Minutes – 15th March, 2018

Minutes – 15th March, 2018

Minutes of the Ordinary monthly meeting of Laleston Community Council held at Blandy Hall – 15th March, 2018

Present: Councillors Tom Turner, Colin Davies, Jon-Paul Blundell, Roger Davies, Briony Davies, Charles Smith, Dan Woolridge.

Cllr Anthony Berrow in the Chair

18/30 Silent Reflection
Councillors held a period of silent reflection.

18/31 Apologies
Apologies were received from Cllr’s Cheryl Green, Ian Spiller, Dave Harrison, Ian Griffiths and Pam Davies

18/32 To consider suspension of meeting to receive representations from local residents, if in attendance at meeting, (15 minutes maximum)
None present.

18/33 Declarations of Interest
The Clerk asked if any Councillors had any declarations of interest to declare to the Council.

Cllr Jon-Paul Blundell declared an interest on item 13 on the agenda.
Cllr Tony Berrow declared an interest on item 10 of the agenda.
Cllr Briony Davies declared an interest on item 9 of the agenda.

18/34 Minutes of previous meeting
It was resolved that the minutes of the previous meeting held on the 15th March, 2018 be approved as an accurate record Cllr Briony Davies moved that the minutes be approved as an accurate record and Cllr Jon-Paul Blundell seconded the movement.

The Chair signed the minutes.

18/35 Matters arising from Minutes
18/17 To consider suspension of meeting to receive representations from local residents meeting of 15th February, 2018
Cllr Briony Davies questioned the Council if any further progress has taken place for the proposed walk around Bryntirion with Mr Bob Sayce, it was clarified that Cllr Tony Berrow had agreed to participate and Cllr Colin Davies stated that he would be willing to also support as long as the walk could take place on a weekend or an evening due to his work commitments.
RESOLVED: The Clerk to contact Mr Bob Sayce and arrange a suitable date for a meeting.

17/100 Proposed installation of Defibrillator at Filco Stores, Bryntirion
The Clerk stated that she had not received a response regarding the installation of a defibrillator outside of the Filco Store in Bryntirion. She confirmed however that Cllr Dave Harrison had suggested installing the defibrillator outside of his Dance Studio in Bryntirion which is next door for the Filco Stores.
RESOLVED: That following the absence of Cllr Dave Harrison at this meeting Council agreed to support the new location for the defibrillator at the Dance Centre.

18/7 Contribution of gifts and food Christmas 2018

Cllr Briony Davies confirmed that she has still not been unable to speak to a representative of the Trussell Trust Group and would continue to pursue contact.

17/184 Proposed Variation to Speed Limit A473 Bryntirion to Laleston
The Clerk confirmed that a meeting had taken place with an Officer in Traffic and Transportation from BCBC and it was agreed that the 40mph proposed speed limit on the A473 Bryntirion to Laleston commence after the junction to Elm Crescent and end before Gypsy Lane in Laleston as recommended by the Community Council.
RESOLVED: That this be noted by Council.

18/21 Floral Displays 2018
The Clerk confirmed that an order has been placed for a further 21 hanging baskets and brackets to be purchased at a cost of £1092.71. A further quotation was received for the planting of the baskets at a cost of £819.00 as well as the installation, maintenance and removal of baskets at a cost of £590.00 plus a charge of £60 watering costs per visit.
RESOLVED: That this be noted by Council.

18/36 Blandy Hall Quotations for Windows and Heating
The Clerk stated that 2 quotations at costs of £3600 and £3280 had been sought for electric heating to be installed in Blandy Hall with a further meeting with another supplier due to take place on Wednesday 14th March, 2018 in which an estimated quotation for the heater was £2500 as well as installation. Cllr Roger Davies suggested that we contact Creda to get more information on storage heaters. Cllr Tony Berrow stated that we need to consider an alternative system to incorporate a better hot water system be installed in which all Council members agreed to pursue. Cllr Tony Berrow and the Clerk agreed to speak to both suppliers with possible options for an alternative hot water system.
RESOLVED: That the Clerk contact both suppliers to arrange for an additional quotation to be sought.

