicant: Mr C Wadlow

Location: 10 Pant Y Dryw Broadlands CF31 5BP

Proposal: Single storey rear extension and covered deck area

No objection
Planning Application No.: A/19/17/ADV

Applicant: Finnegans Fish Bar

Location: Ty Talbot building Elm Crescent Bryntirion CF31 4EA Proposal: Illuminated fascia sign

Julie Jenkins who can be contacted on 01656 643174.

No objection
Planning Application No.: P/19/445/FUL

Applicant: Mrs H Davies

Location: 26 High Street Laleston CF32 0HP

Proposal: Single storey rear extension

The case officer is Julie Earp who can be contacted on 01656 643389.

No objection
Planning application PE/244/2019


Proposal: Removal of Telephone boxes


No objection

There being no further business, the meeting ended at 9.05pm.

There being no meeting in August, the next Ordinary Meeting will take place on Thursday, 19 September 2019.

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