Minutes – 16 January 2020

Minutes – 16 January 2020

Laleston Community Council

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on 16 January 2020 commencing at 7.00pm in Bryntirion Community Centre.

Present: Cllr’s A Berrow, B Davies, C Davies, M Fouracre, JP Blundell, T Turner, C Green, T Green, P Davies

In attendance: Clerk – Gail Jewell

  1. The Council undertook a short period of silent reflection.

2. 19.172 Apologies: Cllrs D Wooldridge, I Spiller, C Smith

3. 19.173 No representation from the public, but the newly appointed Community Development Officer (CDO) was in attendance to introduce herself.

i. The CDO summarised the work carried out so far, which included mapping of the area to research what services, groups, activities are already in place to gain a better understanding of what the community require.

ii. The CDO confirmed that connections had been made with BAVO; Keep Wales Tidy; Living Streets and Mental Health Matter Wales, all of whom are keen to undertake partnership working with the Council. The CDO outlined that BAVO wanted to run projects from Bryntirion Community Centre but would not be able to cover hire costs until funding is secured. The projects suggested were a craft group, pottery class and a menopause support group. To be discussed further at next Council.

  1. Following discussions with BAVO, the CDO suggested that the Council become Dementia Friendly, which could then be extended to include local businesses and schools in the areas to create a Dementia Friendly zone. Other potentially beneficial projects were considered including a digital inclusion service and Breakfast club.

4. 19.174 Declarations of Interest: Cllr JP Blundell – Item 17 – Prejudicial Interest as Member of the Planning Committee at Bridgend County Borough Council (BCBC)

5. 19.175 Council received the Minutes from the previous meeting held on 18 December 2020 and Approved them as a true and accurate record, proposed by Cllr M Fouracre and seconded by Cllr B Davies. There were no matters arising.

6. 19.176 With reference to the presented list of actions carried out since the last meeting the following discussions took place:

i. Further to the update in relation to funding for Bryntirion Community Centre, the Clerk confirmed that a meeting had taken place with Hurley and Davies and they are to produce a quotation for a feasibility study for the building. Chair and Clerk had worked through the original survey carried out and removed £16,000 from the proposed works, either due to already being completed or will be carried out by the Maintenance Supervisor. These reductions would be taken into account when compiling the feasibility study.

ii. With reference to the streetlight at Barnes Avenue, Council noted the revised quotation of £1560 supplied by Bridgend County Borough Council (BCBC) and Council Agreed to cover the costs for installation due to the fact that BCBC would maintain the light and supply its electricity.

iii. In relation to the quotation required for a defibrillator to be sited at Llangewydd School, the Chair confirmed that a meeting will be arranged with Centregreat to discuss possible options and prices.

7. 19.177 To consider quotations:

Quotations Received Comment
Leach. Replacement interpretation board for Laleston Stone Trail – £421.39 (includes delivery and VAT) Council Approved the quotation
AVG – Internet Security – £74.99 (for year) Council Agreed to progress with cheaper option provided by Clerk at meeting.
Portable Space – 20ft one trip shipping container – £2375 (includes £550 delivery)

(additional £160 for re-siting existing container)

Clerk to contact company to enquire if they would also move our existing container on site and Chair to view containers locally in the first instance.

Defer to meeting in January 2020.

Clerk obtained additional quotation for the moving of container which was duly Approved by Council

Equipment and software for Clerk and Community Development Officer (CDO) Council Agreed to purchase the following:2 mobile phones for Clerk and CDO

1 laptop

1 Antivirus package

1 Office 365

1 new monitor

8. 19.178 Bryntirion Community Centre Update

i. In relation to the impending building work that will be undertaken during Easter, Members requested that a letter be sent to the nursery Manager to ensure the room is cleared prior to the works commencing in April 2020. To be completed by the Clerk.

9. 19.179 Blandy Hall

i. Council discussed the newly installed no parking signs at Blandy Hall. Complaints had been received in relation to the wording of the sign, to which the Clerk confirmed that contact had now been made with the Trustees on their preferred text. The Chair confirmed that the signs had been produced to cover the Council for any eventualities that may arise.

ii. Members reiterated the need for a No Parking area to be painted outside the hall directly in front of the doors. Chair to obtain quotation to carry out the works.

10. 19.180 Allotments

i. The Clerk provided feedback from a meeting held with the Allotment Committee which was arranged to allocate the now vacant 3 half plots to members of the public from the waiting list. During discussions at the Meeting the Chair outlined that when Plot 32 became available the Council would like to change the plot into 3 accessible plots for disabled gardeners. Following this request the Allotment Committee Chair suggested contacting the current holder of Plot 32 as he too had mobility issues and would benefit from such changes. Council duly Agreed for contact to be made with the Plot holder and if agreement is reached, Members further Agreed that the amendments to the plots should commence.

ii. The Clerk confirmed that a request had been received for an addition water tap to be installed on site. Chair to contact plumber.

iii. The Allotment Committee highlighted that they were uncomfortable with the funds being spent on the port a loo on site and felt that the monies could be better spent elsewhere. Council confirmed that due to the impending accessible plots that there would be a greater need for the facility to be in place and that some plot holders were grateful for the provision.