The Clerk confirmed that 2 quotations had been received for the supply and installation of new windows at Blandy Hall in which all Councillors voted in favour to employ Nottage Joinery for the contract.
RESOLVED: That the Clerk contact Nottage Joinery to confirm that their quotation was successful and to proceed with installing the new secondary double glazed hardwood windows.

18/37 Clerks WordPress Training and Website Update
The Clerk confirmed that the WordPress training had taken place on the 6th March, 2018 in which both courses had to be carried out on this day due to the cancellation of the first course on the 1st March due to the weather conditions.

The Clerk confirmed that since the training the website has been updated with all previous Minutes and Agendas inputted as well as all contact details have been updated and is just waiting to input the photographs of the new Councillors.

Cllr Briony Davies stated that following the training it was confirmed that the website could be also voice activated to support visually impaired people, however consideration will need to be given to not abbreviate words in future text.

18/38 Proposed Traffic Calming by Entrance to Llangewydd Junior School
The Clerk confirmed that Cllr Tony Berrow and herself had met with an Officer from Highways and Transportation at the entrance to Llangewydd Junior School. The purpose of the meeting was that Cllr Tony Berrow had reported that while canvassing he had received a lot of complaints from residents in Llangewydd Road about the amount of excessive speeding by cars up and down the road.

The officer confirmed the solutions to slow down the traffic could be to install concrete square humps at a cost of £3k each in which for the width of the road 3 would be required at each point and if the whole of the road was to be done it would amount to a cost of approximately £90,000 in which all residents on the road would need to be consulted.
He confirmed that another solution was to install 2 black ramps across the road just before the entrance of the school and after the entrance to slow down traffic at a cost of approximately £25k and residents directly by the traffic calming measures would need to only be consulted.

The installation of flashing speed signs was not recommended as only some people would abide by them.

Council agreed that consideration be given to the black ramps and consult with BCBC to request that consideration be given for their budget in 2019-2020 and that consultations with resident proceed in readiness for the implementation.
RESOLVED: The Clerk to consult with BCBC with the intention that the Community Council would wish to proceed with the traffic calming but will need to be considered in the budget of 2019-2020 if the Borough Council are unable to support financially.

18/39 Request from the Allotment Committee
The Clerk confirmed that a meeting had taken place with the Allotment Committee on the 14th March, 2018. The Committee were requesting if the Council would be willing to pay for 12 people to attend a first aid course due to some recent accidents in the past, the cost would be approximately £360 for 12 individuals to attend in which Council declined this request at present. The Committee also asked if the Council would purchase some scalpings for the driveway to fill in the pot holes that have got worse during the winter months in which they stated they would be happy to carry out the work, Council agreed to purchase 5 tons of scalping’s for the driveway.
The Committee members also expressed concern at the condition of some of the plots, the Clerk stated that due to the recent weather conditions it was unfair to comment at this moment in time and suggested that a site meeting take place at the end of April with the attendance of the nominated Councillors to check if allotments have been cultivated annually as stated in their contracts.
RESOLVED: That the Clerk purchase 5 tons of scalping’s for the driveway and arrange a site meeting with the nominated Councillors at the end of April 2018.

18/40 Bryntirion and Laleston Community Centre
Cllr Charles Smith confirmed that Cllr Cheryl Green and himself had spoken to Mark Shepherd and confirmed that the Town & Community Forum has an amount of money for grants which could be made available and suggested that the Community Council take on a temporary lease of the Community Centre.

Cllr Briony Davies proposed that a sub-committee be established and consist of Cllr’s Tony Berrow, Cheryl Green, Charles Smith, Roger Davies and Dan Woolridge. Cllr Ian Griffiths seconded this proposal.

18/41 Finance Update

Accounts for Payment February, 2017

Description Amount inc VAT
Swalec – Electricity for Blandy Hall Oct 17 – Jan 18 110.53
Young at Heart – Donation 1000.00
HMRC – Tax and National Insurance for Clerk Nov – Jan 535.96
TSO Host – Domain Renewal for 2 years 70.00
Amanda Parsons – Salary for February, 2018 1193.40
TOTAL £2909.89

Quotations for the installation of Bus Shelters
The Clerk confirmed that a meeting had taken place to seek a further quotation to be sought for the installation of bus shelters at Llangewydd Road, Ton Glas and Laleston in which a total of £13,566 had been received with an estimated time of 6 -8 weeks until installation.

