Minutes – 15th June 2017

Minutes – 15th June 2017

Minutes of the Ordinary monthly meeting of Laleston Community Council held at Blandy Hall – 15th June, 2017

Present: Councillors Tony Berrow, Briony Davies, Roger Davies,

Cheryl Green, David Harrison, Tom Turner, Ian Griffiths, Colin Davies, Charles Smith, Ian Spiller, Jon-Paul Blundell

Cllr Tony Berrow in the Chair

17/79 Silent Reflection

Councillors held a period of silent reflection.

17/80 Apologies

Apologies were received from Cllr’s Pam Davies and David Harrison.

17/81To consider suspension of meeting to receive representations from local residents, if in attendance at meeting, (15 minutes maximum)

None present.

17/82 Declarations of Interest

The Clerk asked if any Councillors had any declarations of interest to declare to the Council.

Councillors confirmed that there was no declarations of interest to declare to Council.

17/83 Minutes of previous meeting

It was resolved that the Minutes of the previous meeting held on 15th June, 2017 be approved. The Chair signed the minutes.

17/84 Matters arising from Minutes

17/56 Cllr Ian Spiller confirmed that Tesco in Broadlands had previously been approached to ask permission to install a defibrillator. Cllr Charles Smith suggested that consideration be given for one to be located near the shops on LLangewydd Road. Cllr Cheryl Green confirmed that Laleston Post Office needed to seek authority from the landlord to have one installed outside of the shop. Cllr Charles Smith confirmed that one had been installed at Bryntirion Comprehensive School. Council advised that the Clerk contact the landlord of Broadlands shopping triangle to ask permission for a defibrillator to be installed at Tesco’s and Council to consider the church hall in Laleston to be another possible location.

17/70 Allotments

The Clerk confirmed that she had resolved with the tenant that has the bees on his allotment to provide higher netting to discourage the bees from the nearby allotments holders.

17/72 Inclusive Play Area – Bryntirion Community Centre Project (Phase 2)

The Clerk confirmed that she and the Chair had met with Sutcliffe’s Play to discuss the implementation of Phase 2 of the project. She confirmed that a quotation of £39,999 had been received which would include removing and refurbishing existing equipment at the bottom play area and installing next to the inclusive play area, installation of a new 2 up, 1 down Playzone Unit and making good the groundwork at the old play area. The Clerk also confirmed that a further meeting took place regarding the groundwork at the existing teenager play area with Cee Jay landscapes in which quotation have been provided and are listed in item 7 on the agenda. Cllr Roger Davies questioned whether there is enough funding for the project to be done in this financial year in which the Clerk confirmed that monies had been committed from the budget 2016/17. Cllr Ian Spiller stated that the play area is central within the community and proposed we move forwardwith the planning project, Cllr Briony Davies seconded the proposal.

RESOLVED: That Council approved to agree the quotation received and to progress with Phase 2 of the project.

17/73 Summer Floral Displays

The Clerk confirmed that the handing baskets have been installed at the requested locations in Laleston, Broadlands and Bryntirion. Cllr Ian Spiller and Cllr Charles Smith stated that they have received positive feedback from residents. Cllr Cheryl Green CG suggested that the hanging baskets located just off the A48 roundabout be relocated to the village of Laleston. RESOLVED: That the Clerk arrange for the hanging baskets to be relocated in the centre of the village.

17/77 Cllr Charles Smith reported that he had spoken Mr Emlyn Phillips regarding the Christmas tree for possible relocation at the Westward Community Centre, he confirmed that the tree is question was too big and has been offered another tree which is smaller and confirmed that Mr Phillips is consulting with a specialist to get advice regarding moving it.

17/85 Community Council Website Update

The Clerk confirmed that Council had agreed to for this item to be forwarded to this meeting due to the absence of Cllr Ian Spiller at the previous meeting.

The Clerk confirmed that the website has now been updated by Cllr Ian Spiller.

Cllr Ian Spiller gave his apologies for the website not being updated and informed Council that a problem arose from when the website was hacked. He confirmed that extra security has now been provided by the website hosts.

