Minutes – 15th December 2016

Minutes – 15th December 2016

Minutes of a meeting of Laleston Community Council

Held at the Blandy Hall – Thursday 15th December 2016

Present: Councillors Briony Davies,

Ian Spiller, Cheryl Green, Tom Green, Dan Woolridge,

Mark Fouracre,

Hazel Kendall, Steve Sloan

Cllr Briony Davies and Tony Berrow in the Chair.

16/171 Silent Reflection

Councillors held a period of silent reflection.

16/172 Apologies

Apologies were received from Cllr’s David Harrison, Pam Davies, Kathy Lewis and ThomasTurner. Cllr Anthony Berrow confirmed that he will be late in attending the meeting due to a prior commitment.

16/173 To consider suspension of meeting to receive representations from local residents, if in attendance at meeting.

The Chair proposed that the meeting be suspended due to members of the allotment committee being in attendance.

A spokesperson for the committee confirmed that the committee and allotment holders were dissatisfied with the proposed price rental increase for the allotments at Laleston.

The Council informed the committee that the item has been put on the agenda and will be addressed having sought legal advice.

Mr Bob Sayce attended the meeting and stated that he would be willing to continue planting snowdrops in areas agreed by V2C, Council asked if Mr Sayce would be willing to plant snowdrops on the roundabouts in Broadlands in which he also agreed to carry out with the support of volunteers.

RESOLVED: Council agreed that at sum of £700 for snowdrops be granted to Mr Sayce. The Clerk to contact Guttridges for snow drops to be ordered and delivered to Mr Sayce’s home address by the beginning of February 2017.

16/174 Declarations of Interest

Cllr Cheryl Green Agenda Item: 16 BCBC Member

16/175 Minutes of previous meeting

It was resolved that the Minutes of the previous meeting be amended at minute number 16/163 to state ‘Inclusive’ and not ‘Disabled’ Play Ground.

16/176 Matters arising from Minutes

16/163 The Chair confirmed that he and the Clerk had meet with Gareth Evans from BCBC and he has agreed that the works can go ahead. Mr Evans advised that the playground at the bottom of the field be moved and utilised within the new area to avoid there being 3 play areas in the near vicinity. The Chair confirmed that a further meeting has taken place with the contractor and agreed that all play equipment could be replaced and would submit a quotation for the works as Phase 2 of the project.

16/177 Llangewydd School MUGA Update.

The Clerk stated that the project has now been completed with the exception of the bowed fencing and making good the tarmac areas either end of the MUGA in which works will commence w/c 19th December. The Clerk confirmed that Rospa has been contacted and has carried out a post installation inspection. The Clerk confirmed that the MUGA has been added to the Community Council’s Insurance Policy. Council asked that a letter of thanks be given to Roger Davies for his help and support with the project. Council approved that the Chair officially open the MUGA and that Cllr’s Cheryl Green and Pam Davies attend as ward members. Council agreed that the official opening take place prior to half term in February or early March, on a Saturday, inviting children and school members to attend.

16/178 Future Website Security Costs

Cllr Ian Spiller asked to agenda for next month’s meeting.

16/179 OAP’s Christmas Dinner

Cllr Cheryl Green stated that the OAP’s Christmas dinner was very successful with more OAP’s and helpers attending than last year. Cllr Tom Green proposed that we send a letter of thanks to the Scouts and Llangewydd School for their contribution and stated that he was grateful for the support from the PCSO’s who also attended.

16/180 Fireworks Display 2017

Cllr Ian Spiller stated that he had spoken with Cllr Anthony Berrow to possibly look at including Lasers at next year’s firework display. He confirmed that he had sought prices for the display at a further cost of £1700 to incorporatea laser/firework display. Cllr Ian Spiller proposed that we add the laser display for next year’s display, Cllr Cheryl Green moved and Cllr Hazel Kendall seconded the movement providing that the terms and conditions are confirmed regarding use and possible cancellation charges being considered if unsuitable weather conditions occur on the day. Cllr Ian Spiller confirmed that he will contact the company to confirm details, Cllr Tom Greenagreed to assist with the organisation.

16/181 Litter bins in Broadlands

The Clerk stated that she had requested for larger bins to be installed at |the Laleston MUGA, Corner of Clos Castell Coity and Carag Lloyd. She confirmed that she had received a response from BCBC stating that they needed to investigate why the bins are filling so quickly. The officer reported that larger bins would need to be floor mounted and must not obstruct the footpath. He further https://janesaddiction.org/buy-zolpidem/ confirmed that the bins had been inspected and that someone was disposing of household waste inappropriately at these 2 sites in Broadlands in which they were able to get an address from the bin at Carreg Llwyn/Parc Glun junction. He further suggested that a message be sent out to residents in Broadlands reminding them on the correct use of public litter bins. The Chair proposed that the Borough Councillors pursue with Bridgend County Borough Council.