Noticeboard at Woodgreen, Cefn Glas
The Clerk confirmed that she had received confirmation from Wood B that the noticeboard to be situated at Woodgreen in Cefn Glas has been completed and is ready for installation.

Update from Extraordinary Meeting 8th March, 2018
The Clerk confirmed that the above meeting took place on Thursday 8th March, 2018 in which minutes are attached. Cllr Ian Griffiths proposed that the minutes were an accurate record of the meeting, Cllr Briony Davies seconded the proposal.

Current Budget and Financial Report 2017/18.
The Clerk circulated the current Expenditure Report and the Analysis of Commitments for 2017-2018.

18/42 Correspondence January/February 2018
– E-mail received from Head teacher at Maes yr Haul School stating that he would be grateful for a book grant of £1000 to replenish some of the books in their library, Council agreed to support this funding as long as the Council receive a receipt with proof of purchase. Cllr Ian Griffiths also stated that Llangewydd Junior School also expressed an interest to purchase books and asked that the Clerk contact the Head Teacher.
RESOLVED: That the Clerk confirm the purchase of books for Maes yr Haul School providing a receipt as proof of purchase is produced. The Clerk to also contact the Head Teacher at Llangewydd Junior School to confirm that Council would be willing to fund new books.
– Letter from Bobath thanking the Council for their donation last year of £500 and asking if consideration could be given for a donation this year as they need to raise £1,408,706 to keep providing their current level of service.
Cllr Briony Davies proposed that a further £500 be granted and Cllr Charles Smith seconded the proposal.
18/43 Reports and Observations Received January/February 2018
– Cllr Dave Harrison reported that 2 potholes have appeared on Broadoak Way, Bryntirion.
RESOLVED: The Clerk confirmed that this has been reported to BCBC.
– Cllr Dave Harrison reported that the signage on the playing fields at Bryntirion stating ‘no golf allowed’ need replacing as they are now illegible.
RESOLVED: The Clerk confirmed that this has been reported to BCBC.
– The Clerk reported that she had received an e-mail from a resident expressing concern that part of the play park at the Bryntirion Play fields is very close to the footpath which leads out onto the road with only a barrier separating the fields from the road and explained it was difficult to supervise more than one child who are using various equipment at either ends of the play park. She also expressed concern regarding dogs entering the play area whilst the children are playing in which the Clerk confirmed that the Community Council had been advised by the Borough Council not to enclose the play area due to the potential danger of gates as well as dogs getting trapped with the fenced area.
Cllr Charles Smith proposed that a kissing gate be installed and Cllr Jon-Paul Blundell seconded the proposal.
RESOLVED: That the Clerk contact Ceejay Landscapes to obtain a quotation for the installation of a kissing gate near the play park at the Bryntirion Playing Fields.
– Cllr Dave Harrison reported that he had received a request from a resident asking if the double white line leading from the Broadlands roundabout on the A48 could be extended further towards Newbridge fields so ensure that traffic cannot overtake so soon after exiting the roundabout. The resident confirmed that he had also sent this request to Cllr Cheryl Green.
The Clerk proposed that this item be raised at the next meeting when Cllr Cheryl Green would be present.

18/44 Planning Applications – February/March 2018
The following planning applications/appeals have been made during the past 2 months:-

Garage conversion into living space 4 Llys Pentre Broadlands Bridgend CF31 5DY
P/18/100/FUL Retention of front boundary wall with brick pillars & caps joined with railings between the pillars 2 Fairplace Close Broadlands Bridgend CF31 5BY
P/18/114/FUL Conversion of integral garage to habitable room 19 Llwyn Castan Broadlands Bridgend CF31 5FG
P/18/150/FUL Dormer extension to provide bedrooms and shower room 6 Longfellow Drive Cefn Glas CF31 4PR
P/18/52/FUL Convert garage into a habitable room 27 Ton Tylluan Broadlands Bridgend CF31 5BE

Meeting closed at 8.26pm

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