Minutes of Special Meeting – Laleston Allotments Sunday 29th January 2017

Minutes of Special Meeting – Laleston Allotments Sunday 29th January 2017

Minutes of a Special meeting of Laleston Community Council

Held at the Laleston Allotments – Sunday 29th January, 2017

at 10.00am

Present: Councillors Tony Berrow, Briony Davies, Cheryl Green, Tom Green, David Harrison, Pam Davies, Hazel Kendall, Dan Woolridge

1. Apologies

Apologies were received from Councillors Steve Sloan, Ian Spiller, Kathy Lewis and Thomas Turner.

2. Purpose of Meeting

Following the Community Council that took place on 19th January, 2017 and a subsequent letter received from an Allotment holder following a notice to quit his/her plot due to the lack of upkeep for the last 2 years, Council agreed to attend a site visit at the allotments on Sunday 29th January, 2017 at 10.00am.

3. Inspection of Plots at Laleston Allotments

The Councillors inspected all the plots at the allotments, it was considered it was not a good time of the year to assess them due to the weather conditions and lack of tenants attending their plots, however it was apparent that some plots had not been maintained for a period of time, namely plots 1 and 12 were of concern.

Council proposed that a letter be sent to the complainant asking if she would consider going from a full plots to a half plot as it was apparent that he/she had made progress and to withdraw the letter asking her to quit giving he/she a further probationary period of 6 months.

Council proposed that a letter be sent to tenant of Plots 1 and 12 to enquire if he/she still wanted to maintain the 2 plots and to state that the Council were not satisfied with the upkeep of the said plots.

RESOLVED: That the Clerk write to the tenants informing them of the Council’s decision.

4. Appointment of Allotment Liaison Officers

Council agreed that 2 Liaison Officers be appointed to monitor the site on a regular basisin the future. Cllr’s Tom Green and Dave Harrison agreed to take the roles and liaise accordingly with the Clerk.

The Meeting closed at 12.55pm

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