Minutes – 15th February, 2018

Minutes – 15th February, 2018

Minutes of the Ordinary monthly meeting of Laleston Community Council held at Blandy Hall – 15th February, 2018

Present: Councillors Cheryl Green, Jon-Paul Blundell, Roger Davies, Briony Davies, Ian Spiller, Charles Smith, Dan Woolridge, Ian Griffiths.

Cllr Anthony Berrow in the Chair

18/15 Silent Reflection
Councillors held a period of silent reflection.

18/16 Apologies
Apologies were received from Cllr’s Dave Harrison, Tom Turner, Pam Davies and Colin Davies

18/17 To consider suspension of meeting to receive representations from local residents, if in attendance at meeting, (15 minutes maximum)
Mr Bob Sayce attended the meeting and confirmed that he was still trying to arrange a meeting with Mr Clive Thomas of V2C regarding improving the green areas in Bryntirion. He also asked if Councillors would consider the item of ‘Social Housing’ be included on the Councils agenda on a regular basis and if consideration would also be given to carry out frequent inspections of areas in Bryntirion that may require referrals to be carried out. Council agreed to put the item of ‘Social Housing’ on the agenda every quarter. Cllr Tony Berrow agreed to accompany Bob Sayce to inspect areas in Bryntirion as soon as possible.

18/18 Declarations of Interest
The Clerk asked if any Councillors had any declarations of interest to declare to the Council.

Cllr Jon-Paul Blundell declared an interest item 13 of the agenda.
Cllr Tony Berrow declared an interest on item 9 of the agenda.

18/19 Minutes of previous meeting
It was resolved that the minutes of the previous meeting held on the 18th January, 2018 be approved as an accurate record Cllr Briony Davies moved that the minutes be approved as an accurate record and Cllr Cheryl Green seconded the movement.

The Chair signed the minutes.

18/20 Matters arising from Minutes

17/100 Proposed installation of Defibrillator at Filco Stores, Bryntirion
Cllr Ian Griffiths confirmed that he had spoken to the manager at Filco who gave him the contact details of the Head Office in which he confirmed a response was received giving consideration for a defibrillator to be installed inside of the store. The Clerk confirmed that she had spoken to the manager at Head office to ask if consideration be given to installing the defibrillator outside of the shop to ensure 24 hour access is available in which she confirmed she is waiting for confirmation.

18/7 Contribution of gifts and food Christmas 2018

Cllr Briony Davies confirmed that she is still trying to speak with a representative of the Trussell Trust Group.

17/184 Proposed Variation to Speed Limit A473 Bryntirion to Laleston
The Clerk confirmed that a meeting has been arranged between Councillors and Officers in Traffic and Transportation which will take place on Friday 16th February, 2018.

17/185 Young at Heart (Over 50’s Group) – Request for funding
The Clerk requested clarification for the use of funding agreed by Council at the previous meeting. Council agreed that the funding would only initially be for funding for trips but agreed that items of equipment could also be purchased. Cllr Briony Davies proposed that a cheque for £1000 be sent to the group and if future grants were needed that they would be required to reapply every year, Cllr Ian Griffiths seconded the proposal.

17/186 Christmas Lights
The Clerk confirmed that a further 20 lights have been purchased from Blachere Illuminations at a cost of £3690.00.
Cllr Ian Spiller expressed concern that some of the lights in Bryntirion were not lit at night and stated that this issue would need to resolved for this year and proposed that consideration be given to adding smaller lights on the shorter lamp posts. The Chair stated that smaller lights could be sought as long as permission is granted from BCBC. Cllr Ian Spiller proposed that clarification be given from BCBC by the next meeting as to what size lights would be acceptable for the shorter lamp posts.
RESOLVED: That the Clerk seek clarification from BCBC as to what decorations/lights could be used on the shorter lamp posts.

17/187 General Data Protection Regulations
The Clerk confirmed that preparing for the General Data Protection new Regulations was discussed by a Legal Officer at a recent Town and Community Clerks meeting. The Officer confirmed that it was unclear at this stage if the Clerks would take the role as a Data Protection Officer due to conflicting advice from SLCC and NALC. The Officer informed Clerks that an E-learning group has been set up within BCBC in which support will be offered to Town and Community Councils.

18/21 Floral Displays 2018
The Clerk stated that she had received an e-mail from Rowan Garden Designs stating that they have not charged us for the plants and watering last year due to the displays not being up to their usual standard. They stated that if the Council wished to order flower displays for this year and if they require to add more baskets that these will need to be ordered as soon as possible. Councillors agreed that they had received some positive feedback from residents regarding the displays. Cllr Ian Spiller proposed that Council order a further 21 baskets in which all Council agreed in favour.
RESOLVED: That the Clerk raise an order to double to amount of baskets purchased last year making a new total of 42.

18/22 Financial Contribution to the Red Wings Project
Council requested that this item be discussed at this meeting in which consideration be given for Council to approve a financial contribution to the Wings Cymru. Cllr Jon-Paul Blundell confirmed that he had researched into more information on the project and stated that the Secretary from Wings Cymru will be contacting all Councils to ask for support and donations. Cllr Jon-Paul Blundell asked Cllr Cheryl Green as a Governing Body member of Bryntirion School to seek their advice on the matter.

