Agenda – 15th December 2016

Agenda – 15th December 2016

Amanda Parsons

12, Kingfisher Close.



CF31 2NY

8th December, 2015

Dear Councillor,

Please accept notice of a meeting of Laleston Community Council to be held at Blandy Hall on Thursday 15th December, 2016 at 7.00pm.

1. To undertake a short period of silent reflection
2. To receive apologies
3. To consider suspension of meeting to receive representations from local residents, if in attendance at meeting, [15 minutes maximum]
4. Declarations of Interest
5. To receive Minutes of previous ordinary meeting and consider matters arising from the Minutes but not included in agenda.
6. Llangewydd School MUGA – Update – TB/Clerk
7. Future Website Security Costs – IS
8. OAP’s Christmas Dinner
9. Fireworks Display 2017 – TB/IS
10. Litter bins in Broadlands
11. Proposed Allotment Rental Increase
12. Budget/Precept 2017-2018

13.Finance Update.

14.To receive correspondence

15.Reports and Observations

16. To consider Planning Applications

Amanda Parsons

Clerk to the Community Council

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