11. 19.181 The Clerk provided a current Financial Update.

i. Following on from Decembers meeting where 2020/2021 precept was duly agreed, the Clerk requested that Members confirm their agreement with the ear marked reserves. Council Approved the allocated proposed ear marked reserves.

ii. Council Approved payment for vouchers 224 to 237 as presented with agenda.  To view details of payments made, please click here – 224 – 237 voucher payments.

13. 19.182 Personnel Issues

i. The HR Committee confirmed that following contact with One Voice Wales regarding the contract of employment for all staff, they had been sent a nationally agreed model by NALC which was presented to Members for reference. Council agreed in principle to adopt the model contract but stipulated that the policies mentioned throughout the document would need to be in place in the first instance. Polices to be produced and agreed at a meeting scheduled for 30 January 2020 at Blandy Hall.

15. 19.183 Correspondence received

Correspondence Received Comment
Email received from BCBC regarding bench on cycle track – draft licence attached for approval.Costings has reduced to £1200 instead of the £1500 previously quoted. BCBC have asked if we would now like the second bench as requested initially. Council Approved the draft licence from BCBC.Council Agreed that another suitable site will be submitted for approval at a future meeting.
Email received from Father Antony stating that the St Davids Community Church will cover the electricity costs for the defibrillator in Laleston. Noted by Council.
In response to an email sent to the nursery regarding the price increase for the hall and using the facility outside the contracted hours, Yvonne highlighted that the Council are trying to charge commercial rates when the nursery is running as a community group and therefore ask Council to reconsider the price increase as it would require her to increase her charges to parents. Council Agreed to hold a special meeting to discuss further.Meeting will be held on 30 February 2020 at 6.00pm at Blandy Hall.
Email received from BCBC – Public Notice and Order regarding increase to parking charges throughout the Borough which came into force 1/1/2020. Email circulated prior to meeting. Noted by Council.
Email received from member of the public regarding access to the cemetery in Laleston. Emails from Members suggest raising the query with BCBC regarding feasibility of pedestrian access from Rogers Lane or via the Crossways Lane and kissing gate. Members confirmed that BCBC and LCC are aware of the issues regarding access to the cemetery and that in the short term would look to replace the kissing gate ensuring disabled access.
Email from One Voice Wales regarding National Awards Conference 26 March 2020 – outlining the opportunity for Council to showcase the services it provides for its community and for councillors, clerks and staff to receive recognition for their work. Email circulated prior to meeting. Cllr Smith suggested nominating the inclusive play park prior to the meeting which was Agreed at Council.Clerk to investigate.
Email requesting support of doubling tree cover by 2045 by growing more trees in public parks in council owned Green Belt land and on Country Farms. Cllr Smith has suggested that instead of doubling tree cover, perhaps the Council could agree to encourage a ‘Plant a tree by ’23’ campaign followed by ‘plant some more for ’24’. Defer to next meeting.
BCBC have sent out an application form for the Town and Community Council Fund – closing date 28 February 2020. Closing date duly noted by Council.Cllr C Davies offered to assist with completion of the form.
Email received from Laleston WI thanking LCC for the bench which has been installed at the bus stop by The Great House. WI enquired whether a plaque could be installed outlining that the bench had been requested by Laleston WI to celebrate its 50th. Council Agreed that Laleston WI could be included on the plaque. Wording to be agreed between both parties.
Letter received from Bryntirion Athletic Junior Football Club regarding creating an alliance with LCC for use of the football field with the club maintaining the fields in return. Council Agreed for a meeting to be arranged with the Chair in the first instance to discuss the proposal further.

14. 19.184 Reports and Observations

i. Members Agreed that reports and observations would be emailed to the Clerk and only urgent observations will be made at Council

15. 19.185 To consider Planning Applications received:

Planning Application Details Actions
  1. Planning Application No.: T/19/59/TPO

Applicant: Dr C Smith

Location: El Roble 1 Heol Fechan Llangewydd Court Bridgend CF31 4TW

Proposal: Works to oak tree: thin crown and crown reduction by approx 25%

Date: 16 December 2019

No objection
  1. Planning Application No.: P/19/898/FUL

Applicant: Mr S Miller

Location: 20 Dol Nant Dderwen Broadlands Bridgend CF31 5AA

Proposal: Demolish garage and construct single storey side/rear extension

Date: 18 December 2019

No objection
  1. Planning Application No.: P/19/901/FUL

Applicant: Mr D Keen

Location: 6 Coed Ty Maen Cefn Glas CF31 4TG Proposal: First floor side extension to provide bedroom

Date: 18 December 2019

No objection

There being no further business, the meeting ended at 9.05pm.

The next Ordinary Meeting will take place on Thursday, 20 February 2020 at Blandy Hall.

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