Minutes – 18 December 2019

Minutes – 18 December 2019

Laleston Community Council

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on 18 December 2019 commencing at 7.00pm in Bryntirion Community Centre.

Present: Cllr’s A Berrow, B Davies, C Davies, M Fouracre, JP Blundell, T Turner, C Green, T Green,

In attendance: Clerk – Gail Jewell

  1. The Council undertook a short period of silent reflection.

2. 19.157 Apologies: Cllrs D Wooldridge, P Davies, I Spiller, C Smith

3. 19.158 No representation from the public.

4. 19.159 Declarations of Interest: Cllr JP Blundell – Item 17 – Prejudicial Interest as Member of the Planning Committee at Bridgend County Borough Council (BCBC); Cllr T Green – Item 15 – Personal Interest as a School Governor of Trelales Primary School; Cllr C Green – Item 15 – Personal Interest as a School Governor of Trelales Primary School; Cllr M Fouracre – Item 15 – Personal Interest as a School Governor of Llangewydd Junior school.

5. 19.160 Council received the Minutes from the previous meeting held on 21 November 2019 and Approved them as a true and accurate record, proposed by Cllr M Fouracre and seconded by Cllr B Davies.

  1. Actions arising – With reference to the WIFI provision at Bryntirion Community Centre, Council confirmed that the password should be shared on request with any hirer of the community centre.
  1. Members agreed that a special meeting should be arranged as soon as possible in the New Year to amend and agree all policies, financial regulations and standing orders. Clerk to arrange meeting.
  1. Council confirmed that the prize for the winner for designing the new LCC logo should be £50. Clerk to contact Bryntirion Comprehensive School to outline a brief for the design along with details of prize.

6. 19.161 With reference to the presented list of actions carried out since the last meeting the following discussions took place:

  1. Members noted the completed works at the allotments and agreed that the changes had made a vast improvement to the site.
  1. With reference to the ‘No Parking’ sign at Blandy Hall, Members confirmed that the Gardening Club had offered to contribute to the costs of both signs. Following discussions, Members agreed that no payment would be requested from the Gardening Club, but instead proposed that members of the club could tend to the garden area surrounding Blandy Hall by tidying up and planting some flowers. Clerk to contact Gardening Club.
  1. With reference to the submitted Expression of Interests supplied for Bryntirion Community Centre, Playing Fields and all play parks in the area, Members agreed to defer progression until the Community Development Officer was in situ to gauge whether or not the assets are a requirement of the community, therefore making the transfers viable.

7. 19.162 To consider quotations:

Quotations Received Comment
Clerk supplied a verbal quotation received from Highways regarding the installation of a bench on the cycle track between Broadlands to Bridgend. £1500 Council Approved the quotation
Clerk supplied a verbal quotation for 3 mounted bike racks for Bryntirion Community Centre. £8.49 each Council Approved the quotation.
Clerk supplied a verbal quotation for a projector Cllr T Green to research suitable projectors and provide an update at the next meeting in January 2020
Amberol. 12 Additional hanging baskets – £803.42 (inc VAT) Council Approved the quotation.
Rowan Garden Designs. Install and remove 64 hanging baskets -£800 and an additional £80 per visit. Council Approved the quotation and agreed to add £1000 for the additional visits to the budget for 2019/20
20ft one trip shipping container – £2375 (includes £550 delivery) Clerk to contact company to enquire if they would also move our existing container on site and Chair to view containers locally in the first instance.

Defer to meeting in January 2020

Vector air and water. Following a water tank inspection, report highlighted that the tanks needed to be cleaned, a lid for each tank and insulation – £435 exc VAT Council Approved the quotation.

8. 19.163 Bryntirion Community Centre Update

  1. Further to the update provided in Item 6, Members had been informed that the community centre was being used outside its contracted hours without prior consent or payment. Council requested that a letter be drafted and circulated.

9. 19.164 Blandy Hall

  1. Further to the update in Item 6, the Chair confirmed that S R Middleton had completed the repairs to the roof. Members requested that the scaffolding be removed due to potential health and safety issues. Clerk to contact S R Middleton.
  1. Members deliberated the condition of the current flooring at the hall and suggested that it should be replaced with a more hard wearing covering. Chair to request quotations prior to meeting in January 2020. Members requested to view the flooring at the Gardening Club as an example.

10. 19.165 On-going Projects

  1. No discussion took place.

11. 19.166 Allotments

  1. In addition to the update provided in Item 6, the Clerk also confirmed that a meeting had been arranged with the allotment committee in January 2020 to discuss the allocation of allotments.

12. 19.167 Events Update

  1. OAP Christmas Lunch – Members confirmed that the Christmas lunch went well – everyone enjoyed the food and Llangewydd Junior School choir. A request was made for more soft drinks to be provided next year and for the school choir to perhaps commence following food to allow viewers to appreciate fully.

13. 19.168 The Clerk provided a current Financial Update.

  1. Council Approved payment for vouchers 180 to 224 as presented with agenda.  To view details of payments made, please click here – 180 – 224 payment vouchers.
  1. Resulting from discussions that took place, Council confirmed the below changes would be made to current fees and charges:

a) 2% increase for allotment holders;

b) Hire charges for Bryntirion Community Centre will increase from £12 per hour to £13 per hour;

c) No change to rates for Blandy Hall until completion of refurbishment works.