Cllr Ian Spiller suggested that Councillors further look at the project item on the website and make any suggestions for additional wording and any other items that they would like included on this webpage. Cllr Ian Spiller further confirmed that he had set up Councillors with new Laleston Community Council e-mail addresses and advised that Councillors should not advertise their personal e-mail address but confirmed that some have been auto-forwarded to their personal e-mail addresses. Cllr Ian Spiller further read out the policy of the data protection and advised that the CommunityCouncil should have a policy regarding this issue.

Cllr Colin Davies disagreed with the comments made by Cllr Ian Spiller and stated that the Council should seek legal advice on this matter. Cllr Ian Griffiths agreed for his e-mails to be auto-forwarded to his personal e-mail address. Cllr Cheryl Green confirmed that legal advice should be sought and proposed that the Clerk seek legal advice on the matter. Cllr Charles Smith asked if Cllr Ian Spiller could circulate instructions on how to set up the e-mail addresses.

RESOLVED: That the Clerk seek legal advice for the implementation of Community Council e-mail addresses.

17/86 Wayside Benches, Bus Shelters and Litter bins

The Clerk confirmed that a quotation had been received from Cee Jay Landscapes to replace and install wayside benches, bus shelters and repairs to play areas and provided a copy for Council to consider.

Cllr Briony Davies proposed that Council progress with the installations and gain permission from BCBC to proceed, Cllr Ian Spiller seconded the proposal. Council took a vote in which all agreed.

RESOLVED: That Council voted to agreethat permission be granted from BCBC and that Council progress and fund the installations.

17/87 Health & Safety of Adventure Play Area by Busy Bees Nursery, Broadlands

The Clerk confirmed she had received a report from Cllr Roger Davies that the play area was full of rubbish and branches from trees. He reported that the shelter unit had been used to try and light fires in and has become damaged as well as the unsightly graffiti. A further issue was that a sofa had been left in the Basketball play area off Heol Blandy. The Clerk confirmed that she had reported these issues to BCBC and asked if it was possible for the shelter to be removed as well as the sofa. The Clerk confirmed that this issue had been forwarded to the Parks Department.

Cllr Roger Davies wanted to present to Council regarding adopting the playgrounds and associated footpaths. Cllr Ian Spiller confirmed that he had also received complaints regarding the teenage play park and proposed that the sides been taken off the shelter. Cllr Cheryl Green further confirmed that the SLA with the Borough Council only includes the maintenance of the equipment and not the litter picking at the play parks. Cllr Roger Davies asked why have BCBC not brought the damage to the attention of the Community Council. Cllr Briony Davies proposed that Council seek clarification of all non-adopted play areas, Cllr Cheryl Greenconfirmed that she had requested a copy of the SLA agreement from Mark Shepherd. Cllr Ian Spiller proposed that the sides be taken of the shelter and if this was deemed as unsafe that the shelter be removed, Cllr Cheryl Greenseconded the proposal.

RESOLVED: That a copy of the SLA agreement be obtained from BCBC and the Clerk to request that the teenage shelter be removed.

17/88 Finance Group

The Clerk confirmed due to a new Council being formed that volunteers would need to be considered for the Finance Sub- Committee meeting which take place once a quarter. Cllr’s Ian Spiller, Tom Turner, Roger Davies, Colin Davies, Tony Berrow and Ian Griffiths all volunteered to form the group.

RESOLVED: That the said members form a Finance Group.

17/89 Proposed Future Projects for the Council.

The Clerk confirmed that following the meeting that took place on 18th May that Council proposed that this subject be forwarded as an agenda item to this meeting.

RESOLVED: The Clerk asked that written requests be provided to the Clerk to be presented at the next FSG meeting.

17/90 Chair’s Civic Service

The Clerk requested confirmation if the Chair would request a Civic Service for the year 2017-2018. The Chair confirmed that he did not wish to host a Civic Service and requested that the money instead be given to a local Charity/Organisation.

RESOLVED: That the Chairman’s request be noted by Council.

