Minutes – 16 July 2020

Minutes – 16 July 2020

Laleston Community Council

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Laleston Community Council held remotely on 16 July 2020 commencing at 7.00pm.

Present: Cllr’s A Berrow, B Davies, C Davies, M Fouracre, J P Blundell, C Green, T Green and C Smith

In attendance: Clerk – Gail Jewell

1 19.255 Council undertook a period of silent reflection.

2. 19.256 Apologies for Absence: Cllrs T Turner, P Davies, I Spiller and D Wooldridge

3. 19.257 Declarations of Interest: Cllr J P Blundell – Item 12 – Prejudicial Interest as Member of the Planning Committee at Bridgend County Borough Council (BCBC).

4. 19.258 Council received the Minutes from the Annual General Meeting and Ordinary meeting held on 18 June 2020 and Approved them as a true and accurate record, proposed by Cllr C Green and seconded by Cllr T Green.

5. 19.259 Council noted the presented list of actions carried out since the last meeting.

6. 19.260 No quotations were presented.

7. 19.261 Bryntirion Community Centre

The Clerk explained that a Member referral had been made relating to the lack of response from BCBC for approval of the proposed building works on the centre. As a result, the Corporate Landlord had now confirmed that there is a licence being prepared and provided their approval to continue with the planned works.

On behalf of Laleston Community Council (LCC), Hurley and Davies had completed and submitted a planning application for the alterations for the 3 windows and the new fire exit door in the nursery.

8. 19.262 Blandy Hall

Following discussions, it was agreed that the Chair and Clerk would lead on exploring the membership of Blandy Trust and look to include representation from LCC.

9. 19.263 Laleston Allotments

Following meetings attended by the Clerk the following observations were made and presented to Council:

· The allotment tenancy agreement is not currently fit for purpose, whereby it states that no sheds or outbuildings are allowed on any plot but nearly all plots do. It was Agreed that the document should be reviewed with the assistance of the Allotment Committee;

  • Members of the public are frequently accessing the site even though there is signage highlighting the site is public property. Council Agreed that it should be reiterated to plot holders that anyone other than themselves are not permitted on site unless invited by the tenant themselves, who will take full responsibility for their visitors.

To conclude, Council Agreed that Sue Roper should formally be made Site Representative as Secretary of the Allotment Committee. The role would include acting as a communication link between plot holders, Clerk to the Council and the Council themselves.

9. 19. 264 The Clerk provided a Finance Update:

i. Members noted the Bank Reconciliation for May, June and July 2020.

ii. Council approved payments for vouchers 1 – 80 as presented with the agenda and can be viewed here. A Member did note a payment for petrol and confirmed that any petrol expenses should be claimed using the mileage expenses form.

iii. Council approved receipts for vouchers 1 – 10 as presented with the agenda and can be viewed here.

iv. Council noted the S137 payments as 1 July 2020.

v. Council noted the summary of receipts and payments as 1 July 2020.

10. 19.265 Personnel Issues

Due to the fact that the Clerk was unable to present the current Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales report at the previous meeting, a presentation outlining key points was made at this meeting. The following decisions were agreed by Council:

i. Each Member will receive £150 per year as a contribution to costs and expenses.

ii. The Chair will receive £1,500

iii. The Vice Chair will receive £500

iv. The Chair of each Committee will receive a payment of £500 for recognition of their specific responsibilities in a senior role – which is in addition to the £150 payment for costs and expenses.

During discussions, a Member highlighted that any trees owned by LCC should be surveyed annually by law. Council Agreed that the Clerk investigate this further.

11. 19.266 Correspondence Received

Correspondence Received Comment
Email received from resident in Mount Pleasant who has asked for the gates to be locked at Bryntirion Community Centre due to anti-social behaviour. They point out that the car park is full of cars with teenagers in them and that it takes place most nights until early hours of the morning. Council agreed that arrangements should be made to lock the car park every evening
Email from One Voice Wales who have supplied Covid guidance for managing playgrounds which includes the need for a Covid-19 risk assessment and provides examples of measures that may be taken to facilitate their use while minimising COVID-19 transmission risk. Noted. Council agreed to follow in BCBC’s footsteps.
Letter from Audit Wales providing notice of completion of audit 2018-19 Noted

12 19.267 To consider Planning Applications received:

  1. Planning Application No.: P/20/360/FUL

Applicant: Elizabeth Jones

Location: 15 High Street Laleston CF32 0LD

Proposal: Inclusion of land within curtilage of dwelling and erection of wall

Date: 17 June 2020

No objection
  1. Planning Application No.: P/20/354/FUL

Applicant: Mr M Goulding

Location: 2 Pant y Dryw Broadlands Bridgend CF31 5BP

Proposal: First floor front and side extension

Date: 18 June 2020

No objection
  1. Planning Application No.: T/20/31/TPO

Applicant: Vicky Knight

Location: 112 Wood Green Cefn Glas CF31 4DY

Proposal: 30% reduction to oak tree in rear garden

Date: 19 June 2020

No objection
  1. Planning Application No.: T/20/29/TPO

Applicant: Mr James

Location: Gable Cottage Rogers Lane Cefn Cribwr CF32 0EU

Proposal: Removal of ash tree to side/rear

Date: 24 June 2020

Council highlighted that this application should be covered by Cefn Cribwr Community Council.
  1. Planning Application No.: P/20/441/FUL

Applicant: Mr R Hopkins

Location: 27 Longfellow Drive Cefn Glas CF31 4PR

Proposal: Demolish detached garage and construct new family room, utility room and garage to ground

floor with 2no. first floor bedrooms and bathroom

Date: 2 July 2020

No objection
  1. Planning Application No.: P/20/413/FUL

Applicant: Mr J Harris

Location: 44 Dol Nant Dderwen Broadlands CF31 5AA

Proposal: Increase size of detached garage

Date: 6 July 2020

No objection

There being no further business, the meeting ended at 7.50pm.

The next meeting will be held remotely on Thursday 17 September 2020.

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