18/23 Blandy Hall Quotations
The Clerk confirmed that she has received two quotations to install a 9kw electric water heater plus radiators into Blandy Hall one of which is £3600.00 and another for £3280.00.

She also confirmed that she had received a further quotation of £250.00 to remove the toilet and hand basins from both toilets and make good the plumbing as well as the disposal of the items. Cllr Ian Spiller requested that a further quotation be sought by Council. Cllr Roger Davies asked if the running costs were discussed within the quotations received in which the Clerk confirmed this had not been discussed. Council agreed that a 3rd quotation be sought and also an estimate be given to the running costs of the new heating system.
RESOLVED: That the Chair and Clerk seek a further quotation for the installation and request estimates on the running costs of the new heating system.

18/24 Bryntirion & Laleston Community Centre
Cllr Cheryl Green stated that this item is only for information only for Council at this time. She confirmed that a lot of money has been spent on the building over the last 2 years in which has resulted in depleting funds within the bank account due to essential repairs. She further stated that the Council be reminded that this is the only Community building that we have within the Laleston Community Council catchment area. She stated further concern that if the Association cannot support the building that this could have an impact on the Council due to the Fireworks Display being hosted at the playing field. Cllr Charles Smith proposed that the association look at the Cat transfer option in which Cllr Ian Griffiths seconded the proposal and all council voted in favour. Cllr Roger Davies stated that he was previously involved in considering a CAT transfer some 3 years ago and confirmed that the Association will be meeting next week to discuss in more detail.

18/25 Clerks Training Update
The Clerk confirmed that she had attended 2 training days for Excel Introduction and Excel Intermediate and stated that she will be attending 2 further training days for ‘Creating a WordPress Site’ and ‘Managing a WordPress Site’ in March.

18/26 Finance Update

Accounts for Payment January, 2018

Description Amount inc VAT
Nest – Clerks Pension contributions for 4 months £91.48
TSO Host – Domain Renewal 2018-2020 £70.00
Blachere Illuminations – 20 Christmas lights £3690.00
Amanda Parsons – Salary for January 2018 £1229.40
TOTAL £5080.88

FSG Meeting Update – 1st February, 2018
The Clerk confirmed that since the last meeting that took place on 23rd November, 2018 the following grant applications were received:-

Cefn Glas Infants School – Outdoor Classroom. Council agreed to fund £15,000 towards the project.

Young at Heart – Grant towards bus trips of £1,000 agreed by Council.

Budget and Financial Report Update 2017/18.
The Clerk produced a spreadsheet of current budget expenditure, income and monthly report for the year as 31st January, 2018.
Cllr Roger Davies analysed the Expenditure spent in the current financial year and proposed that a spreadsheet be produced by the Clerk for the allocated budget precept for 2018-2019 of £159,000 and presented to Council in March’s meeting. Councillors agreed that a separate meeting or extended meeting take place in March to discuss next year’s budget proposals.
RESOLVED: Council agreed to meet on 1st March at 7.00pm in Blandy Hall to discuss the next financial year’s budget.

Budget 2018-19
The Clerk produced spreadsheets of current income and expenditure as at 31st January, 2018.

Signatory HSBC Bank
The Clerk requested that a further signatory be sought from a Labour Councillor. Cllr Ian Griffiths agreed to be the additional signatory.
RESOLVED: That the Clerk liaises with the bank to add Cllr Ian Griffiths to the current list of signatories.

18/27 Correspondence January/February 2018
None Received

18/28 Reports and Observations Received January/February 2018
– The Clerk stated that she had received a complaint from a resident regarding flooding and possible offensive liquid leaking onto the road leading to Laleston Cemetery.
RESOLVED: The Clerk confirmed that she had reported this issue to Cllr Cheryl Green and BCBC.
– Cllr Tony Berrow reported that two manholes on Greystone one near Gentle Way by the traffic calming. Greystone and another near Clos Castell Newydd in Broadlands need investigating as they have sunk.
RESOLVED: The Clerk confirmed that this has been reported to the Highways Department at BCBC.
– Cllr Tony Berrow circulated 2 quotations received today regarding refurbishment of playparks at Wordsworth and Barnes Avenue.
Cllr Ian Spiller proposed that monies be made available from the budget and the works be carried out before the new financial year, Cllr Charles Smith seconded the proposal.
RESOLVED: That the Clerk contact the supplier and ask for the works to go ahead as soon as possible.
18/29 Planning Applications – January/February 2018
The following planning applications/appeals have been made during the past 2 months:-

T/18/2/TPO Works to oak tree in rear garden to rebalance to encourage healthy tree growth 16 Westward Place Llangewydd Court Bridgend CF31 4XA
P/18/39/FUL First floor extension over existing garage and new ground floor porch 29 Clos Castell Newydd Broadlands Bridgend CF31 5DR
T/17/72/TPO Reduce height and spread of 3 sycamore trees Rear of 12 Parc Bronhaul Broadlands Bridgend CF31 5EP

Meeting closed at 8.40pm

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