17/91 Finance Update- Clerk

Accounts for Payment – May 2017

Description Amount inc VAT
LCC Administration

McColls – 12 x 1st class stamps

McColls – A4 paper and envelopes

Zurich Municipal – Annual Council Insurance




Blandy Hall

Blandy Trust – part payment of water bill

Street Furniture

Amberol Ltd – Hanging Baskets

Parks/Play Areas

Nolan Skip Hire – 4 skips for allotments

Sue Roper – Reimbursement for weed stop netting




Bridge FM – Advertising and attendance at opening of All Inclusive Play Ground



Budget update as at 31st May 2017

The Clerk produced a revised spreadsheet of the budget and expenditure as at 31st May, 2017.

17/92 Correspondence May/June 2017

– ?Letter received from Bryntirion Comprehensive School inviting the Chair to their School Musical on 5th, 6th or 7th July, 2017.

-?Invitation received from Cenin Group inviting the Chair to an RAF Stormy Down Memorial Unveiling on 2nd July, 2017.

– ?E-mail received from Leanne Powis stating that unfortunately her daughter will not be able to play basketball for Wales (U14’s) in Gibraltar in June 2017 due to a broken arm, she has therefore returned the cheque.

-?Letter received from Y Bont thanking the Council for the previous financial support given and asking if Council would consider a further contribution this year. Cllr Ian Spiller proposed that a further donation of £500 be granted and Cllr Briony Davies seconded the proposal. Cllr Briony Davies also informed the meeting that the Prince of Wales Public House in Coychurch provide a refreshments event every Wednesday in aid of Y Bont.

-?E-mail received from Andrew Mason from BCBC reporting that he had received a referral from a local resident stating that one of the stones from the Laleston Stones Trail located on the field named Cae’r Hen Eglwys had been removed. Unfortunately as it is on private land BCBC are unable to act on the matter. Mr Mason confirmed that he had contacted Dr Madeleine Gray from the Archaeological Trust and she has referred the matter to Paul Huckfield a former student to advise on safeguarding the stones in the future and had requested a photograph be taken and forwarded to Mr Huckfield. Cllr Briony Davies asked that Council do not ask the Clerk to contact the owner.

-?Letter received from Andrew Thomas, Group Manager for Sports and Physical Activities at BCBC confirming that Maes yr Haul school are unable to support this year’s Summer Holiday Playschemes due to venue being used for other activities. He would like to request the Council to consider:-

– Would an alternative venue be considered?

– Would the Council be prepared to fund for additional staff and resources at Bridgend Life Centre which be supported by 2 Town and Community Councils?

– Would consider a shorter (2 hour) play development activities taking place in open spaces, playing fields, parks?

– Would the Council consider not supporting the programme for this year?

Cllr Cheryl Green proposed that the Council reply to ask if Llangewydd School be considered for this year’s venue, Cllr Briony Davies seconded the proposal.

17/93 Reports and Observations Received February/March 2017

– Cllr Tony Berrow reported that the green area on the left hand side of Heol Ty Maen requires the trees to be cut back and reported that flytipping is also a problem in this area.

RESOLVED: The Clerk confirmed she had reported this is Wales & West Housing and received a response that the land was owned by Hafad Housing and forwarded our request to them.

– Cllr’s Ian Spiller and Roger Davies reported that a sofa had been left on the basketball pitch off Heol Blandy.

RESOLVED: The Clerk confirmed that she had reported this to BCBC and Persimmon Homes.

– Cllr Briony Davies reported that her recycling had not been collected today, Cllr Ian Griffiths confirmed that this was also the case at Llangewydd Road.

17/94 Planning Applications – May/June 2017

The following planning applications/appeals have been made during the past 2 months:-



A/17/15/ADV Erection of 3 signs by BDW Homes South Wales Verge adjacent to roundabout between A48 & B4622 Broadlands Bridgend
T/17/40/TPO Programme of works to several trees by BCBC Countryside Management Craig y Parcau Local Nature Reserve Newbridge Fields Bridgend
P/17/449/FUL Single storey side extension 42 Westward Place Bridgend CF31 4XA
P/17/428/FUL Convert garage into a habitable room 52 Allt Dderw Broadlands Bridgend CF31 5BZ
P/17/458/FUL Rear canopy roof extension 8 Dol Nant Dderwen Broadlands Bridgend CF31 5AA
P/17/478/DPN Prior notification to demolish the building Ogmore Constituency Labour Party Social Club Elm Crescent Bryntirion CF31 4EA
Meeting closed at 8.55pm


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