  1. Draft budget and precept figures were presented to prompt http://www.thenewportbuzz.com/buy-tramadol discussion. As highlighted throughout the meeting, an additional £10,000 was allocated to salaries within the budget to take into account higher contributions for pension and an additional £1,000 for floral displays. Therefore it was agreed that the overall precept would be £218,246 with an additional £75,000 allocated in ear mark reserves. Clerk to draft a letter to BCBC outlining precept request.

14. 19.169 Personnel Issues

  1. Clerk confirmed that an offer of employment had been sent for the position of Community Development Officer with a start date of 3 January 2020. Cllr C Davies to email job description for the post for inclusion with contract of employment.
  1. It was confirmed that a contract of employment had been drafted for all staff and would be submitted to One Voice Wales to confirm accuracy of the content.

15. 19.170 Correspondence received

Correspondence Received Comment
Email received from RCT in relation to joining their scheme. The cost to Laleston Community Council will be 19.4% of pay for each member of staff who is eligible to join. Need to confirm roles to be included within the minutes. Council Agreed to progress with joining the RCT pension scheme and confirmed that the members of staff who are eligible to join would be the Clerk, Facilities Officer and Community Development Officer.
Email asking LCC to support the Local Electricity Bill by either signing up as a group or as an individual. The result would allow local communities to buy their electricity from a local energy company. Email circulated prior meeting. Council requested that this be deferred to next Council.
Email received thanking the person responsible for the Christmas lights this year – they are the best for many years. Members agreed and stated that many people were driving through the ward just to view the Christmas lights.
Email received from Urdd outlining that the Eisteddfod in 2020 will take place in Denbighshire and they kindly ask that LCC consider making a financial contribution. Council Agreed a financial contribution would be made if a local group applied for a grant to take part in the Eisteddfod.
Email from Head of Llangewydd School firstly thanking LCC for the installation of the MUGA stating that is was a great investment. It is used for timetabled events; by the community and other organisations such as the Lifeguards from the RNLI.

The Head is also asking LCC to consider providing a grant for a sensory garden. The school has two special classes, one for children with autism and one for children with moderate learning difficulties. They also host a club for adults with learning difficulties and Y Bont holiday and Saturday clubs, for children with profound needs. The garden will also be available to the community throughout the year and would utilise the existing infrastructure of the MUGA. The equipment would cost around £10k per installation and therefore the outlay from LCC would approximately be £40k – £50k.

With reference to the already agreed installation of a defib unit, along with an additional electricity supply at the school, the Head outlined the demand for facilities after dark and therefore asks LCC to consider installing floodlights at the same time as the defib.

In relation to the sensory garden, LCC did not agree to fund the amount of £40,000 – 50,000 but confirmed that the Community Development Officer would assist the school with seeking and accessing grants/funding for the project.

Quotations to be sought for spotlights for the MUGA and presented to next Council.

Email received requesting an update in relation to the potential bus stop on Merlin Crescent. Cllr Smith has emailed to confirm that Kevin Sales is due to undertake a site visit to assess the best spot for the provision of a flag or bus shelter.

In addition Members requested for another bus shelter to be erected on Westminster Way opposite the entrance of Chelsea Avenue.

Clerk to contact BCBC.

Letter received by Trelales Primary School firstly thanking LCC for the painting of lines on the MUGA and outlining their plans to enhance the top play areas and nursery yard. So far, the school has been able to raise £2500 towards the £6000 quoted for the work. Council Agreed to fund the amount of £3,000 towards to enhancement of the top play areas and nursery yard.
Email requesting support of doubling tree cover by 2045 by growing more trees in public parks in council owned Green Belt land and on Country Farms. Cllr Smith has suggested that instead of doubling tree cover, perhaps the Council could agree to encourage a ‘Plant a tree by ’23’ campaign followed by ‘plant some more for ’24’. Defer to next meeting.

16. 19.171 Reports and Observations

  1. Members requested that the Clerk obtain photographs of a sample of the Christmas lighting throughout the ward and promote through social media.
  1. Members requested that the Clerk obtain photographs of the new inclusive play park at Bryntirion Community Centre and promote through social media and distribute to all schools in the area, including Y Bont.

17. 19.172 To consider Planning Applications received:

Planning Application Details Actions
  1. Planning Application No.: P/19/806/FUL

Applicant: Mr J Qureshi

Location: 4 Wild Field Broadlands Bridgend CF31 5FF Proposal: Proposed two storey side extension

Date: 18 November 2019

No objection
  1. Planning Application No.: P/19/849/FUL

Applicant: Mr Miah

Location: 7 Dan Y Deri Broadlands Bridgend CF31 5BG

Proposal: Single storey rear extension

Date: 25 November 2019

No objection
  1. Planning Application No.: P/19/886/FUL

Applicant: Mr W Landon

Location: 19 Bryn Henfaes Broadlands Bridgend CF31 5EN

Proposal: Convert part of garage into utility room/wc with internal alterations

Date: 06 December 2019

No objection

There being no further business, the meeting ended at 9.25pm.

The next Ordinary Meeting will take place on Thursday, 16 January 2020 at Blandy Hall.

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