Minutes – 17th October 2019

Minutes – 17th October 2019

Laleston Community Council

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on 17 October 2019 commencing

at 7.00pm in Blandy Hall.

Present: Cllr’s A Berrow, B Davies, C Davies, T Green, C Green, M Fouracre, JP Blundell, P Davies, D Wooldridge, and T Turner.

In attendance: Clerk – Gail Jewell

1. The Council undertook a short period of silent reflection.

3. 19.127 The Council moved immediately to Item 3 and suspended the meeting to hear representation from a member of the public:

i. The representative of the public attended to request an update on the letter sent to the Chief Executive of V2C regarding the installation of Bat Boxes on tenanted properties. Clerk to investigate.

ii. The representative also queried whether the WIFI in Bryntirion Community Centre could be used by the public. Members requested that the topic be added to next Council’s meeting for a decision.

iii. The representative raised questions on behalf of Cylch Meithrin Gwdihw nursery relating to the site at Bryntirion Community Centre:
• Could a fence be established between garden and side gate;
• Could a timber box be erected in the Community Centre garden for planting of flowers;
• Could the existing slabs at the rear of the building be taken up and relayed.

2. 19.128 Apologies: Cllr’s I Spiller, C Smith, I Griffiths

4. 19.129 Declarations of Interest: Cllr JP Blundell – Item 17 – Prejudicial Interest as Member of the Planning Committee at Bridgend County Borough Council (BCBC).

5. 19.130 Council received the Minutes from the previous meeting held on 19 September 2019 and Approved them as a true and accurate record, proposed by Cllr C Green,seconded Cllr B Davies).

6. 19.131 To consider quotations:

Quotations Received Comment
G2S – Door for Bryntirion Community Centre – £4195 inc VAT  
Allen and Company – Door for Bryntirion Community Centre – £4296 inc VAT Council Approved the quotation and confirmed that arrangements will be made for the work to be carried out during Easter 2020.
Coity Engineering – To manufacture posts for allotments @ £7.25 each and post for bin at Bryntirion Community Centre @ £56.25 – £491.25 inc VAT Council Approved the quotation.
Supply and fit of 2 signs at Trelales Primary School – £735 as per emails. Council Approved the quotation.

7.​19.132​  Bryntirion Community Centre Update

i. Following the presentation of the Energy Report and recommendations therein, Council agreed to the following:
a. To source a replacement for the current wall heaters sited in the building;
b. Thought to be given to the unnecessary water usage in the urinals;
c. In relation to the elevated gas and electric bills for the building, contact should be made with a broker to seek supplier price comparisons.

ii. A Member voiced positive feedback received by user of the facilities – in that they were delighted with the building as a venue.

8 ​19.133  ​Blandy Hall

I. The Chair confirmed that works had been carried out at Blandy Hall, which included removal of two of the threetoilets within the building which have been converted into storerooms. The Facilities Manager had painted the internal doors and replaced handles, hinges and locks – which are all now fire proof.

II. The Chair also confirmed that S R Middleton werescheduled to undertake repairs to the roof during November 2019.

III. Following presentation of the survey report for Blandy Hall, Council Agreed to source replacement of the wall heaters currently sited in the building.

IV. During discussions, Council Agreed that signage was required for outside the property specifying that parking was for Blandy Hall and Laleston Gardening Club users only.

V. Following debate relating to the possible need for an accessibility audit for the entrance to the building and toilet, Cllr C Green confirmed that in the first instance she would contact Bridgend County Borough Council’s Disability Officer for advice.

VI. The Chair confirmed that Wood B would be updating the Honours Board at Blandy Hall. Chair/Clerk Agreedto assess spelling for Cllr Westwood and contact supplier.

9.​19.134 Allotments

i. With reference to the amended draft tenancy agreement outlining that allotment holders were required to reside in the ward, Council requested that a copy of all plot holders registered addresses be provided at the next meeting.

ii. Following discussions with reference to allotment rent, Members confirmed that there had not been an increase for several years and that thought should be given to a rise this year in accordance with the cost of living. Clerk to investigate what charges are imposed throughout the Borough and whether or not full or half plots are offered.

iii. During a meeting held between Members of the Allotment Committee and Laleston Community Council Chair and Clerk, a request had been received for improving the pathway from the car park to the top of the allotments. The Chair provided a verbal quotation received to clear the car park of debris and supply scalpings for the lane. Council Agreed to progress with the works quoted for.

10. 19.135 Events Update

i. Fireworks – Following discussions it was Agreed that the Chair and Clerk would meet with firework supplier and that a meeting would be held on Wednesday 30 October 2019 at 7.00pm to ensure that all plans included in the Event Management Plan and Risk Assessments were carried out. Clerk to create a checklist in preparation to the meeting.

ii. Christmas Lights – The Clerk confirmed that the Christmas lights were to be dispatched from France on 4 November 2019. BCBC had also inspected and tested the Laleston Christmas Decoration at Waterton Depot and had erected 13 extra commando sockets in preparation for the new decorations.

iii. OAP Christmas Lunch – Members confirmed that the Scouts Hall had been booked or 1 December 2019 and that further preparations would commence following the Firework Event. Clerk to formulate a checklist for arrangements.

11. 19.136 The Clerk provided a current Financial Update.

i. Council Approved payment vouchers 114 to 144 as presented with agenda.  To view details of payments made, please click here – 114 – 144 payment vouchers.

ii. A discussion took place in relation to the option of the Clerk operating Online banking on behalf of the Council. Members Agreed for the Clerk to investigate this further.

iii. Due to the amounts of money currently being spent, Members requested that a Special Meeting be held to discuss Laleston Community Council Financial Regulations.