16/182 Proposed Allotment Rental Increase

The Clerk confirmed that further to the last meeting the allotment association were consulted regarding the proposed increase in rental charges. Whilst the majority commented that they are happy for the prices to be raised but not at such a high percentage rate. The Clerk confirmed that she had sought advice from the Allotment Society in which the following was stated:-

“Rent increases on Council owned land is covered by Section 1 Allotments Act 1950 and states that 12 months’ notice is required if the tenancy agreement which includes the rent figure”.

Cllr Ian Spiller proposed that the proposal from the last meeting be rescinded and Cllr Mark Fouracre seconded the proposal. Cllr Briony Davies proposed that a sub-committee be formed in which she would be willing to participate as well as Cllr Cheryl Green.

16/183 Budget/Precept 2017-2018

The Clerk presented the Council with the financial options based

on the Council Tax Banding D being the equivalent of the number of properties in the community area. Cllr Briony Davies proposed that the Council request for an increase of £17,000, Cllr Tom Green seconded the proposal due to diminishing borough council services. All Council voted in favour.

16/184 Finance Update

Description Amount inc VAT
Swalec – Electricity for Blandy Hall 91.17
3rd Bridgend Scouts – Annual Ground Rent 650.00
South Wales Sports Ground – 1st payment for MUGA 26,929.08
Royal British Legion – Wreath 20.00
Booker Cash & Carry – Supplies for Fireworks display 50.50
Tesco – 2 x black ink cartridges 20.88
Coity Engineering – Replacement gate at the allotments 254.57
Marie Curie – Donation 360.00
Crackerjack – Fireworks display 2016 2535.80
Harry Stebbing – Meadowland information board 1510.80
Blandy Trust – Water Bill Contribution for Blandy Hall 54.86
Cllr Ian Spiller – Reimbursement for ithemes pro 80.37
McColls – 12 x 1st class stamps 7.68
W H Smith – Printer labels 8.99
Royal British Legion – Donation for Poppy’s on lamp posts 200.00
K K Solutions – 8 copies of MUGA guide and bound 95.00


Budget update as at 30th November 2016

The Clerk produced spreadsheet of the budget and expenditure as at 30th November 2016.

16/185 Correspondence November/December 2016

1. Letter of thanks from Marie Curie for the donation of £360.00.

2. E-mail received from Ryan Gibson of Coity & Bridgend First Responders asking if the Council would consider providing Public Assess Automated External Defibrillators in the area. The total cost for a cabinet with key code, AED and service package for 10 years is a total of £2248.00. Mr Gibson confirmed that he would be willing to attend a meeting to give a presentation. Cllr Ian Spiller stated that the Broadlands hub have purchased one but it has not been installed as an external cabinet needs to be purchased. Cllr Ian Spiller proposed that this item be moved to the next agenda following further clarification of external cabinets.

3. E-mail received from Shan Bowden of One Voice Wales inviting Councils to consider membership of One Voice Wales at an annual cost of £1492.00, however the first year would be provided with a 50% discount. Cllr Cheryl Green asked that we defer this following further investigation. Cllr Mark Fouracre requested that the Clerk consult with other Town & Community Clerks to seek their advice if they are a current member.

16/186 Reports and Observations Received November/December 2016

Cllr Briony Davies requested that the Clerk seek advice if permission could be granted to replace the current windows and door at Blandy Hall.

Cllr Anthony Berrow confirmed he had received a request regarding the wildlife meadowland at Broadlands. He confirmed that the Wildlife trust have been maintaining the land and planting seeds throughout the year and requested if Council would consider naming the area ‘Cae Tirion’. Council requested that further information be obtained.

Cllr Ian Spiller requested that the Clerk contact Bridgend County Borough Council to instruct them to send a letter to a resident at Careg Llwyd, Broadlands, CF31 5BS requesting that their hedge be cut back.

16/187 Planning Applications – November/December 2016

The following planning applications/appeals have been made during the past month:-




P/16/935/FUL 25th Nov Convert existing garage into living space and build second story extension with windows 1 Chelsea Ave, Cefn Glas, CF31 4QU
P/16/938/FUL 28th Nov Detached studio and shed 13, Careg Llwyd, Broadlands, CF31 5BS
P/16/942/FUL 29th Nov Dormer extension to provide bedrooms and ensuite 2 Masefield News, Cefn Glas, CF31 4PS

The meeting closed at 8.30pm

……………………………………………………………….. Chairperson

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