12. 19.137 Personnel Issues

i. An update was provided in relation to the Community Development Officer vacancy. Applications had been received and interviews had been arranged for Saturday 26 October 2019 at 11.00am. The Interview Panel to consist of Chair, Vice Chair and Clerk.

ii. Following discussions regarding employees Contract of Employment, it was agreed that a meeting would take place to deliberate content of contract and other required Policies that the Council are required to adhere to. A meeting was arranged for 21 October 2019 at 6.00pm, to include Cllr Green, Cllr P Davies, Cllr B Davies and the Clerk.

13. 19.138 Correspondence received

Correspondence Received Comment
Email from BCBC outlining an ongoing review of Polling Districts, Places and Stations 2019 requesting comments from Councillors in relation to the review. Email circulated. Noted by Council.
Email from Diamond Executive travel regarding sponsoring the roundabout in Broadlands. Querying the possibility and costs in relation to this. Council confirmed that the Diamond Executive Travel would need to contact BCBC.
Email from the “Stitchers” outlining their last meeting due to reducing numbers and wanted to thank the Council for allowing them use of the Hall. Arrangements have been made for the return of keys. Noted by Council.
Email from a member of the public highlighting vandalism/removal of a bench on cycle track in Broadlands behind the nursery. Querying reinstatement of bench. Email sent to Chair. Council approved work to be carried out to reinstate.
Email from Cylch Meithrin Gwdihw in relation to Bryntirion Community Centre. Email circulated. Response to email received from Cylcyh Meithrin Gwdihw:


1) Council confirmed that they would be unable to provide security of tenure for the next 5 years as fundamentally Members would be making a decision which impacted on the next administration.

2) Council raised concerns relating to the provision of a gate at the fire exit door and the placement of a fence in the garden area, as this would be an obstruction of a fire escape route. Members requested to receive a copy of the CIW Inspection Report and suggested arrangements to be made for a multi-agency meeting, to include Cylch Meithrin Gwdihw, CIW, Laleston Community Council and BCBC Compliance Officers.

3+4) Council confirmed that reassurances were provided to Cylch Meithrin Gwdihw that if any of the ongoing works on the building should affect them and their business, they would be consulted. Members confirmed that they felt that the works carried out did not interfere with the nursery room and that most of the works were to rectify health and safety issues.

Council confirmed that the Clerk should be the Liaison Officer between Laleston Community Council and Cylch Meithrin Gwdihw and all communication should be directed to and dealt with by the Clerk.

Email from BCBC Monitoring Officer proposing training on governance and administrative protocols for Town & Community Council Clerks. 24 October 2019 6.00pm – 7.30pm. Email circulated before meeting – Council confirmed that Clerk should attend.

14 19.139 Reports and Observations

i. A request had been received for street lighting to be installed at Barnes Avenue playpark due to an attack on a female which had recently taken place – Chair/Clerk to make enquiries.

ii. A request had been received for a bus shelter on Willesden Road by the entrance of Chelsea Avenue – Chair to inspect.

iii. A Member noted that the steps recently installed in Broadlands had suffered due to recent torrential rain –Chair/Clerk agreed to meet and inspect with Contractor.

iv. The following was issues were highlighted as Member Referrals:
a. Road markings throughout the Broadlands Estate;
b. Overgrown trees throughout the Broadlands Estate – the trees by Broadlands Tesco Express being a particular health and safety hazard.

15. 19.140 To consider Planning Applications received:

Planning Application Details Actions
1. Planning Application No.: P/19/694/FUL
Applicant: Mr A Carter


Location: 16 Austin Avenue Laleston CF32 0LG Proposal: Single storey rear extension

Date: 19 September 2019

No objection
2. Planning Application No.: P/19/713/FUL
Applicant: Mr D Furniss


Location: Sunhill High Street Laleston to A48 Opposite Merthyr Mawr Village Access Laleston CF32 0NS

Proposal: New bungalow in existing garden area

Date: 25 September 2019

No objection
3. Planning Application No.: P/19/608/FUL
Applicant: Valleys to Coast Housing Ltd


Location: 31-47 Bryngolau, Cefn Glas CF31 4DF 92-106 Heol y Frenhines, Cefn Glas CF31 4RT 133-147 Llangewydd Road, Cefn Glas CF31 4JT 149-159 Llangewydd Road, Cefn Glas CF31 4JT 165-175 Llangewydd Road, Cefn Glas CF31 4JT

Proposal: Build external cupboards to house electrical distribution and switching gear.

Date: 26 September 2019

No objection
4. Planning Application No.: T/19/44/TPO
Applicant: Union School of Theology


Location: Union School of Theology Bryntirion House Bryntirion CF31 4DX

Proposal: Fell 1no. holly tree and fell 3no. cherry trees (rear of 16 / 17 Ffridd Las)

Date: 27 September 2019

No objection
5. Planning Application No.: P/19/519/FUL
Applicant : Mr W Trigg


Location : Brodawel Laleston CF32 0NR

Proposal : Retention of outbuilding and change of use to canine boarding kennels (previously approved for stables P/18/349/FUL) [amended proposal and plans received 7-10-19]

Date: 10 October 2019

No objection

There being no further business, the meeting ended at 9.25pm.

The next Ordinary Meeting will take place on Thursday, 21 November 2019 at Blandy Hall.

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